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The Hair Down There

A Man's First Shave

Photo Courtesy of Megapixl

“How do you like it?” I asked the man I just brought home for a one night stand. As he grabbed me and pulled me down on the bed next to him, he whispered in my ear “Wet.” It had been awhile since I last shaved my pussy and I wanted to make sure he was going to be happy with what he was about to set eyes on. I was already wet. I asked him if he had ever shaved a woman while showering together. He paused before answering in the negative. I thrust myself off the bed, while pulling my sweater over my head and kicking off my pants as I walked unhurriedly towards my master bathroom. Once there, I turned on the water at the tub, letting it flow and allowing it to warm before inserting the plug. Of course, my next move was adding an ample amount of softly scented bubble solution. As the tub filled with the sensual fragrances of musk and vanilla, my guest entered the room just as I was slipping into the spherical tub.

As he sat on the flat edge of the tub, I could see the prominent swelling of his generous knob pressing against his blue jeans. Playfully, I splashed bubbled water onto him saturating him enough to suggest he remove his clothing and join me. I grabbed my razor and shaving gel as he lowered himself in behind me. Once he settled in, I elevated my slippery ass onto the rim of the tub and spread my legs. He had a full view of my unshaven, but not completely overgrown, bush. I could see the excitement in his eyes as I handed him the razor and gel. “Are you sure?” he asked uncertainly. “Of course,” I replied, “just be thorough. Be gentle but thorough.”

Pressing the pump on the bottle of mango scented shaving gel, he squeezed a plentiful amount of gelled liquid into his palm and rubbed it into a frothy lather. Placing his full hand flat against my hair, he buried all of my pubic hair in fluffy foam. As he pulled his hand away for rinsing, his index finger found my clit. He gave it a firm flick making it stand at attention. Now he KNEW I was as excited as he was. I did in fact use this moment to remind him that he likes it “wet.” I was now wet in more ways than one.

Slightly shaking, he gently laid the razor blade aside my bikini line and began slow, downward strokes. The more hair he removed, the more aroused he became. Closing my eyes, I leaned back slightly and let him create the smooth piece he would eventually be penetrating. The warmth of the water, the heat from his hand, the soft strokes increased my need to cum. I grabbed at my nipples and began to moan longingly. As I became increasingly bald and supple, he became increasingly close to spilling his seed onto my legs. He washed the remaining gel away from my damp lips and steadily began to rub each one between his thumb and forefinger. My moan went from longing to encouraging more of his handiwork.

Spreading my legs wider silently indicating I wanted him to go further, I suddenly felt him standing between them. He was standing in front of me and sliding his slick, stiff cock into my mouth. As I began to work my tongue up and down his shaft and around his head, he did in fact take that moment to REMIND ME that he likes it “wet.”

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The Hair Down There
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