Zachery Lee

I'm just a loner kid who's been through some things in his life.I have mountains of stories to tell, if your willing to read, I'm always willing to share.I hope that my stories inspire, and maybe even teach you a bit of something about life

Sex Files: Jasmine 2, Vampire Bites and Make-Up Sex
a day ago
So we know Jasmine, and we know how sexy she is, we know a little bit about her sexuality, let me tell you some of the darker times with her now. Mixed in with this are a few stories, one is very shor...
Sex Files: Holly 2, Shower Sex and Bed Play
a day ago
Another really intense Holly story takes place at my dad's condo. She had spent the whole day there while I was at work. When I got home, she was laid out on my bed giving me this look. I was feeling ...
Sex Files: Part 12, Holly
3 days ago
There was this girl, Holly, long time ago. She is another one of the few I met online and, while I cared about all of them, I didn't care about how things turned out, and or the way my life was at the...
Sex Files: Part 11 (Sky)
5 days ago
So, I was living with my buddy D-Rail at the time, I had been in quite the dry spell. Working at Jimmy Johns, trying to get school back on, and my life back on track. Things hit me pretty hard, to be ...
Sex Files: Part 10, Naomi
7 days ago
There was this girl at the last high school I went too, Naomi. She was, or seemed to be, one of the popular girls. I hadn't noticed her much until I heard that she thought I was cute. Some of the "fri...
Sex Files: Part 9 (Jazzi-Lynn)
9 days ago
So, I used to fuck around on dating sites when I was younger. Meet Me, Badoo was a fun one. Anyway, so I met this girl Jasmine on one of those sites and she was awesome. Mixed chick, tall, slender, 38...