The Glory Hole

Who knows who is enjoying my wife's mouth on the other side?

The cock that came through the hole in the wall must have been about nine inches long and had substantial girth. She looked up at me with an "I sure wasn't expecting this" kind of expression. He was quite a bit larger than I was, I admit.

But she was game. She wrapped her fingers around the cock in the glory hole, her shiny red nails looking so hot as she squeezed the shaft. I knew well how good her hand feels with her soft and highly effective touch. We had no clue who was on the other side, and that was exciting. Just a cock. A big, thick cock that my wife was going to suck, just as we had fantasized about for months and months. It was finally happening. We were both excited. My cock was rock hard, and I could tell by the flush look of her face and the giddiness she was showing that she was definitely enjoying this. 

Her shirt was pulled down, exposing her gorgeous, milky white breasts. She rose up to rub the head of his cock all over her chest and especially focusing on her erect, dark pink nipples. Her hand continued to gently squeeze and slowly stroke the cock as she did that, her thumb rubbing the underside of the head the whole time.

I had my own cock out, which I began to gently rub on the back of her neck. Her soft, warm, pale skin felt so smooth and tantalizing. She leaned her head back into me, her eyes closed, with a lovely smile on her face. I just enjoyed as I watched her touching that big cock, while my own cock moved around her skin.

After stroking the strange cock coming through the wall for a while, she put her face down, her mouth open, ready to taste what was on offer. Her tongue touched the head very gently, and she began to swirl it around. Again, I knew exactly how amazing this feels. She is an absolutely amazing oral expert and she was showing this cock just how impeccable she was. I could only imagine how lucky the dude on the other side of that wall was feeling when he began to realize just how good my wife was at pleasing. 

After a few minutes of the gentle massage her tongue was giving the head of the cock, she decided it was time to take it deep within her mouth. By this time, I was knelt down behind her, my hands reaching to her front, massaging her beautiful breasts, my face close to her cheek. It was a perfect position to watch what was going on. I watched as, in one swoop, the entire cock disappeared into her mouth, and presumably, a substantial part of the cock was down her throat. She was a master at being able to take a cock into her throat without gagging. She moved her head side to side with the cock in before pulling her head back, exposing the now glistening shaft to the air. 

The head was still wrapped in her lips and I could see the movements as her tongue swirled around the tip. Again, I knew that glorious feeling well and was sure that the owner of this instrument was enjoying the heck out of it. 

Again, she slid the entire cock into her mouth without flinching. Oh god, it was so glorious to watch as she did this to another man's cock. Her head began to bob back and forth as her blowjob became more vigorous, more intense, more dedicated. She was eager to have his cum, and I was anxious to have him release in her mouth. 

And then, boom, it happened. We could hear his grunts and groans through the wall, his cock swelling in my wife's mouth, a large load being shot into her. She held his cock in her mouth for a while as he spasmed several times, fully releasing every drop he had inside of him. 

She finally released his cock, which quickly slid back out of the hole, never to be seen again. She turned around, grasping my face, my mouth open and ready as she rose above and spat the massive load right into my own mouth. It was salty sweet, warm and creamy. I held it in my mouth for a moment or two and swallowed it. My wife loved it, smiling down at me, stroking my hair, enjoying watching before she kissed me hard on the lips, her tongue pushing deep into my mouth to taste whatever remnants might be left. 

And with that, we decided to make a hasty retreat. She redressed, covering up her delectable bosom, I straightened myself up, and then we made our way out of the booth, through the store and out into the bright sunlight of the street, satisfied with what we had just done. 

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The Glory Hole
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