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She Watched Him...

The Creation of a Voyeur


She had an evening free from the kids… a much-needed break from the weekly PTO Meetings, soccer practices, football practices; running kids all over the city. It had been quite some time since she had been out, so finding something to wear was beginning to become a daunting task. She called her best friend for clothing suggestions… She always “dressed her” if they were going out.

“What are you wearing?”


“That’s not a good answer. I’ll see you in five. I’ll have something picked out for you.”

“That’s what friends are for…”


As always, her best friend had picked out something she approved of: an off the shoulder, black and white polka dotted shirt with black tights.

“I can wear this. Be cute and still comfortable!”

“I know… That’s why I have to dress you when we go out… Put it on and let’s go! If I don’t get you out of this house in the next fifteen minutes, you’ll be asleep.”

“You know me so well!”


They arrived at the Downtown club. There were so many people in sight. Because it was a holiday weekend, people were releasing their pent-up energy from working the rat race. You could feel the buzzing excitement in the air. She was excited to be among the “in-crowd” and to leave her humdrum life behind, even if for a few hours.

Upon walking into the club, all she saw were bodies moving to the sound of the music. People seemed to be in their own worlds as they let go and gave themselves over to the powerful pull of the music. They walked over to the bar and ordered drinks.

“One Grey Goose, straight, with a lime…”

“… and one Ciroc with a splash of cranberry juice.”

The bartender handed them their drinks.

“Here is to one night of freedom!”

They clinked their glasses and took a sip of their drinks. It had been some time since she had the cool smooth taste of vodka sliding down her throat.

They turned towards the dance floor to watch the crowd. There were so many people in the building that it was hard to see if there was a place to sit, but she was lucky and spotted a love-seat across the room. As they made their way to the seat, her best friend noticed someone she needed to speak to and motioned that she will be right back.

When she sat down, waiting for her bestie to return, she noticed a gentleman sitting in the love-seat directly across from her. He smiled. She smiled. She immediately thought, “What a handsome man! And what a beautiful smile!”

He smiled again and waved at her.

She smiled and waved back.

He proceeded to walk over to her and motioned to her if he could sit down. She patted the seat next to her and he sat. He bent over to her ear to attempt to introduce himself, but the music prevented her from hearing him. He then got up from the seat and stood in front of her, holding his hand out. Normally, she wouldn’t trust some stranger holding his hand out like he wanted to take her somewhere and harm her, but something was different about him… and this was a public space. She thought, “What could happen?”

The Conversation

He took her to the back of the club where the music was not as loud. Being in the back where it was darker provided a little more privacy. They exchanged the usual pleasantries and had minor banter about their lives. They found out that they had some similarities between their lives: they had children, they were both graduates from the same college, they were both divorcees, they were both born in the same month… and they both had strong sexual appetites. She thought, “This is just a conversation. It's just sex. Nothing is going to happen…”

As the conversation delved deeper and deeper into likes, wants, needs, and desires, she noticed that she was becoming aroused. The more they discussed, the more the throbbing increased between her legs. For a brief second, she took a deep breath to calm her racing heart and to try to stop the drum between her legs, but nothing seemed to be working. Finally, he touched her hand and said, “I think I have something you might like… if you’d like to see it.”

He smiled with a sexual energy that could not be ignored. She took his hand (again) and thought, “What the hell?!”

The Hotel Room

He offered her another drink and she accepted. He made himself one as well and sat across from her on the other bed. She immediately noticed that his penis was struggling against his pants, trying to become free. He noticed her eyes on his groin area.

“This is what I want to show you…”

“Your penis? I’ve seen an erect penis before…”

“Well… kinda, but I want you to watch me stroke it… I will enjoy you watching me as I think you will enjoy watching me as well…”

She thought, “I’ve never had this asked of me before, but he’s right… I’m interested in seeing how this works…”

So, she agreed. With precision, he unbuttoned and unzipped his pants and let them fall to the floor. His rock-hard penis sprung forward, thankful for its release. With his gaze completely locked on her like a predator on a prey, he began to slowly stroke his member from base to tip. Each time he reached the tip, he let out a guttural growl. She was simultaneously aroused and in awe; aroused from the sight of watching this beautiful man pleasure himself and in awe of the fact that he would do it so willingly in front of her!

Then, they both noticed the glistening of pre-ejaculation on the tip of his penis.

“Do you need some help?” she said.

“You are helping me… by watching.”

She continued to watch and listen to his deep responses of pleasure. The up, down, up, and down stroking of his penis… a very deliberate hand motion of providing himself undeniable pleasure. She continued to watch as his body and face appeared to be in excruciating pain as he released on his hand and stomach. He continued to slowly caress his member as the sensitivity was still providing him with extreme pleasure.

“How was that?” he said.


“I’m glad you liked it…”

“Thank you for allowing me to watch.”

You’re welcome.”

He went into the bathroom to clean himself up and when he returned, he said, “I’d like to see you again when I return. I’m here quite often, and I’ve enjoyed your company.” He gave her a wink as if to say, “We will be doing this again upon my return.”


She told him that she needed to leave, and they exchanged information. They hugged—a very intense and magnetic hug—and as they broke, he kissed her on her forehead.

“Thank you so much,” he said. “I can’t wait to see you again.”

“No, thank you…. And neither can I.”

In the Parking Lot

“WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?!” her best friend said.

“You won’t believe it if I told you…” she said, mischievously smiling and shaking her head. “I think this night is over… I’m going home…”

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Reaux Tinkleflower
Reaux Tinkleflower

Hi! I am blogger who writes about female sex and sexuality! (Yes, I LOVE sex!) My posts usually run the gamut from oral sex to sexual health. If you would like more info, please visit my blog at

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