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Hef's Secrets Are Under Water

Alleged sex tapes and naked pictures were buried to avoid scandal.

There was never any doubt that the "King of Porn" had sex tapes and naked pictures of celebs, that was almost a given. The real question was what would he do with them, or what would happen when he was no longer among the living. It has been revealed that Hugh Hefner had already thought about this and decided that his secrets would follow him to the grave, or at least as many of them as he could possibly take with him.

One day as his health was deteriorating; Hef thought to himself that he should do something about the stash of porn that he had hidden away from the world. Not like a teenage boy hiding his Playboys from his parents, more like a murderer hiding evidence from the police. If the evidence was naked pictures and videotaped proof of Hef having sex with women and the police were the paparazzi and gossipmongers. But what to do with it?

Why not throw it into the bottom of the Pacific Ocean? Not something that most people would do but then how many of us can claim to have had sex with more women than have appeared in the pages of his infamous magazine. A source revealed, “Hugh was terrified of the world finding out everything about his past,” a source revealed. “He had kept a treasure chest of memories of his life with all these beautiful women dating back from the 1950s to the mid-1990s.” It seems counterintuitive that he felt this way because, well he founded Playboy and threw lavish parties that usually ended up in orgies.

There was more than that though; some celebrity men were among the pictures and videos. It's unclear if they were having sex with Hef, but rumor has always been that he swung both ways. The source said, “Some famous male movie stars too were in those videos and had that come out it would have been a huge scandal." Why would it have been a scandal if the men were not engaged in sexual relations with the Bunny master? Maybe someone should do a deep dive into the Pacific Ocean to find these treasures, see if they can be preserved. Probably not but it would be worth a try.

The real reason he wanted this treasure trove of porn destroyed is very altruistic. Hef was afraid of what would happen if these saw the light of day, the lives it would ruin, so he decided to destroy the stash instead. “Hugh explained that he didn’t want anyone’s lives, marriages or careers to be destroyed by what he had In his library. Joe did it and never told anyone.” The Joe mentioned in the quote is Joe Piastro, who was the head of security for Hefner. Piastro died in 2011. What made Hugh Hefner worry about the tapes being stolen and released in the first place?

Two words: Pamela Anderson. For those that don't remember in the 1990s, Anderson had two sex tapes were stolen, one with ex-husband Tommy Lee and Brett Michaels. Lee became more known for the size of his cock than his music, especially to a younger generation. Those stolen tapes made him "so upset and paranoid that he decided it was best to have them disappear. He didn’t trust people to burn them in case they got stolen, so he charged Joe with getting rid of them in the ocean." When that was done, he must have felt better.

There it is. The man who brought pornography into the mainstream was so worried about his own sexual escapades being exploited that he had thousands of pictures and tape destroyed. Were they for public consumption? No. However, then it could be argued that the women's bodies that appeared in Playboy magazine over the years were not either. Now to go to the Pacific Ocean, for something else. 

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Hef's Secrets Are Under Water
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