Victoria Wade

I've been writing Erotica for a few years. My goal is to be able to arouse every single sense in the reader's mind, as you feel like your body is emerging into the story.

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The Moment
7 months ago
The feeling was invading her body, the intensity was suddenly very real, and her senses were exploding. His hands were caressing her body with such finesse, as his delicate touch was arousing her ever...
A Night on the Town
7 months ago
It all started last night, when I was getting back home from a long day working at the local diner. The day had drained my energy; calling in sick in the morning would have been a much better choice. ...
Momentary Bliss
8 months ago
Fall was setting in; the leaves were changing colors and the air was becoming cooler. Jessica loved this time of year, a time to wear warm sweaters and drink hot chocolate by the fire place. As Septem...
Mind Games
8 months ago
The sun was setting as the breeze was flowing and Justin was just adding the last spices to his dinner. He usually spent his evenings cooking a meal after a stressful day at the office. This seemed to...
Explicit Memories
8 months ago
The day began with an unusual tone, as the air felt thick and the fog was uncontrollable. Lizzy's mind kept slipping into deep thoughts as she tried to get herself out of bed, as her alarm clock kept ...
Dark Shadows
8 months ago
Lately my time seemed to revolve around binge watching television series and smoking weed to ease the tension. This had become a routine in the past few weeks, as the summer came to an end and the rea...