Jus L'amore

Sometimes offensive yet mostly sweet.  Always honest and often vulgar.  I'm a wife, MILF, and everyone's homey.  From trends and sex to mom life and fitness, I tell it how it is and not how it should be.

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Best Fruit and Veggie Pick Up Lines
3 years ago
One liners are the bread and butter of those who have very little game or a whole lot of confidence. Despite their natural cheesiness they can often be quite hilarious (and therefore effective). Most ...
How to Last Longer in Bed
3 years ago
Isn’t it crazy how completely opposite men and women are when it comes to the big O? To give a woman an orgasm is to give her a gift she has always wanted yet is often hard to find. Despite vagina dia...
Hottest Teen Porn Stars
3 years ago
Youth will be served. Between their smooth skin, limber bodies, and all out enthusiasm, it is no wonder "Teen Porn" is the most sought out genre-specific term on the internet to date. That’s right pee...
Why Financial Stress Damages Your Sex Life
3 years ago
Sex drive is a tricky thing. To feel sexy, desire sex, and take part in sex are three vital parts of your healthy sexual relationship. Unfortunately, these parts are also extremely fragile and can be ...
Thoughts She Has During Shower Sex
3 years ago
What’s hotter than shower sex? Well, according to most of the female species, just about anything is sexier than trying to do it in a stand up tub. Perhaps part of our apprehension is due to the skewe...
Why Men Search Teen Porn
3 years ago
American teenagers can carry a gun, defend this country, and vote for its president at the age of 18. How hard is it to extrapolate that their female friends can stream nude images, lesbian sex, and r...