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Sexual Cravings

Sometimes you just need to fulfill that sexual craving. I'm telling you, your life depends on it

Where do I start? I have a strong sexual craving at times. Yes, I'm in a healthy relationship. The sex with him is amazing. However, I just sometimes want something more. Something different, in a thought. I've been with women in the past and it was a nice change from the normal pounding from general sex. It was nice to be treated like a delicate flower for a few moments in silence. I sometimes have that desire to go back to that. Who am I kidding? Sometimes is an understatement. I always want to go back to it! 

Those moments fresh out of the shower, you have that most intimate feeling of yourself. You've shaved your legs and made sure that the bikini wax you had during your spa day that week was still intact. You were able to catch the sale at Bath and Body Works so you have some sensual lotions and bed sprays that you want to try out, too. However, you want to play out a sexual fantasy, as well, something that maybe your spouse isn't into or is old news to them. It might be something that you have tried with them before but it didn't really go as planned. Even if it did not go as you wanted it to that time, you know that if you do that with someone else, it will be the fireworks show that you needed it to be for you. Not just for your sexual release, but for your mental health too. 

You see, sex is not always just a orgasmic thing. It's a release into the universe of everything that has had a hold on you the entire week. It's the nice glass of wine you get at a fancy restaurant. It's finding $20 in the parking lot and you know you should find the owner but you want to keep it to yourself. There are so many things to define what it feels like. Some people are able to see the deeper side of the sexual experience. There is so much more to it than just the penetration or the motion of whatever possible. Goodness, just thinking about it has me wanting to satisfy my cravings right now! 

You just need to find that inner freak in a sense, just to get that desire taken care of. It's something that your life depends on. If you don't take a chance on dating the same sex or getting into a good sexual fantasy, you will get older and regret not doing those things in your younger years. I'm not saying that you can't get into that once your kids are grown and everything has fallen into place from your vision board. I'm simply saying don't be afraid of what you like and who you want. I post a lot on an app called Whisper. I've actually started a little bit of a conversation with a woman that is close to me in miles. We've planned to meet up one day soon and just get to know each other more than what you can read in a message. I would love to take her out for dinner and drinks and then just allow her to come around to my apartment for a while, let her get comfortable before I just dive in and take control. I'm more of the dominate person in a sexual moment. Now in real life, I can't think for myself to save the world but when it comes down to what I want sexually, I'm in full control of it.   

Fulfill your sexual cravings before you end up wide awake thinking of all the things you should have and could have done with someone. Don't hold back and then have that regret in the back of your mind for the fun and exciting things you can do in this lifetime. Enjoy Sex!!