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England based carer, live with girlfriend. will write for all areas but especially mental health and disability. though as stuff for filthy seems popular will try there too

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Secret Cyber-Sex
3 months ago
If you plan to watch the new series of Black Mirror, then watch before you read on, as this is inspired by it. It's the idea of Charlie Brooker, the writer, but I wanted to expand on the idea as it op...
Naked Outdoor Photography—The Next Chapter, Part Four
4 months ago
Part three of this tale was following my holiday with my then girlfriend, who has now been promoted to fiancé. I had managed to have her fully topless last year, and a quick shirt lifting boob flash. ...
Too Much Sex?
a year ago
Can you ever have too much sex in a relationship? I am two years into a relationship that remains strong to this day and am very happy with what happens. And if my girlfriend reads this, very, very ha...
Naked Outdoor Photography—The Next Chapter Part Three
a year ago
After a break, there is finally a bit more to report on getting my girlfriend naked, outdoors, and on camera. After being forced to leave the site we posted on due to my ex-partner's interference, my ...
Shaven Havens Part 3
2 years ago
This is part three of shaven havens as we have moved to a new level of trust, we have shaved each other. Previously my girlfriend did all her own shaving while I did most of mine and she tidied up. Th...
Naked Outdoor Photography - The Next Chapter Part Two
2 years ago
I left my naked public photography stories with the next chapter that being that I hoped my girlfriend would do some shots to use for the dare website I use. I expected this chapter to be many months ...