England based carer, live with girlfriend. will write for all areas but especially mental health and disability. though as stuff for filthy seems popular will try there too

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Naked Outdoor Photography Part 6
2 days ago
This is the latest in my occasional series of stories about the naked outdoor photography I have been involved with on and off for 20 years. After writing last time about the tricks to minimize the ri...
Naked Outdoor Photography Part 5
19 days ago
This is the latest in the occasional series on my exploits with outdoor naked photography. To recap, if your new to this, many years ago my ex-wife and I went from taking naked pictures at home to try...
To Give or Recieve
a month ago
The question doesn’t refer to any sexual practices between same sex couples; it refers in this case to giving each other sexual pleasure. In the cases where straight sex either doesn’t bring simultane...
First Time Sex
a month ago
After writing about so many sex-base things in the site, it makes sense to write about having sex for the first time. It was about 30 years ago but I do remember it well. I didn’t know what I was expe...
Sex Games
a month ago
After fulfilling many of my girlfriend and my fantasies since we became a couple we did some more on a weekend away. We were away with a group of others at a luxury barn conversion in the countryside....
Finding the Best Sex Positions
a month ago
My girlfriend and I have discovered that writing about sex and our sex lives seems to be the most popular subject in this site, therefore here’s some more. As she's writing a detailed breakdown of her...