Kai Storm

Awesome author of 6 novels, mom of 3 daughters, office worker by day and wife by night. I hustle my art, my brand, my passion & I'm blessed always!

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Daddy's Playhouse!
9 days ago
Surprisingly enough, even though it has been eight months since Tumblr claimed it would remove (delete AKA monitor the hell out of your posts so that when you post delicious nakedness and sex, it goes...
Touch It, Wax It, Lick It, Rub It Down!
23 days ago
According to the recent commentary about my blogs featuring Dr. X ("The XXX Therapist" & "In Need of a Woman's Touch"), she has become very popular. Comments like "I'm starting to rethink my career ch...
In Need of a Woman's Touch!
a month ago
Anything that's described as "therapeutic" should be dealt with in a serious manner; therefore, when discussing the subject, it should be treated with a level of sensitivity and support. While reading...
Just One Look & I Was Turned On!
a month ago
A lot of the stories/blogs I tell you, and/or dress up for you to protect the innocent, yet naughty I felt always originated from people in far away places. Never in the past has anyone identified the...
2 AM & Big D**k Ted Is at the Door!
2 months ago
I have to say that I'm quite thankful for this platform, as it has allowed me to not only grow my audience but also allowed me to expand on my writing skills. I do my best to come up with original con...
The XXX Therapist!
2 months ago
My patients, aka clients, have particular needs and problems that I cater to, aka help them handle in their personal relationships. I guide them through a complete breakdown of their situation, then p...