Tim Ellerbe II

I am a Musician, Author and Artist. Find out more at www.timellerbe.com

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Cum for Me
4 months ago
You want to cum for me don’t you? You’ve been wanting that sexual release all day long. I know it. I know you. I know you’ve turned on your favorite slow jam CD and are currently relaxing in a steamin...
Oral Fixation Part 2
4 months ago
“Put that thing out. You know I hate when you smoke.” I took a long slow drag on the cigarette then smashed it out obediently in the ancient glass ashtray. The Formica countertop was digging uncomfort...
Oral Fixation Part 1
5 months ago
I knew what she wanted. It’s what she always wanted. She wanted me to bury my face between her thick thighs. She wanted me to part her pussy lips and devour her wetness. And I was always happy to obli...
5 months ago
By my estimation, she had climaxed three times already. And still she continued to take the pounding I was dishing out. My rock hard dick repeatedly disappeared into her soaking wet pussy causing our ...
5 months ago
She wasn’t always sexually adventurous. She had been a complete and utter prude when he’d met her one year earlier. He had been drawn initially to her earthy nature and her gentle spirit. Of course, i...
6 months ago
She came through the front door and tossed her keys in the direction of the hallway table. “Babe, I’m home!” She picked up the mail and briefly flipped through the envelopes. Nothing major there, just...