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Loner's Retreat: Santana & Jonas, Part 3

Erotic Short Stories

Photo by Everton Vila on Unsplash


"If we end up chopped up behind a dumpster, I'm blaming you," Dylan Lopez, her newest friend claimed as they stood in front of La Rosa, a popular bar in the city of Pablo San Lucas, Mexico. Santana figured it was a bad idea coming out here at night, but she'd have a better chance at finding something about her Daniel here, according to the information she gathered from her sources. She'd made the excuse of trying to find Daniel for an old case she was working on for another client and here they were. She would've dragged Jonas out here instead, but since he was against her mission to find her childhood friend for some reason, she didn't think of inviting him. 

It was a bad way to start a marriage but it wasn't like there was a handbook for this type of thing.

"Where's Lucia?" Santana wondered as she looked around for her other friend that decided to tag along. Lucia knew her way around this city and she knew a lot of people due to her family's legacy, which only helped her cause in finding Daniel faster.

"Here. Sorry, I was saying hello to an old friend of mine. What are we doing? What's happening?" Lucia chimed in, out of breath, and with her lipgloss smeared. Santana and Dylan stared at her with their eyebrows raised as she cleaned up her gloss and rolled her eyes. 

"Are we going in or what?" Lucia asked with a raised chin, leading the other two into the dive bar. The music brought back childhood memories of her mother teaching her how to dance in the middle of their living room in their old house in Texas. She'd taught her all the popular Mexican dances, along with other sensual dances the Hispanic community often embraced during celebrations. It'd been a while since she danced to this type of music, but it made Santana want to move and sway her hips to the melody of the soft Spanish guitar. 

"Santana Martinez, have you been holding out on us?" Dylan inquired, crossing his arms, his eyes dancing with amusement as she stopped her hip movements. 

"Do I look like a complete dork? I do, don't I?" Santana felt her cheeks burn with embarrassment, but Lucia chuckled and rubbed her back for comfort.

"You'll fit right in. Especially in that sexy dress," Lucia complimented with a wink and Santana smiled at her in appreciation. They were going to a bar, figured she'd dress the part and have some fun while they were at it. Which she wasn't having much of since her husband, the celibate monk, was depriving her of anything remotely related to it. 

"I did good?" 

"Look around. They're not staring at me," Lucia stated as she gestured around the room, and Santana noticed there were than enough pairs of eyes settling on her. The room was dimly lit, with neon red lights behind the bar, with the bar's logo, surrounded by bottles of alcohol on glass shelves. The scents of cigarettes and alcohol lingered in the air, along with mixtures of cologne and perfume and sweat coming from the grinding bodies on the dance floor. The scene was seductive to her, and she wished she could enjoy it more but she was here for a reason, to find Daniel.

"Do you really think he's here, Luce?" Santana asked her friend, while Dylan went to go get them some drinks, and they found an empty booth by the corner. 

"It's a strong possibility. You mentioned something about him having a bartending past right?" 

"That's what they told me."

"Then Gabriel would know where to find him. He's the godfather of bar chains in these parts of the city. Anywhere else, we'd have to check out ourselves." Lucia informed her while pointing towards the tall man, with the slicked back hair and tattoo's covering both of his arms, who was heading in their direction. He was as handsome as Lucia described to her on their way over here. About six feet tall, sporting the scruff and bad boy grin to match her words. 

"I'm Gabriel De La Rosa. And let me just say, you're giving Lucia a run for her money in that dress." Gabriel introduced himself as he kissed the back of her hand and sent Lucia a wink. Santana had borrowed the little black dress from her mother, and she was glad she was able to finally use it on this trip, even if it was capturing everyone else's attention but her husband's. 

"Thank you. And it's nice to meet you. We don't want to take up much of your time, but I'm sure Lucia mentioned why we came here tonight." Santana replied as she twisted her wedding ring around her finger, and scooted over when Dylan finally returned with the drinks. Gabriel sat next to Lucia after introducing himself to Dylan and scratched at the scruff on his chin before he answered.

"I've hired a lot of bartenders over the years, but there was one who stood out the most. He was one of the best managers I've had in years until he up and left without a word four years ago. No phone calls or emails or texts. He referred to himself as Jonas though. Not Daniel." Gabriel explained and Santana's blood ran cold at the mention of her husband's name. She didn't want to read too much into it, since the name Jonas was common, and none of it made much sense, so she let it go. 

"Do you remember what he looked like, Gabe?" Lucia asked her friend as she wrapped her arm around his own and he rubbed it as he pondered her question for a moment. 

"Tall, I guess. He was good-looking enough to get attention during ladies night. But he always turned them down, even the one's with the deep pockets." Gabriel began, then paused as he tried to think of other details, "Oh, and he did have a weird birthmark on his hand. Three little dots that looked like a spaceship," he finished and her heart pounded with hope. That was her Daniel. He had the same birthmark on his hand according to her memory. She remembered because the kids around their neighborhood at the time made fun of him for it, calling him an alien, completely unaware they were bringing Daniel unwanted attention from the immigration police back in Texas. She'd be lying if she said she didn't still hate them for contributing to his deportation. Santana hated them so much, she became the successful immigration lawyer she was today, to help those who had no clue on how to defend themselves. 

"Did he mention any relatives in the area?" Santana asked Gabriel and he nodded after he swallowed back a shot and licked his lips. 

"He mentioned a cousin. And I remember him saying his name was Daniel. He was crashing at his place at the time," Gabriel added and Santana suddenly felt drained, as confusion filled her and a headache began to form.

"So wait, I'm confused. Is Daniel really this Jonas guy or is it the other way around?" Dylan joined the conversation, with the same amount of confusion the rest of them held on their faces.

"Did he mention where his cousin lived?" Lucia question but Gabriel shook his head.

"He kept to himself most of the time. He only told me what he did because I needed an official address for legal purposes," Gabriel responded and Santana reached for another shot. This city was huge. There was no way she was going find him by knocking on every door. 

"What I can do is put the word out and see if anything gets back to me." Lucia's friend offered and she smiled at him in response.

"Thanks, Gabe. Save me a dance for later?" Lucia suggested with a grin and Gabriel laughed as he shook his head and stood up from the booth.

"Not falling for that again, Luce. I'll give you a call if I have any new information. Enjoy your drinks. They're on the house," Gabriel added before he waved goodbye to the rest of us and pointed a finger in warning at Lucia. Which only made her smirk. 

"Aren't you and Cassian a thing now?" Santana blurted out, but not in a judgmental way. Lucia didn't seem like the type to let a man tie her down with commitment, but Cass was the exception and as much as Lucia wanted to deny it, everyone else could tell he affected her enough to at least stop messing around with Dolly and Dylan. Not that either of them minded. Dylan was busy setting up his own restaurant near the retreat while still working there and Dolly had taken a liking to Angelina, who came to the retreat with Julie but they broke up last week, and Santana felt like she was in an episode of Jerry Springer. Loner's Retreat attracted drama like a moth to a flame. But she loved the paradise and the people in it anyway.

"Define, thing," Lucia evaded as she traced the rim of her shot glass and her face grew serious. 

"The man is wealthy, handsome, and he's not a complete asshole. Oh, and not to mention he's madly in love with you," Dylan explained, which made Lucia shift in her seat and her black framed eyes bounce back and forth between them. 

"He's in lust with the woman he fucks every night. There's a difference," Lucia corrected, which made Dylan roll his eyes in disbelief.

"You're in love with him too and that scares you to death," Dylan countered, which granted him a glare from Lucia. Santana wasn't an expert on all things love, since it was still new to her, but she had to admit, Cass had caused a change in Lucia in the short time they've all known each other. Whether that was love or just the tip of the iceberg, she didn't know.

"At least you're getting some." Santana broke the tension and caused them both to stare at her in shock.

"'re on your honeymoon," Dylan reminded her, and it only increased her anger towards her husband. Why didn't he understand that?

"You're telling me you've been here three weeks, and you two still haven't taken care of business?" Lucia asked incredulously and Santana dropped her face into her hands and sighed in frustration.

"I shouldn't be talking about this."

Both of her friends stayed quiet until she brought her face out of her hands and looked at them. 

"Just forget I said anything. Let's go dance," Santana dismissed but Dylan stopped her from getting up from the booth. 

"How long have you been obsessing over finding Daniel?" Dylan asked her and while she'd only thought about going through with it last night, she'd been thinking about it for a while now. 

"What does that have to do with anything?"

"It has a lot to do with it. Maybe your husband feels inferior to the ghost you keep chasing from your past," Lucia answered first and Santana raised an eyebrow. 

"I've been seeing a therapist. Forgive me." Lucia waved it off and Dylan smirked before he turned his attention to Santana.

"What Dr. Phil over here is trying to say is that maybe Jonas is a little jealous of this Daniel guy. Shit, I've been there too," Dylan claimed as he glanced over at Lucia who held his gaze briefly then looked away. 

"You think so? I mean, I've only mentioned him a few times." 

"Men are territorial, Santana."

"So are women," Lucia chimed in as she reached for another shot and almost choked. She wasn't much of a drinker but she sure looked like she needed to be one tonight.

"My point is, maybe you should be doing this with him instead," Dylan suggested and Santana considered his advice for a moment. Jonas wanted nothing to do with what she was doing, question was, why? Was he really jealous or was something else going on?

By the time they got back to the retreat, all three of them were slightly tipsy and in a fit of giggles. Well, at least Lucia and Santana were. Dylan was more of a grumpy drunk. He'd been quiet the entire cab ride back and escorted both of them to their rooms safely, before heading to his own. 

"Damn it, where's my key card?" Santana's words slurred as she patted her body down, looking for the card.

"Santana." She heard her name being called and looked up to see her husband as he opened the door. He looked worried as he pulled her in and closed the door behind her. 

"Hi, husband! What have you been up to this evening?" Santana asked brightly as she wrapped her arms around his neck and he held her at her waist against him.

"You're drunk." Jonas stated and Santana grinned as she placed her hands on her hips and twirled for him. 

"Do you like this dress? Does it make you wanna rip it off with those pearly white teeth of yours?" Santana teased as she unzipped the back of her dress and held it up against her breasts to keep it from falling. 

"Stop," he said in warning as he took his glasses off and it made her frown. Why didn't he want her? She was nice to look at now. The guys at the bar seemed to think so. Her friends too. 

Daniel would want her. She was sure of it. At least, he did in her dreams. He made her feel sexy, wanted, adored. All while he fucked her up against any surface he could find. 

"Why don't you want me like he does?" Santana asked her husband, as the sadness took over her once again, and the alcohol still bubbled in her system, loosening her tongue. 

"Like who does?" Jonas questioned as he stepped closer to her and helped her step out of her heels.

"Daniel. He touches me everywhere, fucks me anywhere. He's not afraid to go after what he wants." Santana explained, aware her words might be hurting her husband. She blamed it on the liquor swimming inside of her but she wanted him to be pissed. Why should she be the only miserable one?

"Why didn't you marry him then?" Jonas argued angrily and this time, Santana took a step back at his unexpected tone, in shock.

"I would've had they not taken him away from me." 

"He was barely five years old when you met him! You don't know what kind of man he grew up to be. He could be a criminal. He could be a psychopath. And I don't want you anywhere near him." Jonas warned, with blazing fury filling his eyes. He was hiding something. Her intuition was setting off alarms in her mind as she processed his words. She wasn't in the right state of mind to have this fight, she had to let things cool down before they continued.

"I'm going to shower," Santana announced, not bothering to stick around for his reply, and headed straight for the bathroom. 

After nearly an hour of avoiding going back into that room to her angry husband, she exited the shower and dried herself, continuing on with her nightly routine. As she took her ring off to properly moisturize her hands, she paused, as she recalled something Gabriel had said to her at the bar. 

He had a weird birthmark on his hand. 

Images of five-year-old Daniel flashed across her mind as she tried to remember which hand the birthmark had been on. When the answer came to her, she wrapped herself in a robe and opened the bathroom door.

"Let me see your hand," Santana ordered as she jumped on the bed next to her husband, whose skeptical expression made him hesitate.


"Just let me see it," she exclaimed and Jonas eyed her suspiciously before giving her both of his hands. She examined the right one first, which was where Daniel had his birthmark, but there was nothing but a big scar there. No birthmark in sight.

"Want to tell me what this is about?" Jonas asked as he took both of his hands and used them to pull her closer to him, making her sit on his lap. 

"Where'd you get the scar, Jonas?" Santana inquired and she felt his body tense against her but it could be due to her being in her lawyer mode, questioning everything, aiming for the bullseye. 

"Cut myself cooking a while back," he answered quickly and made Santana's suspicions increase. He was lying to her. And it only brought up her initial worry when Gabriel had mentioned Jonas' name. Jonas knew Daniel. Santana was certain of it. 

"Okay," Santana said simply, as she climbed off of him and settled into her side of the bed after taking off her robe. 

"You never sleep naked," Jonas observed in annoyance. 

"I do now. Goodnight, Jonas." Santana waited for him to take the bait and when she heard him sigh, and turn off the lamp on the side table, she grinned. 

She'd go in for the kill and get the conviction she was aiming for. She only had to wait for the right moment and that moment was coming soon. Santana could feel it. 

She set her plan into motion, by reaching in between her legs an hour later. Jonas was a light sleeper, and she was sure he'd wake up as soon as he heard her moaning against her pillow. 

"Hmm..." Santana continued her game as she pressed her fingers against her clit and circled. She was no stranger to pleasuring herself. It taught her what her own body responded to, what it jumped and needed more of and right now, it was screaming for a quick release but she couldn't give it to herself just yet. 

"That's it...right there...oh god...right there, Daniel..." she whimpered loudly, causing her husband to stir awake beside her. 

"What did you just say?" his deep and husky voice vibrated against her skin as he whispered the words into her ear and she used it to make herself come faster. She rubbed and rubbed until she groaned deeply into her pillow from the tingling sensation her climax gave her. She pretended to still be asleep as she turned on her back and licked her lips, still stroking at her wet folds as she recovered. 

"Oh, that feels so good. Do it again, Daniel. Make me come harder." Santana knew her words were out of line, but she had to get to the bottom of all this. This was the only way she could think of at the moment and it was working. 

"Santana, wake up," Jonas growled as he snatched the covers off of her body and she pretended to wake up, her eyes fluttering open. 

"What? What's going on?" she asked, using her best groggy voice as she tried to sit up but Jonas pinned her body underneath his in one quick motion. He hovered over her as he studied her sleepy expression and leaned in to kiss her. The kiss was deep, possessive, passionate, just like she was hoping for. 

Men are territorial

Dylan's words repeated in her mind and they served her well in executing her plan. It managed to get Jonas on top of her, which was a big win to her. His hands squeezed her breasts, pinching and pulling at her tender flesh, then continued to his boxer-briefs, sliding them down far enough for his thick cock to spring out of them. He was so hard against her thigh, she practically sobbed at how much she wanted him. 

He never left her lips. While his hands opened her thighs and he positioned the tip of his cock right in front of her entrance, Santana's nails dug into his back as he entered her inch by inch, careful not to add to the mild pain she was already in. 

"Am I hurting you?" Jonas croaked out as he rested his forehead on hers and she shook her head, licking her lips. Her husband waited briefly for the pain to subside and for her walls to get used to his size before he began to move inside of her. Santana gasped as her walls instantly grew wet again and allowed him deeper access to her core. Their hips moved in unison, both of them panting heavily as they drowned themselves in the pleasure humming throughout their bodies. He felt amazing sliding in and out of her, his thickness rubbing up against her sensitive clit, causing her to moan louder. 

Jonas kissed his way down to her breast, pulling her nipple into his mouth as he reached in between them to stroke her nub. He stimulated her cruelly with his fingers at her clit, his mouth on her chest and his cock pumping harder and faster inside of her. The unbridled desperation rocked through her body as she came hard and Jonas spilled inside of her, the warmth of his seed mixing with her own nectar, giving them more lubrication. Jonas used every bit of it to make her come two more times. 

Holy shit. No wonder people did this on a regular basis. 

Santana's body marinated in the long-awaited pleasure her husband had just finished giving her and all she could do was smile. 

"Shit" was all her husband could say as he collapsed beside her and pulled his briefs back up to his waist.

"You didn't enjoy it?" Santana worried for a moment and Jonas answered her with his heated stare.

"I wasn't supposed to," he replied softly as he swung his legs over the bed and rubbed his face with his hands. 

"Wow," Santana retorted and Jonas quickly looked over his shoulder at her sharply.

"You did this on purpose." 

"Of course I did. My own husband won't touch me. What else was I supposed to do?" 

"You used lawyer mode to get me to fuck you, didn't you?" Jonas argued and Santana rolled her eyes. 

"You left me no choice, Jonas. It was the only way to get the answer I needed from you," Santana defended and Jonas turned to face her then, and watched her carefully.

"What answer was that?"

"You're jealous of Daniel." 

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Sharlene Alba
Sharlene Alba

Full of raw and unfiltered fluid poems, short stories and prompts on love, sex, relationships and life. I also review haircare, skincare and other beauty products. Instagram: grungefirepoetry fleekonabudget Facebook: grungefirepoetry 

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