Sex Files: Part 9 (Jazzi-Lynn)

On My Way

So, I used to fuck around on dating sites when I was younger. Meet Me, Badoo was a fun one. Anyway, so I met this girl Jasmine on one of those sites and she was awesome. Mixed chick, tall, slender, 38DD bust with a fitting ass to match it. She was one of those "Emo" chicks when I met her, but I always brought out the best in her, as she did with me. In the time that we'd known each other, we hooked up in the back of my truck, at my dad's place and a number of times while I was living with my old friend "D-Rail." This read is going to show the INSANE night of sex at my dad's house.

Jasmine claimed to be an interrogator for a gang down south who played a role in the Russian Mafia. I, of course, didn't believe any of it when she first talked about it. I figured anyone could take up Russian classes and, with as demented of a mind that I have excluding the gangland shit that I HAVE seen, well it's not hard to come up with torture tactics to get answers. As the time went on, we got real close. It did start up as just a hookup, but things got intense. She began staying the night over my house, while I was at work she would lay in bed and sleep with my dog Dahlia. When I got off work she would be waiting for me at the house. Showered, wrapped up under the covers, dressed in PJ's playing with my pooch, sometimes she would even have my room cleaned up, and have something special lined up. Whatever the case, EVERY TIME, she would practically tackle me when I walked in, and smother me with kisses. We would smother each other with kisses, hugs, then go outside and play with the pooch for a while.

This all became routine after a short while. Between having Jasmine in my bed, my dog to take care of, even though my job was crap and I wasn't making much money, I was happy... content at the least. Of course, a big part of my contentment had a lot more to do with Jasmine being around in more than just a companionship kind of way. True, we help each other up when the cards were down, and we spent at least a few days out of the week together but, where it REALLY went down, was the bedroom. The passion, the positions, the sensual ecstasy, in other words... she was a freak, and I was down for all of it. Let's open up to a night in my room shall we?

Jasmine was going to be staying with me for the weekend, we were at my dad's. It was Friday night, I had picked her up Thursday in the evening. I had a REALLY long and unpleasant day at work, but it was alright cause immediately I had Jasmine there to change the mood. We played with the pooch for a little while, Jasmine had had a pretty long day as well so, it was nice to have Dahlia there for both of us. Things wound down into the night pretty well, we laid back in bed with each other for a good while. Cuddles for Dahlia, who would climb up right in the middle of us when we laid too close together. Soon enough, I set Dahlia up in the closet on her little bed and hopped back in bed with Jasmine. Who promptly rolled over to face me, bopped my nose with her index finger and slowly slid herself out of bed. Walking backwards toward the bathroom, luring me with her index finger as she walked through the door. She closed it behind her and the shower started up, I went to walk in and join her but, the door was locked. I knocked, being greeted through the crack of the door with a crooked smile on a topless Jasmine.

"Wait here until I knock, I'll unlock the door and you can come join me then."

Me: "Well fuck, I just got locked out of my own bathroom. Fine."

Jasmine closed the door, I left her with a crooked ass smile as she rolled her eyes at me. She started humming as she was getting herself the rest of the way undressed. While I was standing out in the open of my bedroom, listening to her hum away, I figured I might as well get undressed so I could just hop in without having to hold anything up. As soon as I got my bottoms off, there was a knock on the door as I heard the door unlock. I eased the door open slow, peaking in as Jasmine stepped the rest of the way behind the shower curtain. When I peaked through the curtain though, she was REAL QUICK to grab on the back of my neck when I stepped over the edge of the bathtub. Standing back a moment to admire the dripping wet, glistening curvy body on the other end of the shower looking back at me. Jasmine grabbed hold of my hands and placed them around her waist, then reaching out to run her fingers down my chest. As she slid herself down onto her knees, grabbing hold of the base of my cock on the way down, I made sure to get a good grope on her lusciously perky breasts before moving my hands to the back of her neck. As Jasmine held up, staring at my dick, slowly running her hand up and down the shaft. Licking the tip now, swirling the tip of her tongue on the tip of my hard cock. With a quick flick of the wrist and a dap of the tongue, just like that, I was in the back of her throat. Mind you, Jasmine has basically NO gag reflex. I damn near lost it when she let off the shaft, wrapped her hands around my waist and, pulled herself all the way down on my dick. Looking down, I imagine that's what I looked like when I would eat her pussy out. Until she started bobbing her head that is. The sloshing of my dick sliding down her throat, mixed with the saliva draining from her mouth complimented the steamy shower running down my back. It wasn't too long before I was looking down at Jasmine, looking up at me with these big doughy eyes that could melt a man in a minute. With my dick balls deep in her throat, she exhaled through her nose and sucked real hard while she slid her mouth off the tip. She reached around, grabbing my dick by the base and slapping it against her face a few times. Standing up, pressing her full bodied breasts against me all the way up. I would then reach around her backside, grabbing a handful of ass and giving it a good smack. She jumped a tad, with my one hand groping on her breast while I lean down and wrap my mouth around her perky, delicious breast. Dragging my teeth down till they clamp on the ends of her stiffened nipples. Hearing and feeling the deepest breaths and the softest moans coming from Jasmine while she arched her back and grabbed hold of my dick just made this even better. She would jerk my dick as I reached down, still with her nipple clamped in my teeth, and wrapping my middle and ring fingers inside of her pussy. I would assume that she's dripping but, the shower is also going so whatever was coming out of her was washing away in the same instant. I pulled her nipple with my teeth and she squeezed my dick a little harder so I let go and turned her to the wall. Smacking her ass and reaching up under her thigh to prop her up. She rest her leg on the back of the tub and reached around with her hand, pulling my dick closer to her. I obviously went with it, reaching under her to pull her toward me, grabbing her by the pussy. I pulled my fingers out and swiped her hand off my dick, grabbing the base and running the tip between her lips. As soon as I hit that keyhole, I jammed myself up in there. Just as fast as Jasmine threw her hand over her mouth trying to mask the scream she let out. She couldn't hide it, and I wasn't about to let her either. I got in close, groping on her breast with one hand and, her ass with the other, I thrust as hard and as fast as I could. She gave up on trying to hold in the moans and threw her hand against the wall, pushing back into me with every thrust. She pushed up and held herself against my body while I ran my hands down her chest and rest them in her crotch. With her back arched, she turned her body and kissed me. I pulled out and turned her back toward me, we passionately made out for a good 10 minutes, feeling each others body up and down. With one long passionate, somewhat sloppy kiss, she turned and picked up the shampoo. I got a little wide eyed for a quarter second but then, quickly remembered we were in the shower to shower too. 

Handing me the shampoo bottle she turned around and rubbed her ass up against my dick while simultaneously gesturing me to wash her hair for her. I squeezed a bit of the shampoo into her curly black fro-ish hair, massaging it into her scalp with every notion. Apparently, the better I was doing, the better she would sway her hips. After I finished with her hair, we switched spots so she could rinse and I could wash. I, of course, had to wash my own hair but, no biggie cause what was next would make up for that, and what could have been years of time ahead. 

So, all cleaned up now, Jasmine steps out of the shower. She gets the towel first, I stayed in to finish washing up. When I got out, Jasmine walked out of the bathroom WITH THE TOWEL, and left me dripping in the shower until she was nice and dried off. I got the towel back and patted myself down a bit, dried my hair and wrapped my waist with the towel. When I stepped out of the bathroom though, Jasmine was waiting on the bed, sitting on the corner of the mattress with her legs crossed. She stepped up, grabbing my neck and kissing me deeply. She ripped down the towel and with a sinister tone said.

"Well that was fun, but I'm not done with you yet."

To which I replied by simply folding my arms behind my head and letting her shove me up against the wall. Jasmine went right down on my dick, using the same swirling and twisting motions as in the shower but, this time, when it was hard, she pulled away immediately and turned her ass to me. Grabbing my dick on a reach around, she lined it up and slammed herself down on it. I abruptly let go of the wall and placed both of my hands on her hips. Giving a good smack to her ass and then preceding to use her hip bones and handles while I pulled her back with every motion. I got kind of tired of smacking my tailbone off the wall so, I pushed her out with a quick thrust and held my dick in as I turned her to the wall. Pushing her up and lifting her leg in the air, I kept myself up under her while we both bounced on our toes up against the wall. That soon got old though too, with each heavy thrust, while my dick was doing FANTASTIC, my balls smacking against her tight little ass started to hurt. So, I pulled out and pulled her back to the corner of the bed. Pushing her down on the corner where I found her after the shower, I pressed my hand down on her chest and laid her back onto the comforter while I knelt down. Spreading her legs apart and wrapping my arms up under her thighs, I leaned in real close forming a diamond with my hands above her clit. Using both of my thumbs to massage her clitoris, I would run my tongue just inside of her lips. Every few laps I would clamp down with my lips and pull on them. Quickly I slung my tongue deep into her pussy, then slowly dragging it up and out of the tip. Flickering the clitoris on my way out. Just as swiftly as that went, I threw my tongue back in, holding it in and using my tongue to draw out every letter of the alphabet. Jasmine hastily grabbed the back of my head and wrapping her legs around behind it. Her moans cascaded against my eardrums, as sweetly as they came out of her mouth, being caught by the corners of the room and swimming through my mind like a soothing melody in a strangely erotic sonnet. We went on like this for what felt like hours, but it was probably closer to 45 minutes. It wasn't long into it that I was drenched in her cum. Literally. 

I stopped with the tongue and she let me come up for air, before I could stand up all the way, Jasmine had wrapped her legs around my waist and was pulling me in on top of her. I stumbled and fell, catching myself before I bashed her nose in with my forehead. Quickly recovering the moment by running my fingertips through her hair and kissing her lips gently. She kissed me back and I bit her bottom lip. Our tongues got tangled up inside of each other while I ran my fingertips up her sides and wrapped around the cup of her breast. She bit down on my lip much harder when I squeezed on her breast, when I got my lip back, I ran my tongue down her neck and swirled it around her nipple while I groped on her other boob. Pulling on her one nipple using my teeth, I began playing the other nipple like a dimmer knob. Twisting it gently between my index and thumb while I flicked the other nipple like a light switch using my tongue. Being allowed to stand upright now, I took a moment to admire Jasmine in all of her beauty. God this girl was gorgeous, more than in a sexual way. Like, she was and probably still is pretty crazy but, it worked, and I couldn't have been more pleased with it. We climbed up onto the bed, I jumped at the pillows, landing on my back as I watch Jasmine crawl up slowly. Throwing her leg over my waist, she sat down on my dick, grinding in her pussy juices while I get erect. It didn't take much by that time. She leaned herself up while I held the base of my shaft, sliding it up and down her lips. She found her spot and sat right down on it, going all the way down and swaying her hips and gyrating in every move. I could feel my dick stretching out her tight little pussy as she squeezed all of the muscles in her pelvic area. I grabbed on both of her breasts and she threw both her hands down on mine. Picking herself up and slamming herself back down on my dick, as I'm watching cum pouring out of her onto my lower abdomen. A pretty thick puddle had already formed on my bed in multiple spaces. The ride continued on for a good solid 30 minutes or so, I wasn't getting anywhere though so I sat up real quick and pushed her on her back. Pulling out, I circled around and picked her back up, slapping her onto all fours and then climbing back up on the bed behind her. I gave her the reach around and started fiddling with her tits while she reached between her legs and lined my dick up. I grabbed her hips and thrust in fast and hard, pressing with extreme force in every blow. With every like 10 or so thrusts, I would give her a good solid smack on the ass. Grabbing her hair up and pulling her head back while I drove my hard throbbing cock deep into her loins. I felt the build up coming so I picked her up off the bed and placed her on her knees in front of the bathroom door where we started. She put my dick in her mouth real quick like, starting in on a real sloppy, real sexy blow job. I pulled back and she started jerking my dick off but, I wanted this to go a little different so I told her to leave her hands to the side and I started beating off myself. I let it ride for another 10 seconds or so and in 3 large breaths, I nutted a massive load all over her chest and face. It was super convenient that we had a towel in range of the blow too.

I had heard some really shitty things about Jasmine over the years but, honestly, nothing that was said by anyone could really change my perception of her as an individual. She is probably somewhat psychotic, very possible she's a little more than a depressive but, she has passion and, I know inside of myself that, I would have definitely married that girl in the time. In fact, we did almost have a baby together. I don't want to get too much into detail there but, if it wasn't for her sister, I would be a dad right now, to a beautiful child, and husband to a super model status wife. I did gain some pretty great stories out of all of it though, and not all of them are sexual so, stay tuned... cause I got plenty more to come.

Zachery Lee

I'm just a loner kid who's been through some things in his life.I have mountains of stories to tell, if your willing to read, I'm always willing to share.I hope that my stories inspire, and maybe even teach you a bit of something about life

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