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The Cowgirl

After Hours

Erotic Prompts Series

The charity event was starting to get dull. Everyone was either sitting on the sidelines and looking around awkwardly, or just simply pretending to laugh at some joke with a glass of champagne in their hands. This clearly wasn't her scene and she contemplated on coming up with an excuse to leave early. But she was the primary organizer for tonight, and she needed to stay. Maybe some fresh air would do her some good.

She informed her assistant that she'd be outside for a few minutes and she quickly exited through the back of the dining hall. The autumn night breeze brushed her skin instantly and she rubbed her arms as she took in her surroundings. The dark alley was empty with just a pick-up truck a couple of feet away from her. She wondered who it belonged to. It looked a bit familiar but she couldn't put a face to the truck.

"Hey there, pretty lady." A mouthwatering southern accent filled her ears and she swallowed hard when she felt the instant ache between her legs.

"Justin?" She whispered softly. Her eyes traveled towards the black pick-up truck and the pieces suddenly fell into place. She hadn't seen him in a year, after that fight they had during his birthday. She had brought him a cupcake with a little candle and he had given her the keys to his apartment. She hadn't been ready then. And she still wasn't now. The fact that he was back startled her, awakening things, urges, sensations, she hadn't felt in a long time.

"In the flesh, darlin.' How are you?" He asked as he towered over her. The moon helped her make out the silhouette of his handsome face. His five o'clock shadow and his smirk wasn't doing much to help her resist him.

"I'm alright. What... what are you doing here? I thought you were in Canada somewhere." She said and managed to slip away from him, walking backwards until her knees grew weak and she started to fall. He caught her in time, wrapping his arm around her waist, pulling her against his lean body. His masculine and woodsy scent surrounded her, decreasing what was left of her self-control.

"I'm back. For good this time. I needed to see you." He said, but his light brown eyes told a different story. His breath became slightly heavy and so did hers. The sexual attraction between them had always been magnetic. One brush of the shoulder could set them off instantly. And now, after a year, it had gotten worse.

She felt her hands move beneath his shirt, unwillingly. It was automatic. As soon as her hands ripped off his black buttoned down shirt, he picked her up, placing her in the back of his pick up truck. His lips met hers in frenzied passion, while his hands lifted up her navy blue cocktail dress. His fingers found her wet flesh and started to rub. She moaned in his mouth and couldn't bare to wait to have him inside her.

She climbed on top of him, removing his cowboy hat and placed it on her head. He grinned with admiration and caressed her thighs while she started to stroke him. He grunted, growing harder by the second. His chest expanded, heaving with every stroke of her hand. She rubbed the tip of him, and his hips jerked at the motion. She grinned knowing he was ready.

She slid herself down onto him, slowly, letting him fill every inch of her. They both moaned as she started to rotate her hips. His hands gripped her waist, then traveled towards her backside, squeezing with every thrust she made. The air grew thick and hot, their skin sticking together. His thumb traveled to the juncture between her legs and he started to rub her again. Her thrusts increased as she rode him, his shaft expanding her inner walls as they tightened around him. He gripped her hips hard, grinding into her as her fingers scratched as his chest.

They kissed each other, to keep from screaming out as their orgasms ran throughout their bodies. He held her close to him, kissing her forehead as he slipped out of her, helping her adjust her dress.

"I'll see you at your place?" He asked but she knew he already knew her answer.

"Have a good night, Justin." She said as she grinned and returned his hat to him. He chuckled and tipped his hat towards her as he watched his favorite cowgirl walk away

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The Cowgirl
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