Kai Storm

Awesome author of 6 novels, mom of 3 daughters, office worker by day and wife by night. I hustle my art, my brand, my passion & I'm blessed always!

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Forced Celibacy
5 days ago
I was tickled pink with laughter when I found the photo I needed to start off this blog and even though the sign above is coming through with a whole lot of shade, I promise the following wordplay wil...
Indecent Proposal on a NEW Level!
18 days ago
This is another edition in the WATCH WHAT YOU SAY TO ME chronicles. I've said many times in past blogs, conversations on social media, and in person to almost everyone I know that I write stories base...
Raw n' Real vs. Set Up n' Scripted!
a month ago
Based on the fact that I write erotic blogs, have written a BDSM story or two, and I come straight to the point no matter what subject, that alone should tell you that I may have perused the site. I c...
A TURN ON in Particular!
a month ago
Does the subject matter sound weird to you? Are you unclear on the subject but have some curiosity, or are you fully committed to reading this blog because you understand exactly what I'm talking abou...
Sexy Story Time: Da Club!
2 months ago
Oh the memories! The 80s, sneaking out of my mother's house just to be at the hottest parties of the neighborhood... man listen! Don't think I'm sitting around wishing to be younger AKA reliving my li...
A Toy Story!
2 months ago
If you're reading my blogs and asking yourself if I have a dirty, filthy, sex crazed mind, then the answer is....well...not really. While I see you giving me the meanest side eye after reading that, I...