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A Day in the Wife (Pt. 1)

A newly deflowered newlywed discovers her ravenous sexual appetite.

“Did you ever think it could be like this? That there could ever be something so pure but so nasty? My God, I feel like the filthiest little tramp there ever was, but I know I’ve done nothing wrong! I never imagined I would be able to do such things and sleep without remorse.” Aurora gushed to her beloved new husband as they lay in the wake of their consummation. “I don’t even want to clean myself up! And you know what? I don’t think I will. I’m going to wear your cum all day.”

Jayden gazed at his newly deflowered wife in astonishment as she beamed and gloated about how dirty she felt, her moistened abdomen glistening in the morning light. No one would know her lascivious secret inside of her that she would carry around the office that day. ”Do you have time for another?” He asked, already knowing the answer. He just wanted to hear her say yes one more time.

She did say yes, but she did not speak with her words. Her daydreaming eyes came back to reality and found their way back to her stud. Starting at his deep green eyes, she slowly glanced down towards his thin, fine lips. Licking and biting her own and creeping into a smirk, she quickly and voraciously threw herself on top of him and his freshly erect penis. The feeling between her legs immediately caused her to moan. She was still wet from before, but not just with her own juices. It had only been a matter of minutes since they last finished, and his cum was still warm as it resurged from her soaking pussy.

Jaydens shaft fit perfectly along her lips. She grinded back and forth, back and forth, each time a little faster—a little harder. “Oh, fuck, baby,” he quietly moaned. Even without penetrating, Aurora could already feel herself getting close to another orgasm. Her legs trembling, she raised up her ass and guided his cock to its rightful place. She rubbed the head across her lips like a brand new tube of lip balm. It was in, and it was on.

The clapping of her ass against his thighs was applause to the symphony of her perfect form against his rugged body. With each rising and falling of her tight body, they both inched closer to climax, but fought against it. They wanted the heat to last as long as possible, and that’s what they were going to get until the phone rang.

Jayden and Aurora both froze as the muffled ringtone interjected itself into the moment. “Oh my God. What time is it?!” Aurora yelled as she hastily dismounted. She scrambled to find her phone through the dampened sheets. Upon retrieving her phone, she was shocked to see that it was her work calling. “I’m so sorry! I overslept! I’m heading out the door right now,” she answered and pleaded as she hastily gathered her clothes from the floor. She paused for a brief moment to lock eyes with her man. “We’ll finish when I get home,” she teased with a smirk as she slowly pulled her pants over her ass and turned to the door.

“Hey! Don’t forget this.” Jayden said as he tossed her the dainty butt plug she had gotten at her bachelorette party. “You promised. All day.” The plug was tiny. It was small enough to go unnoticed through her tight dress pants, but big enough to know it was there. The thought of wearing it all day at her job made her nervous, but drove them both crazy. “You’ll think of me when you feel it.” As she inserted the toy, her legs quaked again. That was it. The spasm of love took over her and finished her off when it was all the way in. It was too much for her, and it was too much for Jayden. His cock already in hand, the sight of her quivering body sent him over his threshold. Jayden erupted without warning and covered himself from the chest down.

“Hold it. Right there,” said Aurora as she aimed her camera at the crime scene, and with a click, she was off to work with one treasure on her phone and one in her ass. It was going to be a good day.

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A Day in the Wife (Pt. 1)
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