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What's the Word Ladies??

A need to know from the girls!

Alright, Ladies, I am in need of an explanation. This is something that will show the guys how we make a choice.

Music is a huge thing for me. What a man listens to helps me decide if he is worthy of my time. I'm not super picky but, when a guy rolls up with some tacky rap song playing, I don't even take a second glance.

Let me give an example. I was at the gas station the other day and a beautiful mustang pulls up to the pumps. Seeing the car you already know he has taste in what he likes to drive. As the car grows closer, all my ears are plagued with is a rap song that said the word "fuck", more than anything. I honestly am not sure there were any other lyrics to the song and the beat was awful! Now I'm at an impasse. Beautiful car, shitty music. Then this scrawny, skinny white boy climbs out of the car lifting his shirt as he rubs his stomach to show how freakishly scrawny he is.

At this point, I am completely turned off. Not even the amazing car could convince me to take a ride with this boy. 

I am an older woman and have set my standards. I'm a fool for some metal/hard rock. If he would have pulled up blasting some Tool, or Slipknot, I may have looked past the light pole size boy that climbed out. But, the way he got out of the car really turned me off. He acted as if he was the shit. The man. Like no one could resist him. 

Don't get me wrong, I am impressed that he has so much self-confidence in himself. Does this turn you young girls on? Would you flirt with this boy? 

My biggest question is.... Does a man's taste in music help you decide if he is someone you'd take a second look at?

Because it does for me. What girl wants to get down as dirty in the back of a sweet ride to some crappy music?? I'm not a fan of country music either but there are some great songs so, that would not deter me from hopping in that stacked truck to go for a ride. 

When it comes down to picking a man does the song he chooses to play when you hop in his car get you revved up or turn you off? 

I can't help the fact that some good lyrics and a sensuous beat make me all tingly between the legs. 

Do guys realize this? Do they get it that what they choose to listen to can make us spread our legs easier?? That they can have whatever woman they want if they gauge us right and play just the right song once they get us to plant our sweet ass in that passenger seat? Or is this just me? 

We all know how he looks makes a difference, but it just seems like when you hear his taste in music you automatically know what type of man he is. Hearing crappy rap songs tells me he isn't very caring of what he plays. He just likes the bass so he plays the song. Women like to hear the words, feel the pulsating vibrations of the instruments melding together perfectly.

If you are like me, the lights on the dash, the way the music makes me feel, knowing that he took the time to pick out what plays from his stereo, can help me make that instant decision on whether or not he is about to get lucky.

Are other women like me? Does this matter as much for you? How high are your standards in the man you climb into a vehicle with?

Bre Meli
Bre Meli

I am a woman that loves sex, Independence, music, writing and family. Educating females on the amazing things our bodies can feel, the wonderful things we can do to make our man's head want to explode and how we can find pleasure all alone.

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What's the Word Ladies??
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