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Life After Love: Part 11

Serena and Marley Series

Photo by Gaelle Marcel on Unsplash


The appetites for twin baby boys was no joke. I've been breastfeeding for at least two hours now, back and forth, back and forth. My nipples were raw and I needed a break. I pumped what I had left in me into a few bottles for the middle of the night, which was when they loved to wake us up. I had no idea why we even bothered to have a damn nursery when they just kept sleeping with us. 

They were finally settling down after I burped them and wrapped them up in their little blankets for their afternoon nap. I took the baby monitor with me and kept the door slightly open before heading downstairs. Daniel had invited Jesse, Marley, and Michael over for some beers and to play some soccer in the backyard. I could hear them laughing as I approached the patio slider we recently installed. It made the house look at least a bit more modern and it brought in more natural light. Only today, the sky wasn't as blue as I would've liked. The forecast had warned everyone of an incoming storm heading our way in a few hours. I wasn't sure if we even had any storm supplies left. 

Stepping out onto the backyard, I could see Michael and Daniel both trying to gain access to the ball, pushing at each other as they exchanged jokes, only in Spanish. Which made it that much more hilarious. I can see why Jesse was having a hard time being a goalie when these two idiots were reciting a comedy routine.

"You suck, Daniel. Can't believe you got this bad, man. What happened? Fatherhood sucking the life out of you?" Michael taunted, sending a grin my way, while Daniel rested his hands on his knees as he caught his breath. I sat next to Marley in the lounge chair, placing the baby monitor in the middle of the table, turning the volume up. 

"Put some money where your fucking mouth is then! Let's start over." Daniel tried to prove his point by pushing through another game but Michael kept pointing at him, laughing hysterically as Daniel tried to kick the ball past him. 

"They've been at it for an hour now." Marley let me in on what I've missed and popped some popcorn into her mouth as she cheered Michael on, while Daniel looked over at me, probably wondering why I wasn't doing the same. I grinned and waved at him. I wasn't the cheerleading type. After ten years, he should've known that by now. 

"Come on, Dee! You got this!" Jesse however, had encouraged him enough to make him actually score a goal. Marley's hand crossed over to mine, trying to loosen my fist before I even thought of getting up. She gave me a look and I sighed, staying put. I was supposed to be nice. I was supposed to be hospitable. I kept repeating the words in my head until Daniel and Michael finished their second game and shook hands, walking towards Marley and me. 

"Danny, pay up. He won fair and square," Marley pointed out with pride as Michael picked her up and swung her over his shoulders, twirling them around as she squealed. Jesse patted Daniel in the back, trying to soothe him and when Daniel heard me practically growling at her, he forced a smile and pulled me up off my seat, just so he could sit down and pull me on top of his lap. 

"You don't know how to behave, do you?" my very hot and sweaty husband scolded in a whisper and I shrugged, not really caring about hurting Jesse's feelings. She needed to know her place. And it was at least five feet away from my husband. 

"We need to go on a supply run. The storm will be here soon." I changed the subject, not willing to argue in front of guests right now. 

"We can look over the boys while you're gone." Jesse offered politely, but there was no way in hell she was coming near my kids. Daniel felt my body coil up in anger and tugged at my hair lightly, giving me a warning glance. 

"Thanks. I'll go shower and change. Come on, let's go." Daniel hurried me off his lap, taking my hand in his as he dragged me back into the house. 

"I don't want her near my kids, Daniel," I stated sharply, but he said nothing until we reached the upstairs master suite bathroom and locked the door behind us. 

"You're getting on my last fucking nerve with this jealousy bullshit. If I wanted to fuck her, I would've done so already," he fired back, his temper shining through as he began to undress and turn the water on in the shower.

"And I could say the same thing about me and Aaron," I countered, hitting him below the belt because it was the only way to make him realize what a dick he was being. He stiffened at the sound of Aaron's name then turned to walk towards me. He was sweaty and angry, and it reminded me of the old Daniel, the hothead who had ultimately matched my own fire. His hands braced themselves on either side of my head on the door behind me, his chest rising and falling as he tried to control his temper. 

"Did the doctor's give you the green light yet?" he asked, darting his tongue out to lick his lips. Watching his tongue ring swirl only reminded me of the last time I felt it in between my legs and I almost moaned out loud because of it. 

"For sex? Yeah, it's been more than six weeks. I'm good to go," I answered and he nodded, glancing down at my newly enlarged breasts. It was a perk of becoming a mother but they were too tender to touch right now. 

"Good. Maybe Aaron can give you some to get rid of that attitude of yours," Daniel shot back, a slow grin curving on his lips as he turned to head back towards the shower. 

"I can still arrange that." 

"Go ahead and try. I heard he got married. He ain't the type to cheat. Not even with you," he continued to test my temper and all I could do was take a deep breath and exit the bathroom before I drowned him in that shower. 


After Daniel and I came back from a supply run to the hardware store and to the supermarket, Michael and Marley headed out first, leaving Jesse behind as she offered to help board up the windows in the basement and some on the main floor. I simply sat in my rocking chair in the nursery, looking after my babies as they slept soundly in their cribs. The thunder cracked against the sky, the rain beginning to pour down over the earth. I could hear the drops of water hit the windows behind me, and I pushed the curtains back to witness just how bad this storm was going to be. 

"I'm going to drive Jesse home real quick and then come back," Daniel informed me and I didn't bother to look at him as he entered the room to give both of his sons a kiss on the forehead. 

"I don't think you should drive in this rain. She can stay in the guest room," I suggested, still keeping my gaze on the rain tapping against the windows. 

"I'll let her know. Thank you," Daniel answered carefully before heading back out of the nursery. I took the baby monitor with me into the master bathroom and placed it on a shelf where I could keep an eye on them as I showered. Turning on the water, I took a deep breath as it began to wash over me and I reached for my favorite brown sugar body wash. Scrubbing the soap all over my body with the loofah sponge, I felt relaxed and tension free. It wasn't until I felt my husband's hands on my shoulder's behind me that my body stiffened again. I could feel his naked skin press against mine as he placed kisses along my shoulder, up my neck, and behind my ear. 

"I take it back. I don't want anyone touching you but me," he claimed huskily into my ear, reaching around me to dip his fingers in between my wet folds. I wanted to fight him off. I wanted to stay mad at him until he gave in. But it was hard to focus when his fingers knew just how deep to go, how many circles around my clit it took for me to gasp and curse at the same time. Biting my lower lip, I let my head fall back onto his shoulder, while his lips focused on my neck, and his fingers continued to bring me closer and closer to a much-awaited orgasm. We hadn't had sex since before the babies were born, and I wasn't sure if he was even sexually attracted to me anymore after the babies practically destroyed my body. 

He was reading my mind at the moment, proving just how wrong I had been. I could feel his hard shaft nestled against the curve of my lower back, ticking with every moan he forced out of me. When my inner walls began to contract around his fingers, he increased his strokes, then slipped inside of me from behind. The double penetration caused me to moan louder than anticipated and I could suddenly feel Daniel's low chuckle against my neck, sending shivers down my spine as his slow thrusts became deeper ones. 

His fingers traveled up my body, up to my lips to keep me from screaming again. I bit into them, making him groan and plunge harder into me. We crashed into each other, releasing the tension that had been building between us as we brought each other to our orgasms. His forehead rested on my shoulder as he continued to pump everything he had in me in sharper thrusts. 

Daniel slipped out of me then and turned me around to face him, pulling my body closer to his as he captured my lips and devoured them until we pulled apart for more air. 

"Can we go back to doing more of this now?" he suggested, while placing a short kiss on the tip of my nose.

"That depends on your behavior," I replied with a grin and he smirked as he pushed me up against the wall and pinned my hands above my head, brushing his lips over mine. 

"Is that right?" he teased, pressing himself against my sensitive opening, making me whimper briefly. 

"You're so bad." I laughed and bit my lower lip as he began to kiss down my wet body, making sure to kiss every inch of my cesarean scar before he continued his journey. 

"Thought that's what you loved about me." His words got lost in the haze inside my mind as his tongue ring made its way inside me, making me gasp loudly as my nails dug into his shoulders. Little did he know, there was much more than just his magic tongue that I loved. He had become the man I always knew he could be. Ambitious. Kind. Responsible. The kind of father I wished both of us would've had at a young age. Which was why Jesse's presence around him worried me. 

What if the new Daniel wanted something new to play with?

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