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Sex and Where to Try It

Location, Location, Location

Sex is great to have, whoever and whenever you can. There are many places to try and many ways to try. What you might not consider is the variety. There are, of course, pros and cons for everywhere, but many locations are possible. The variety can be good for your relationships, it can add spice, and changes are always good. Also, the occasional thrill and hint of risk can be good as well, although you do have to be a little bit careful.

  1. The bedroom is the usual location for safe and regular sex. It's dry, warm, and private, this of course being a prime reason. Also, both halves of the couple are at the same height, something not always possible in other locations. You can take your time, rest after, and get cleaned up safely. It's where most people have most of their sex sessions, but there’s plenty of other places besides.
  2. The rest of the house can be worth a try too, in the shower or bath can be great. Washing each other can be a great sexual event without actual intercourse, though it’s always good to have to. Obviously wet and slippery bodies are a great thrill, but also can be dangerous if you slip over. Sex on the settee is good too, especially if there's room to lie down, though the woman sitting on the man can be great as well. A bouncy settee helps with the thrusts. Just remember to lock the front door or make sure the kids are asleep before you get to carried away. Watching sexy TV can help with the mood.
  3. In the car is a traditional place for courting couples or people without the luxury of a bed. It can be a squeeze and involve some elaborate bending and twisting. You either need to be flexible or have a big enough car to maneuver in. Oral sex and masturbation are OK, although can still involve some contortionist-type moves. If you are similar heights, sex bent over the car bonnet is worth a try, just remember the bonnet is likely to be hot for a while after parking. So, they may not be screams of ecstasy, but screams from a burnt ass.
  4. Outside the car and in the outside world is a great place to have sex.  Bear in mind the location and local laws, of course. Having a blanket in the car is always useful, though not always needed. Rolling round on the floor in a field or on the beach is fun, but can be uneven and you could get a stone or sand where you don’t want it. Trying to get a flat base isn’t always possible, so a bit of planning and adapting may be needed. Sex with the sun on your back is wonderful, though in the cold you may end up wishing you stayed at home.
  5. Some people will go for more risky sex acts in risky locations, you will find many examples in websites that thrive on this. There’s the risk of being caught in the act, this is when you must bear in mind the law for one thing. You also must be careful if your partner for the sex isn’t your other half. You could find yourself revealing an affair in court or even through certain newspapers that like to share candid security pictures. Some people will just reveal enough flesh to achieve penetration or masturbation, this allows more risky locations as its easier to cover up quickly. Some are happy to remove more and wouldn’t be too bothered to be seen in the act. 
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Sex and Where to Try It
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