Zachery Lee

I'm just a loner kid who's been through some things in his life.I have mountains of stories to tell, if your willing to read, I'm always willing to share.I hope that my stories inspire, and maybe even teach you a bit of something about life

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Sex Files: Part 16, The Lost Tape
10 months ago
Another great story in the midst of the love triangle involved a night with Sabrina. Aimee was there too but she wasn't really into the moment that night. So, we're all back at my dad's condo, just ki...
Sex Files: Part 15, The Love Triangle
10 months ago
I've mentioned a love triangle a few times between me, Aimee, and Sabrina. Now, we're going to let that all unfold here. It was actually a really REALLY good time. Pretty short lived but, for the time...
Sex Files: Part 14, The Devil's Three Way
a year ago
I have a few good stories about Sabrina, this one in particular started not too long before the love triangle that was formed by Sabrina, Aimee, and I. It was an intense night for sure, and totally un...
Sex Files: Part 13, Anessa
a year ago
So, among the few girls I had been messing with while me and Aimee were in this open relationship of ours, there was this girl Anessa. She was a bigger girl, frame wise but, she did take care of herse...
Sex Files: Aimee 2, Running With the Devil
a year ago
You remember Aimee, right? Short girl, super skinny, curvy in a great way for her size, little psychotic, took her virginity? Yeah, that one. I don't recall if I mentioned it, but Aimee went on to be ...
Sex Files: Holly 3, Last Call
a year ago
So this is the last Holly story you'll be reading in the series; it's not the most intense, but I'll say it's the best reverse cowgirl I got out of her. Ever. So I was 22 in this last one with Holly a...