Kai Storm

Awesome author of 6 novels, mom of 3 daughters, office worker by day and wife by night. I hustle my art, my brand, my passion & I'm blessed always!

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My Fantasy Bad n Bourgie!
12 days ago
I'm going to tell you a story...about a story I wrote. Sounds funny already right? Yes I know but walk with me for a moment & you'll see where I'm going with this. You see, in 2008 I wrote a story cal...
Can I Be Me Sexually?!
19 days ago
What do you like, what turns you on?! That's the question or should I say the first of a series of questions. As a woman, do you like your ass fingered while he fucks you hard while you're in a doggy ...
Chocolate Souffle
a month ago
The thing is....I'm a big girl...always have been...well, to be clear I became a big girl after my first child and for me it was a while before I was comfortable with my newfound curves and extra jigg...
a month ago
Not too long ago, I worked with a woman who confided in me a very personal part of her life. She and I became friendly because not only did we live in the same neighborhood, she also got wind of my wr...
In Front of the Camera We Freak!
a month ago
Oh how I do hope you are reading, following & squirting to my diabolical word play as I do it for your entertainment every day; one thing for sure & two things for certain I've got the magical words t...
Make Love to Me...In Front of the Camera?!
2 months ago
This particular fantasy has been on my mind for a while...something I've been cooking up in my head for some time now. I was on my way to work one day and while sleeping on the train the fantasy appea...