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Best Positions for Pregnancy Sex

Pregnancy sex is hard, and positioning is everything. Here are the best positions for pregnancy sex, according to a mom and sexpert.

Pregnancy sex is not easy. It can be hard to deal with body changes and hormone fluctuations. In fact, you might not even be attracted to your partner during this time. This happens for the same reason that contraception can affect your sex drive. 

However, that's not all women. 

Some people, such as myself, go a little nuts when they get pregnant — and that means that their partner is going to get lucky. The blood flow is pumping down there, and that means your body might end up optimizing your orgasms. 

For those of us who end up getting all riled up, getting the right position is a good way to make sure you have fun and keep safe. 

As someone who's been there and done that, these are the best positions for pregnancy sex.


This was my favorite sex position when I was pregnant. It's simple, keeps the mom-to-be comfortable, and also doesn't really force her to move that much. (Trust me, pregnant women do not feel like moving when they're expecting.)

From personal experience, I can tell you that Missionary is one of the best sex positions for fuller figures after giving birth, too. It allows your partner to go gentle, and also just increases intimacy, big time. 

The only issue you might have is feeling pressure on the belly — but many don't mind that. As far as the third trimester goes, this isn't the gentlest position for a lot of expecting mothers. So, if you're feeling sensitive, you might want to skip this one. 


Many women also believe that Spooning offers the best positions for pregnancy sex. You're laying on your side, so there's no pressure on your stomach. Moving isn't really that big of an issue, and it's also really intimate for both you and your expecting partner. 

Spooning also offers more shallow penetration than normal, which in turn means way less chance of pain down there. Needless to say, pregnant women will probably like this one in the third trimester. 


Personally, I couldn't do Cowgirl when I was pregnant, primarily because I was too lethargic to move. However, this seems to be a favorite sex position for many moms-to-be, primarily because it causes no pressure on the belly and also puts mommy in control. 

Whether it's one of the best positions for pregnancy sex is somewhat debatable. However, the truth is that it's really good if you're willing to put in that energy. 

Modified Missionary

With a Modified Missionary position, the woman lies on the edge of the bed (or couch) while the guy gets on his knees and penetrates her. It's simple, intimate, and also make sure that you don't have pressure on your stomach. 

This is one of the best positions for pregnancy sex, especially during the first and second trimester. Why? Because it has all the perks of spooning, but all the penetration power of Missionary. 

Doggy Style

Doggy Style is one of the best positions for pregnancy sex, and it's actually good throughout all three trimesters. There's no pressure on your stomach in this position, and it allows you to get a bit spicy with the sex style without having to go full acrobat style. 

That being said, this isn't a good sex position if your breasts go over a HH cup due to pregnancy hormones, since it can cause your breasts to start smacking you in the face. (I speak from experience, here.) 

Afternoon Delight

If you've looked at 70s sex position books, you might recognize this as the Afternoon Delight. This position is as gentle as can be for expecting mothers and allows shallow penetration that's ideal for third trimester sex. 

For this position, the woman lays on her back and the man lays sideways, perpendicular to her. He enters her sideways, as the woman's legs lay comfortably ontop of his hips. It's a slow and gentle position. 

So, if you're looking for a sex therapist-approved position, this is the top of the best positions for pregnancy sex. (Who'd have thought?)

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Best Positions for Pregnancy Sex
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