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Never Got a Taste...

Yet My Scent Is on His Nose Tip!

I've always found it funny and interesting that I can take a single moment in time, something small I've seen, and turn it into something completely different, magical, sexual, and sometimes quite destructive... I'm creative and crazy like that, you know. I say it to myself on a regular basis, if I acted on every thought I had, I would've been in jail, so for my sake and everybody else's, I keep it sane and write it out. 

As you read this blog, it might even remind you of a previous blog I wrote called Panties for Sale (shameless plug) but trust, this is on another level. This little ditty I'm about to run with is a tale I made up while watching an old mobster movie... yes, an old mobster movie.... don't try to guess what it is, either, you'll never get it. But please do enjoy the trip as my imagination grabs you by the balls... literally!

He never got a taste, although he could have if he had made the effort to. Fuck it, I could've popped up on his ass like Mary Poppins, but I didn't. I wanted him to make the move and he didn't. We met online; he slid into my DM on a friendly tip. Nothing shady, no unwanted dick pictures or porno, just friendly conversation. I entertained it because I liked his profile picture, his lips looked like they would suck the life out of me... I pictured them kissing my pussy lips many times. It wasn't long before friendly conversations became frequent and more in depth. Before we could help it we were on the level of sexual conversations and visuals had to be presented. I sent him a picture of the waxed 'n' plump wetness and he answered with a picture of the long, thick 'n' strong wood. All of a sudden Skype video chatting involved playing with hard nipples 'n' wet pussy while watching him stroke it... no shame at all, we were both into it. He made a request that I couldn't refuse; he whispered it so low I almost missed it.

"I want you to send me one of your panties! Listen to me carefully... I don't want just any panties that you just happen to pick out to wear; oh no, I want you to send me one that you've worn all day. As you put it on, I want it to be wet automatically because you were thinking about me. I want it to get soaked as you go about your day because every free moment you had you thought about me getting those panties. By the time you take them off they will be dripping. Wrap them up nice 'n' tight and mail them to me. I need to know your scent!"

Everything about it turned me on. From picking the pretty panties to swishing around in them to wrapping them up and mailing them. I sent them overnight express, I wasn't playing. On our next Skype video chat, he was wearing them on his face. I came instantly just from seeing that. 

He told me, "No matter what happens, these panties will be my greatest treasure!"

Time has passed and DM relationships die (well, some do... others develop into full blown social media situations... but that's another show like Jerry Springer) but knowing that somewhere in the world, someone can have an orgasm just from the scent of my cum-drenched panties!

As always, I'm thankful and grateful for all who continuously read, love & share my blogs; YOU are part of the movement! Thank you to those who send gift donations as YOU are a BIG part of the movement! Check out my blogs on my site, check out my YouTube channel, and of course, donations as low as $1 are encouraged and appreciated! Thanks in advance!

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Never Got a Taste...
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