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Lazy Secrets

Erotic Prompts Series

Photo by Greg Raines on Unsplash

Tonight was the night. She was going to do this. She was going to do everything her wicked little thoughts could conjure up and God be damned if she didn't get at least a kiss out of it.

Their Sunday night book club had been in the middle of a steamy read, and the way she articulated her thoughts about the book and how her eyebrows furrowed when the other women in the group never understood her point of view, was something they had in common. They were often on the side of the villain and the others refused to understand there was always another side to a story, a side that may not be favorable to the reader, but to the story itself, it was an essential part of it. Without the bad guy, the story would lose its authenticity. 

Reality was based on the good, the bad, and the ugly. Anyone who couldn't understand that reveled on only the sugarcoated details tipping the scale towards the hero or heroine of the story. Not her. She was the type to embrace the ugliest of monsters in order to get that much closer to a twisted version of reality. It turned her on to say the least. And she was tired of hiding it.

"Hey, feel like going for a stroll? It's getting kind of stuffy in here," she suggested towards the woman sitting beside her, the same woman she pictured making her scream in pleasure, while the others continued to debate the heroine's questionable decisions regarding the love triangle in the novel. 

"Sure. They wont miss us," the smart red-head responded with a wink. Her heart pounded almost instantly. The woman had that effect on her and while they hurried to gather their things, they laughed as they snuck out of their weekly meeting and began their walk into the quiet night. They lived by the beach, and she could smell the scent of the ocean lingering in the air, mixing with her perfume as the breeze headed in their direction.

"There's something I've been meaning to tell you," the crimson-haired beauty spoke first, as they took a right turn into a path that would lead them towards the beach. The place was deserted at night, but the wind howled regardless, letting them know they weren't alone despite what their eyes were telling them. 

"Me too. And forgive me if my bluntness offends you, but I would really like it if we did something else first," she planted the seed and waited for the woman's reaction. She stopped and dragged her down onto an empty bench, right by docks, with a flickering streetlamp just above their heads. 

"I'm listening," her crush said, scooting closer, as if she were waiting for her to tell her about a secret mission she wanted her help with. The woman was adorable and the red sundress she was wearing wasn't helping her get a lid on her libido either. 

"I think about kissing you all the time. My thoughts are full of scenarios where those perfect lips of yours are pressed against mine and a few other places and it's driving me mad," she confessed and waited for the rejection to come. Her red-headed crush was married, to a marine no less and what she was about to do was selfish and ruthless and cruel. 

Someone needed to be the villain of this story and she wanted to at least enjoy it while she could.

"What else do you think about?" her crush added, reaching to place a strand of her hair behind her ear. She was shocked she wanted to stay here while she seduced her with her words and hopefully her body. 

"Seriously? You're letting me do this?"

"Let's just say, I'm feeling a bit lonely tonight. So tell me, is this where you'd like my lips to be?" the woman asked as she placed her hand in between her thighs and caused her to moan as she rubbed her wet folds from the outside of her lace panties. They were out in the open, while the waves crashed against the sand and her fingers made her even more horny than she previously was. 

" Yes. Please, keep going." 

Their mouths crashed heatedly, their tongues exploring uncharted territory as she thrusted her wet mound against her hand. She could feel her nipples hardening beneath her blouse, begging for those perfect and full lips of hers to claim them. Limb by limb, her entire body came alive as the eager and sultry desire for her consumed her. Her fingers were touching her in the most intimate and teasing way, like a musician and his cello, playing a private concert for their audience. Only they had no visible audience, and the music of their soft moans escaping desperate lips sizzled into the air around them.

"Spread those legs for me," the woman ordered and she was happy to comply with that demand. She watched her red locks blowing in the wind as she got down on her knees and she spread her legs open. Her fingers tore off the fabric covering her intimate area and hiked up her skirt up to her waist. As soon as she gripped her thighs and pulled her closer, the woman's tongue swirled its way into her wet walls and began to lick at her nub. 

Her back arched with every stroke of her warm tongue, as she bit down on her bottom lip to keep from moaning too loud. Anyone could be hiding behind the bushes surrounding them, watching, getting off on two women giving each other pleasure. She'd never been this brazen before tonight and she had her inner antagonist to thank for that. 

Her thoughts turned into a pile of mushy greatness as she watched the woman eating her out, rubbing her mouth and her tongue on her wetness as if she couldn't get enough of it. She tugged at the woman's hair, and caused her to increase her licking and sucking. The moment she felt her orgasm form at the pit of her stomach, she pulled the red-headed vixen out from in between her lips and kissed her. She tasted her own sweet nectar from her lips and sucked on them until they were as swollen as she wanted them to be. 

The woman grinned before she got up and laid beside her on the bench, hiking her dress up until she gave her the full frontal view of the wet opening she'd been dreaming about since the moment they met. She licked her lips before she went in for the kill, and sucked and nibbled on her clit until she had the woman writhing with desperation. 

Once she felt her inner walls were wet enough, she spread her legs as far as she could and began to toy with her sensitive nub. Slowly torturing her by flicking her fingertip over her clit and dipping her other fingers deep inside of her. The woman was pleading for her to give her what she wanted and she wanted nothing more than to give it to her. Especially since her own clit was still waiting for the big climax. She took one look at the dripping walls she had created and began to devour them, sucking and licking on her nub occasionally, while the woman began to convulse with her mind-blowing orgasm. 

As soon as she felt her body begin to relax, she stood up and sent the woman a smile before she began to run. The sexy red-haired kitten she just finished giving an orgasm to followed her of course. Straight into her own backyard close by. Their mouths collided once again, as they made their way into her house from the patio door. Piece by piece, they littered the floor with their shoes and clothing until they fell onto the carpet. Laughter filled the empty and dark house. But they didn't need light to know just where their hands needed to go. Her palms caressed and spanked whenever possible, while the woman squirmed beneath her, begging for more. 

She positioned herself over her face, once her clit began to throb again, and rode her tongue, as she braced her hands onto the chair behind the woman's head. Her tongue fucked her slowly, while her fingers drilled straight onto her g-spot. She could moan as loud as she wanted to in here. She lived alone, with no partners or pets that would interrupt their tryst. 

"Waiting for this was so worth it," she claimed breathlessly, as she gasped and began to ride her tongue faster and faster until she squirted her nectar straight into her mouth, her climax washing over her blissfully. 

"I'm not done yet," the woman below her warned, smiling in between her legs as she suckled on her sensitive clit harder, causing her to whimper for her to stop, but the truth was she didn't want her to. It was wrong what they were doing. Sneaking behind her husband's back, but a beauty like her deserved to be worshipped and fucked on a regular basis. Just like she did. Just like her entire book club did. They were all miserable in different ways, which was why they met once a week to hide behind the stories they read. They wanted to get lost within their own twisted fantasies just as she had done tonight. 

"Oh, fuck!" she shouted into the darkness as another orgasm took over her body and made her ride her face once again. 

"Same time next week?" the woman asked once she collapsed beside her and tried to catch her breath. 

"Was this what you wanted to tell me? That you wanted the same thing I did?" she asked and watched the sexy naked woman nod as her smile grew.

"Lazy secrets keep the villains up at night," the red-head stated cryptically, as she climbed on top of her and planted a soft kiss onto her lips, letting her know this was only the first chapter, and she had plenty more to write with her tonight.

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Sharlene Alba
Sharlene Alba

Full of raw and unfiltered fluid poems, short stories and prompts on love, sex, relationships and life. I also review haircare, skincare and other beauty products. Instagram: grungefirepoetry fleekonabudget Facebook: grungefirepoetry 

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