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Oral Fixation Part 2

Black Erotica

“Put that thing out. You know I hate when you smoke.”

I took a long slow drag on the cigarette then smashed it out obediently in the ancient glass ashtray.

The Formica countertop was digging uncomfortably into my back so I stood up straight and stretched my arms high toward the ceiling. I could feel every muscle in my body respond to the stretch. It felt incredible. As I lowered my arms, I noticed his gaze focused on my breasts. I smiled and gestured at the open jar of honey on the counter.

“Would you like more dessert, Lover?”

“I should ask you that,” he responded. “You’re the one who wants to know what this dick can do.”

I nod in agreement and pick up the honey jar. I circle the rim of it with my index finger slowly, while holding his gaze. He licks his lips as if he’s LL Cool J. I won’t tell him, but I think he has a much sexier mouth than the famed rapper. I’m sure he believes I’m going to smear the honey on his dick and suck it off. But I don’t need honey as an aphrodisiac to go down on him. His dick is beautiful and I love having it in my mouth. But I am feeling like a true vixen so I dip my finger into the jar, extract it covered in honey and stick my finger in my mouth. I take my time with it making sure he sees it all. My tongue swirls completely around the finger before sucking it in. I know my mouth is talented in the oral department and I am enjoying this teasing. I lick and suck my finger as if I am giving some lucky man the best blow job of his life.

I close my eyes and continue sucking, moaning softly as I do so.

My eyes open abruptly as I feel his hand close over mine and pull my finger free from my mouth. His breathing is audible and his chest is rising and falling fast as if his heart is beating a mile a minute. I glance down at his crotch. Just as I suspected, his dick is erect as fuck, the bulge straining to be released from his pants.

“Someone’s horny,” I tease as my hand drops down to grasp him. He is hard as a rock beneath my fingers and as I stroke him through the pants, I swear he gets even harder. I put the jar down and walk around him, my hands caressing his torso as I do. When I am standing behind him, I reach around him and slide my hands into his waistband, seeking his hardness. My fingers gently brush against his thick pole and he jumps slightly with pleasure.

“Ah, there it is,” I say softly. What you want me to do with that big ass dick baby?”

“Whatever you want,” he replies.

“Mm Mmm,” I scold as I smack him on his ass. “You need to do better than that, Baby.”

I lean in close to his ear and catch it between my teeth briefly.

“What can I do to make you squirt your hot cum for me?”

He turns to me and takes a step backwards. For a moment I think he is going to run right out the front door. Instead he pulls his shirt off over his head and follows that up by dropping his pants to the kitchen floor.

Damn, that dick is beautiful.

He possesses eight inches of thick circumcised heaven. I wonder if he can see my mouth watering in the dim light. I can certainly feel my pussy beginning to moisten again from our earlier escapade. He reaches for my hand and I take his in mine. He leads me into my living room. Unlike the tile kitchen floor, the soft carpet is a welcome respite underneath my naked feet.

I think he is leading me to the couch, but instead he turns to me and puts his hands on my shoulders. He does not apply any type of pressure, but I read his intent and sink to my knees in front of him.

“I think you’ll be more comfortable here considering what I have in mind,” he says.

“And what is that,” I ask as I look innocently up at him.

Now it’s my turn to lick my lips. I can’t help it. His dick is literally inches from my face. I am not put off in the least. After the first rate cunnilingus he just gave me, I am anxious to return the favor.

His answer is expected. No words. He moves forward until his dick is against my lips. The large head of it is already shiny with pre-cum. As if with a mind of its own, my tongue darts out and licks the moisture away and I savor it. It’s intoxicating and I want more. I want so much more. I reach up and gingerly take hold of his shaft. It is heavy in my hand, thick and ready for attention. Part of me wants to wrap my lips around it and part of me wants to shove it into my increasingly wet pussy. I decide on option one and open my mouth wide to receive him. My head bobs forward and back as I suck just the head in first. This I call the warm up. I give very sloppy head when I want to and with him, I always want to. When my saliva is coating his knob, I take even more in. He moans his approval which turns me on even more. My pussy is practically dripping now which happens every time he and I get together.

With my free hand, I alternate between cupping his balls and lightly grazing them with my fingertips. I know this drives him crazy. His dick seems to swell inside my mouth as I continue sucking. By now, I have successfully gotten to the halfway mark of his dick, but I am not done. I stop sucking, though I don’t release him from my mouth. My hands reach around and grab both of his ass cheeks. I adjust my knees so I am in a more comfortable position on the carpeted floor and pull him towards me by his ass. He groans as his hands reach for and find the back of my head. I slowly relax my mouth and swallow more of him by degrees, one inch at a time down my waiting throat until his balls rest against my lips. Then I hold him there, allowing him to wallow in the fact that his full dick is engulfed by my hungry mouth.

He whispers something that sounds suspiciously like, “Damn, Baby.”

His hands caress the back of my head, my neck and my face in adoration and appreciation. I sense he is ready to have even more fun, so I back off slowly until just the head is between my lips. I allow him to enjoy that view for a few moments since I know he loves watching my lips wrapped around him.

Then I release him completely and look up at him again coyly.

“Are you ready for more, Baby?”

“I’m ready if you’re ready,” he replies.

“Mmmm,” I reply huskily. “I want you to fuck my mouth and shoot that cum down my throat.”

He doesn’t have to be told twice. One hand holds the back of my head while he guides his python into my hot mouth. He is not so gentle. This is definitely a face fuck. I love every moment of it. His hard dick invades my mouth, stretching my jaw and reaching for the back of my throat with each of his thrusts. Saliva drips down my lips and chin to land between my breasts. He withdraws from my mouth momentarily, but only to use his dick to slap my lips and face. That damn dick has so much weight to it. It’s a wonder he doesn’t leave bruises. But I would even be okay with that.

Before I can take a decent breath, he is shoving himself back into my mouth and rhythmically following my earlier directive, slower this time. I use my tongue to caress the underside of his shaft on his forward thrusts and my hand resumes its exploration of his balls. Each of his strokes makes me anxious for the next. I know he is close to sharing with me my second favorite thing about sex. Swallowing his cum makes me so hot and I love hearing him lose control at that point.

And suddenly he is thrusting faster, holding my head in place and burying his rock hardness in my eager mouth. His dick is drenched with my saliva and I know there is no way he will last much longer.

As if reading my mind, he yells out “I’M COMING! OH FUCK, BABY! I’M COMING!”

And come he does.

Thick hot jets of his cream explode into my wet mouth and coat my throat. I hungrily suck down every drop as he continues to fuck my face through his orgasm. I lean back on my haunches and slide my mouth slowly back and forth over his manhood making sure I have not missed one ounce of his juices. When we are both satiated, he reaches down to help me to my feet.

“Now you know what this dick do,” he laughed.

“Yes, the hell I do,” I reply. “Well, sort of.”

“Sort of,” he queried. “What do you mean sort of?”

I don’t answer him verbally. Instead, I bend fully over the back of the couch, place both hands on the cushions and look over my shoulder at him. 

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