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Weird Ways to Make Money in the Sex Industry ($2,000 to $10,000 a Month) *MUST READ*

There are many ways that people have made money in this world. Tons of people go to regular nine to five jobs with their boring white picket fences. Sometimes people like to think outside the box to create a better income situation for themselves financially. While sex is considered to be an act that is private, many use the act as a form of income. Get your freak on AND make bank!

Selling Your Used Panties

As weird as this sounds, there is absolutely a whole market for this type of thing. Women all over the world have been selling their used panties for cold hard cash. What these women do is they put on underwear, keep them on for a few hours, even make a mess of them (if you catch my drift) and then they put them on a variety of websites dedicated to these exchanges. Then POOF! Cash in your pocket! Some women often charge more for skid marks, which is kind of nasty if you think about it. However, people seem to enjoy the nice brown scenery. During my research, I found that a woman had made $33,000 dollars from selling used panties only! That's insane! Makes you wonder if you should just quit your job and shit your pants, huh?

Foot Fetish Frenzy

I read that it is actually possible to make $90,000 dollars a year just showing your feet to the world. If you weren't aware, foot fetishes are actually a very popular fetish. There is tons of room to make money in this field too. Can you just imagine making nearly $7,000 dollars a month?! That's insane! Many people like to just watch videos of undulating toes while others like watching some pretty painted feet stepping on defenseless inanimate objects. Stomp the yard and wiggle them gitties!

Sexting for Money

While we've talked about selling nudes for money, a lot of women have been sexting for the cash. Some people have no interest in the exposure of their goods but are far more diligent with their words. Women are paid for phone calls and text messages with sessions that can add a hefty bulge in their pockets (or panties). Some women have made up to $63,000 dollars a year in this line of work which is an extremely gracious amount especially being able to work your own hours!

Literally Just Ask for Money

As kooky as it sounds there are literally men and women who enjoy giving people money. Apparently, it is a huge thing in the Twitter world. Men are more prone to have this fetish of gift giving. Women will post that they want money in their account and the men will pay in exchange for the women humiliating them. They absolutely love it! I didn't really find a set amount people have made from doing this but I do know that it is, in fact, a real thing. So just ask for some cash and tell Dan he smells like sour milk on a hot day. Everybody wins!


While some people enjoy their everyday life with their "normal" jobs, it is never too late to dive into new ways to make money. Body positivity isn't only just the new trend, it could get your bills paid with more money to boot! Living comfortably and admiring your body is something that sounds like a perfect combo to me! Try it out!

Tips Are Much Appreciated!

Very soon I am looking to quit my job to pursue my writing career full time. I'm trying to get all set before I dive into this new journey. Tips are so welcome as I will be publishing my novel all on my own! The expenses can get steep but I won't rest until it's perfect. Tips are so appreciated! I love each and every one of you for the support!

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Weird Ways to Make Money in the Sex Industry ($2,000 to $10,000 a Month) *MUST READ*
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