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Mr. Lately

Erotic Prompts Series

Photo by Erik Lucatero on Unsplash

Have you ever wanted something so bad, you wouldn't dare let yourself have it? Only because you knew the outcome would bring only misery and doubts, a somber domino effect that would plague your conscience for years to come. I never wanted to go through something like this again. However, the burden of a thousand pounds worth of fear was currently pressing onto my chest, constricting my airways, wrapping around my lungs as I awaited your arrival. This built-up tension stuck in the crevices of my neglected libido has forced my hand. I've gone long enough without you and my eager fingers were itching to be replaced with the sensation of your tongue running along my sensitive skin.

I've always known an anomaly like you would drop out of the sky and into my bed. But it made it no less frightening when I heard you knock at my bedroom door, a notion that made my cold and encased heart start to slowly thaw out, replacing hollow echoes with haunting beats. 

"You're hiding from me again," you claim with amusement dancing in your eyes, stepping into my bedroom as you close and lock the door behind you. You've always known I was a flight risk. It peeved me to admit you knew me so well. 

"You call this hiding?" I countered as I untied the knot to my robe and let the silk fabric slide down my bare skin and onto the floor. Your warm brown eyes failed in their attempt to hold steady at my face. They traveled down all the slopes and mountains, cracks and valleys covering my body. I was perfectly wrong for you and you were finally taking the bait tonight. 

"I love you," you state so firmly that the determination in your voice rattled my stubborn core as it tried to convince me you weren't lying. 

"I've heard those words before. They're easy to say and even harder to prove," I argue with confidence as I watch you carefully make your way towards me, until my back is pressed against the mattress and your body is closing in on mine. 

"The truth never did hold any value for you," you reply, showering me with sly smiles after removing your shirt and the rest of your clothes. Your eyes glowed with a subtle hunger and longing, a sultry mixture of agonizing lust just waiting to be unleashed by me. You've never met someone who matched your appetite before. I would've said the same about you if I weren't here tonight trying to forget him

"The truth is subjective. I'm a prime example of it," I continue, toying with you until you've had enough, until your shaft is stiff from the desperation my words have coerced out of you. You try to pin me down, but you enjoy this better when I'm in control, guiding you to a place where you forget for just a moment that you have no choice but to love every part of me, including the restless muscle inside my chest, currently beating for him

I make sure to see that smile of yours one more time before I destroy it, then close my eyes the moment I straddle you down onto the bed and sink myself onto your cock. You're shaking beneath me, not because you know how this will end, but because you know there's not much you can do about the way I say goodbye. 

You're so fucking hard inside me. My lungs are struggling to keep up when I begin to ride your shaft, squeezing the air out of me as our hips crash and dip violently. Your fingers dig into my backside as I bounce on you, while I tried to fuck the memories floating around in my head. He's always been the reasoning behind my self-destruction, and you've known that since the moment you fucked me on the hood of your car the first night we met. I was the poster girl for unrequited love and you were tragically lonely, looking for something, or someone, to bury your pain into. 

I feel it now. I feel every weathered breath of your sadness brushing against my skin, forcing a loud moan to escape from my sharp tongue as I continue to ride you. You slow down right before you begin to swell up with cum, ready to be released from the friction my soaking wet inner walls had caused against your shaft. You try to wrap me in an embrace, but I won't let you. I can't save you unless you want to be freed of my hold on you. So I push your arms off me and pin them above your head, keeping them there while I slide up and down your cock, clenching my inner walls around it, milking and pulling you in as deep as I can. My clit begins to throb furiously, my troubled thoughts crumbling into ashes as this fire that you've lit inside me burns bright, heating my sweaty and sensitive skin as I cum all over your shift, and you spill your hot seed inside me. You pound into me harder, making sure I feel every drop of your liquid desire before I come down from my high. 

I let you push me down onto the bed, but only because you've stripped me of my breath and strength. I keep my eyes closed, my chest panting heavily as your lips make their way down my body, stopping at my wet opening. You moan when you see our juices still dripping out of me and you lick your swollen lips, placing my legs over your shoulder before you dive right into me with the tip of your tongue. 

Fuck. I hate it when you have me at your mercy. I wasn't made for it, but I certainly enjoyed pretending I did, as my body convulsed with every stroke your tongue made over my sensitive clit. I almost drew blood from my own bottom lip when you ate from me frivolously, sucking all of my juices into your mouth, creating a pathway for the next stream of desire coming your way. I tugged at your hair when I felt myself cum once again, squirting endlessly into your mouth until I had nothing left inside me but freedom. 

I've never wanted to turn my Mr. Lately into my Mr. Always, but tonight, you've given the gift of hope, a gift so rarely passed on from kind souls to tarnished ones. I only wished it would last an infinity and a lifetime beyond tonight. 

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Sharlene Alba
Sharlene Alba

Full of raw and unfiltered fluid poems, short stories and prompts on love, sex, relationships and life. I also review haircare, skincare and other beauty products. Instagram: grungefirepoetry fleekonabudget Facebook: grungefirepoetry 

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