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The Gift

Happy Birthday

It was a regular day like any other. Sira was walking home from school. The day seemed to extend to long. She was relieved to be done with it. She flipped back her blue hair and smiled, as she looked up to her house coming into view. Bummer she had to spend most of her eighteenth birthday in school, but she was free now.

As she approached the door her sister swung it open. She smiled as she embraced her.

"Happy birthday little sis," she said squeezing Sira tightly.

"Hey Laita," Sira responded hugging back.

"Hey there," another voice came from the door.

A woman stood in the doorway. Long black flowing hair. She was Laitas best friend growing up.

"Hey Misa," Sira said walking up and hugging her.

"Just getting out for the weekend. You should have your eighteenth birthday here with us," Misa suggested smiling.

"I don't think so," Laita said smiling a crooked smile, "My sister isn't going to be a drunk."

"Just figured I'd offer," Misa said while shrugging.

"However I do have some errands to run. Can you watch her while I'm out? I shouldn't be but a couple hours," Laita said while grabbing her keys.

"Sure I'll watch her," Misa answered.

"I'm 18 today. I don't need a babysitter," Sira said nodding her head.

"Of course you dont," Laita said as she patted Siras head and headed out.

"I should shower and get ready for the party tonight," Sira said skipping to the bathroom.

"May as well," Misa said closing the door.

Sira walked into the bathroom and got undressed. She turned the shower on, and removed her panties before getting in. She soaked in the water for a bit before soaping herself. As she finished she rinsed off and got out. She realized she forgot to grab clothes. Oh well, she thought. She wrapped the towel around her and walked to her room. As she walked in she noticed Misa.

"Hey. What's up?" Sira asked.

"Just relaxing waiting for you to finish," Misa said.

"Why in my room?" she asked curious.

"I want to show you something," Misa answered gesturing for her to come to the bed.

Sira walked over to the bed and sat down. Misa right away got closer to her, and grabbed her towel off exposing her nude body.

"Hey what's the deal?" Sira asked covering herself.

"I want to be your first," Misa said grabbing Siras hand.

"My what?" Sira asked, as her face turned red.

"I know you have never been with anyone guy or girl. So on this birthday I want to give you a very special gift," Misa said, as she quickly moved her hand to touch Sira between the legs.

"But I," Sira started, she couldn't finish her sentence as she felt a finger slide into her pussy. Instead only muffled breaths came out. Misa then began to suck on her small breasts as she pushed her finger deeper inside of Sira.

"Don't think. Just do whay feels right," Misa said as she pulled Sira over her face so her pussy was near her mouth.

She undid her blouse to expose her breasts, which were considerably larger than the breasts on Sira, seeing as she was a petite girl.

"I don't think we should be," Sira said as she gasped again for a breath.

It was too late. Misa had already began licking her pussy. The feeling was too much to handle. She felt the urge to press her pussy harder on to Misas face. She began moving up and down, as she felt her tongue push inside of her pussy. Then she felt an overwhelming feeling. She moaned as she came. Her pussy became wet as it dripped onto Misas face.

Misa smiled as she cleaned it off of her pussy and legs with her tongue.

"I'm so sorry," Sira said embarrassed.

"No. You did great, but you can do better," Misa said, as she removed her clothes now so they were both naked.

Misa touched her lips to Sira and licked as their lips touched. She then began to makeout with Sira, as she pressed their bodies together, making sure their nipples rubbed eachother. She then laid her on her back, and spread her legs open. As she did she leaned in and kissed her again before forcing her pussy onto Siras. Their pussies rubbed eachother as their cum mingled together.

"I'm gonna. I'm gonna," Sira said trying to speak.

"Go ahead," Misa said, placing her hand on their pussies for extra pleasure.

Sira began to cum again. She moaned and shivered as she felt her pussy feel so much pleasure for the first time. She leaned up as Misa did. They embraced while still fucking eachother, and began to kiss. Both of them were now soaked in eachothers cum.

Misa moved and began licking Sira on her pussy again. Making sure not to leave a drop of cum on her legs. Just enough for fun still on her pussy.

"Happy birthday," Misa said getting up and grabbing her clothes.

She left the room. Sira was still breathing heavily with her legs spread wide open. She rubbed her own pussy. She looked at her hand. It was covered in her pussy cum still. She licked her hand and smiled. She closed her eyes and placed her hand back onto her pussy. The other on the breast.

"Mmmm," she said as she smiled again, "that was a great gift."

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The Gift
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