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Tips for Being Dominant in Bed

How to Be the Dominant to Your Partner in the Bedroom

They say it’s hard to please and satisfy women in bed. Well, this is true, but not if you take the charge and be dominant in bed. Women crave for guys who are willing to take charge in bed from time to time. They love to be with someone who could drive them crazy and reach heights of orgasm. While many of you might be aware of all this, what you might not be knowing are the tricks to implement dominance practically. Talking of dominance, these are of three types:


Contrary to the common belief, some women like their fuck buddies to be gentle. And in fact, if you are being with somebody for the first time, you will not want to show your violent side until you get an agreement from your sex partner. It is always safe to start gently and when you see her enjoying, you may go to the next level. Ways for a gentle start:

Wear Something Exciting

Attire plays a great role in bed. It is a fact that guys get the adrenaline rush on seeing their partner in sexy lingerie, the same holds true for many women. If your partner feels excited seeing you in any specific clothe, wear it before you start the final act; this will help you be the dominant.

Talking Dirty

This one always works. This trick is one of the best to turn someone on. Initiate dirty talking with her and she’ll get the message that you are taking the charge. Whisper in her ears as you breath on her neck, and she’ll be your submissive in no time.


Women like physically strong men and what better way to show your strength, love and romance at the same time than picking your partner and throwing her gently on the bed. When she is on bed, lay yourself over her; touch her, hold her and don’t give her a chance to get up. Let this moment be yours. Let her realize that you are the ruler of the bed right now. And if you see some mischievous glint in her eyes, man! You are doing it right…go ahead.

2. Moderate

We’ll say this once again, don’t jump to being violent and rather take the middle path of being at the moderate level. This one is where the fun begins. How to be moderately dominant? We have mentioned below two of its ways:


Handcuffs are always in demand in sex toy stores. Why, you ask? Well, obviously because “handcuffing” screams the fact that you are the dominant.

In the beginning, she might resist this, but once she’ll realize that this is meant for her satisfaction, she would love to obey and you might have to get multiple pairs; for her hands, feet and each limb.


This is another way to show moderate dominance. If she is on top, flip side and as soon as you do it, spank her ass. Since all this will happen even before she could realize anything, she will love the feel of it and might just get over the top lusty.

3. Aggressive domination

If you want to give your fuck buddy a feel of the aggressive domination, then BDSM is the thing to go for. Became popular after the movie 50 Shades of Grey, BDSM is short for bondage, discipline and sadomasochism. If your sex partner liked the BDSM in the movie, she would love to explore this option. But do remember to not go too hard too fast. Other than the movie, if your partner enjoyed handcuffing and spanking, chances are that she is going to love the painful romance of BDSM and so, let you be the dominant.

There are many other ways also to be the dominant in the bedroom but the best thing to do is communicate with your partner about her likings. Ask her what she likes, take a note of it and try that practically…you will notice her getting excited. In the end, we would wish you all the best for trying hard to please and satisfy your sex buddy.

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Tips for Being Dominant in Bed
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