Tim Ellerbe II

I am a Musician, Writer and Teacher. Find out more at www.timellerbe.com

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6 days ago
She wasn’t always sexually adventurous. She had been a complete and utter prude when he’d met her one year earlier. He had been drawn initially to her earthy nature and her gentle spirit. Of course, i...
12 days ago
She came through the front door and tossed her keys in the direction of the hallway table. “Babe, I’m home!” She picked up the mail and briefly flipped through the envelopes. Nothing major there, just...
Friends with Benefits
15 days ago
She walked ahead of me down the basement steps. My eyes stayed riveted to the bouncing of her ass in the navy blue short shorts. I knew she had put them on just for me. I always knew. As long as I’d k...
Ebony Master
20 days ago
She emerged from the bathroom to find him waiting for her beside the bed. She met his eyes briefly, then lowered her gaze. She knew his rules like the back of her hand. No eye contact unless he so ord...
Confessions of a Sex Lover
4 months ago
Sex. I love sex. And everything associated with it. I am a voyeuristic person by nature and would often prefer to watch others have sex. I like to watch. I love the sounds of a woman moaning and groan...