Alixia A.

I like to write dirty stories that tickle your pantaloons.

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A Day in the Wife (Pt. 3)
2 months ago
Walking into the building was going to be the hardest part of her day. The mixture of embarrassment from being so late and the thrill of sexual pleasure created a wicked cocktail. Aurora busy-walked t...
A Day in the Wife (Pt. 2)
7 months ago
Aurora was hurrying down the steps of her apartment building as fast as she could in her heels. With each step, her butt plug felt deeper and better. When she reached the last step, she had to pause f...
A Day in the Wife (Pt. 1)
7 months ago
“Did you ever think it could be like this? That there could ever be something so pure but so nasty? My God, I feel like the filthiest little tramp there ever was, but I know I’ve done nothing wrong! I...