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The Teacher - Part Two

Submitting to Him

I don't see myself as a strong girl in any way, I've always been submissive to men. They can make me do almost anything if their smile is charming enough, and Mr. Daniels had the most wonderful smile. Our second encounter was when I first touched him. 

After the kiss had transpired, I was hungry for more. I didn't want to seem desperate and try again so soon, I wanted him to make the move. He'd sent me an email asking if I'd meet him in his room after school again, I told him I'd see what I could do. Acting like I could say no to him was my plan to make him want me more, but I think he always knew I was under his thumb no matter what. 

When I strolled into his room he peered up at me, his head still hung low as if he was trying to focus on the papers he'd been grading. Today I dressed a little different for him. I wore the shortest dress the school code would allow, I made sure to wear a bra that pushed my chest up, making me look perky. I'd been hidden under a shawl all day, covering my top half. But now that I was with the man I wanted to tease, I took off my shawl. I noticed his face grow a pale red as he eyed me. It made me smirk, I felt as if I was in control.

"Come here." Was all he said, I made my way over to his desk, sitting on the edge of it. He sat back in his swivel chair, his hands going to his belt. That's when I noticed his bulge. 

"See what you do to me?" He asked, whilst undoing his buckle. I bit my lip and nodded. "Knees, now." 

"What?" I asked, unsure of what to do. 

"Get on your knees under my desk and fix the problem while I finish my work. I slowly got down on my knees while he undid his pants, showing me his black boxers. I could see the outline of his member more clearly now and it was impressive. I hadn't told Mr. Daniels that he'd be my first, his size did scare me a little. 

I slid his boxers down and licked his tip, swirling my tongue a little bit. I'd read plenty of stories on what to do so I had a basic understanding. He gasped a little as I slid him deeper into my mouth. I couldn't fit him all the way in without gagging so I sucked on what did fit. His hand went to my hair as he grabbed it roughly, soon he was the one making my head bob. Outside of our little encounters, he was so sweet, but during the act, he was rough and dominating. 

When he finished I swallowed everything he had to offer, I stood up and he pulled his pants back up and got back to grading papers. I felt a little ignored so I excused myself and went home. He was busy after all, at least that's what I kept telling myself in the mirror. 

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The Teacher - Part Two
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