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Things You Didn't Know About Having Pregnant Sex

Want to have sex while you're seven months pregnant? These are the things you didn't know, but should know, about having pregnant sex.

Many people have mixed thoughts when it comes to having sex while pregnant. Will it hurt the baby? Can I orgasm? Will my back ache afterwards? Even after asking these questions to themselves, many pregnant woman still choose to have sex. Just because they're pregnant doesn't mean they can't have sex. If you're not carrying twins, you can have sex while you're pregnant (I'll get to that later). In fact, there's a few pros and cons while having pregnant sex. Some of the cons are life threatening, so be cautious.

Yes, there are benefits to having sex while pregnant. From orgasming to still having access to use sex toys, being pregnant isn't your red light and being abstinent for nine months. Nine months without having sex? How do pregnant woman do it? They don't... they still have sex. But for those carrying twins, for the sake of your babies, don't have sex. However, there are a few things that both partners should know about having pregnant sex. And it's crucial to acknowledge these facts. Check out the things that the both of you should know before having pregnant sex.

Orgasms are way better when you’re pregnant.

Let’s start off with probably the best fact about having pregnant sex, you get a better orgasm sensation. Yes, your orgasm is much stronger while your pregnant and there’s a clear explanation for this. Since blood flow is increased in the pelvic region while you’re pregnant, this also increases the sensitivity down there.

And with that high sensitivity, you get super intense orgasms every time! But you don’t have to have sex with your partner in order to achieve these great orgasms. Masturbating offers the same levels of pleasure. Maybe it's not so bad feeling gross while having pregnant sex, because the strong orgasm pays off in the end. It's just one of the things that are awesome about pregnancy.

Your baby can feel it if you’re having late pregnancy sex.

Believe it or not, the baby in your belly can feel you having sex. When I mean “feel” I don’t literally mean that your partner is “poking” the baby. What your baby is feeling is the vibrations and muscle reactions from intercourse, because of the cervix and an amniotic sac of fluid that’s between you and your baby. Don’t be alarmed, sex won’t hurt your baby.

However, the baby can feel the vigorous sex which can cause the muscles in her abdomen to cramp up. But this won’t affect the baby. Later on in the pregnancy, like the third trimester, the baby can feel this happening around it. Still, it won’t harm the baby.

Your boobs can spray during sex.

Pregnant women’s breasts get massively large. Basically two cups larger by the end of the third trimester. We obviously know that the reason why they’re getting so big is because they’re producing milk for the baby that’ll soon be born. However, this also means that those growing boobs can leak, even during sex.

Many pregnant women have actually reported that their breaks don’t simply leak a few drops, but they spray the milk while having pregnant sex. Oxytocin, a hormone that’s released when orgasming, is also the chemical that’s controlling your breasts releasing milk. In this case, when the woman achieve her intense orgasm, she’s also ejecting breast milk.

Sex toys can get your baby moving.

You can still use sex toys and, believe it or not, it can get your baby moving. Either masturbating or having sex with your partner with sex toys, using sex toys doesn’t harm the baby at all. In fact, it can cause an unexpected effect on the baby.

While you’re six to nine months pregnant, your baby will be able to feel the woman’s muscle spasms, and even the vibrations from the toy—and the baby can be excited from this. The heart rate of the baby will rise and they’ll even move around much more such as kicking, shifting, etc. But all of these simply means that the baby is healthy and nothing more.

Anal can kill you or your baby.

Doing anal while having pregnant sex comes with many risk factors. First off, it can cause hemorrhoids and the risk of a pregnant woman getting it is higher than a woman who isn’t pregnant. Secondly, anal can lead to increased bleeding that is life threatening to both the baby and the mother.

Other than those dangerous risk factors, switching from anal to vagina sex isn’t a good idea either. The bacteria that can be transferred from anal and into the woman’s vagina can cause a very harmful infection. This can even happen to women who aren’t pregnant. So, to be on the safe side, avoid doing anal sex.

Sure, you can go down on a pregnant woman, but DON’T blow into her vagina.

In general, you should never blow into a woman’s vagina when going down on her. Ever. It's just one of the things you need to know about eating her out. It’s a very dangerous and life threatening move that cause take the life from both the woman and the baby.

When blowing enough air into the vagina, this can cause the air to form a bubble that completely blocks a blood vessel. With this, it leaves the woman into having a stroke, heart attack, or death overall. And it’s no different to the baby, either. 

Pregnant women are at a higher risk for getting STIs.

While having pregnant sex, it’s easier for the pregnant woman to get an STI. Since pregnancies cause more blood to be pushed into the vagina, this makes it tighter and even swollen. Meaning that it can easily be teared while having sex. This also happens when giving oral sex to someone with herpes; the disease can spread into the pregnant woman’s genitals.

And if you come across an STI, this can easily pass to your baby. The disease can reach into the amniotic fluid and this can result to the baby being born with the disease. So, it’s important to have protected pregnant sex to avoid passing any infections or diseases to the pregnant woman and her baby… yes, even if she’s already pregnant, still use protection.

There’s a chance that swallowing sperm can lower risk of preeclampsia.

As a matter of fact, swallowing sperm can lower the risk of getting preeclampsia. This means that having vaginal sex isn’t the only one with benefits, but oral sex comes with its advantages, too. It’s possible for the pregnant woman to experience preeclampsia during pregnancy, which is a condition that can occur from high blood pressure and is actually life threatening that can cause organ damage on the kidneys. It can lead to early labor and other complications during pregnancy, as well.

So in this case, swallowing semen during oral sex can lower the risk of experiencing preeclampsia. And there is nothing wrong with swallowing semen when you’re pregnant—it won't harm you or the baby.

To be safe, don’t have sex if you’re carrying twins.

Like I mentioned before in the introduction, do not have sex if you're carrying twins. Having pregnant sex is completely harmless to your baby, but there are still a few factors when risking a complication. Whether you’ve had a miscarriage in the past, experienced any anemia or clotting disorders, or if you’re carrying a baby with risky health issues, talk to your doctor about sex. Yet, he’ll probably tell you so abstain from it.

Other than those, another important fact that you should know before having pregnant sex is if you’re carrying more than one baby. Sex while carrying twins, triplets, or more can possibly result to preeclampsia or even a miscarriage. However, you should still talk to your doctor about having sex for any of these reasons.

Don’t be surprised if you’re not aroused at all.

If you're not aroused at all during your pregnancy, trust me, you're not the only one. Many pregnant women are almost never turned on, because not only are they uncomfortable with themselves, but they're simply tired—especially around the third trimester. Also, hormones play a huge role in this, and when you're pregnant, your hormones are all over the place. 

When pregnant, the hormone prolactin is released, and this occurs all throughout the pregnancy and can even reduce libido. Also, body image is another reason for not having pregnant sex. Since they're physically bulky and gained a few extra pounds from being pregnant, it's totally normal if you're just not in the mood. 

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