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No Inhibitions

The air was smoky and the lights were very dim as I passed a group of maybe five guys sitting at a table. I practically had to squint to make out where I was going. I felt their eyes on me as I swung into the ladies washroom. I stopped to check my reflection in the mirror, my friend was right, the contact lenses certainly did allow my big brown eyes to be seen better. I couldn't believe the person looking back was me. What a difference from a year ago.

Fluffing my hair, I headed into the stall. Too many drinks were taking their toll. As I pulled up my skirt, I could hear a noise from the stall at the end of the row, I sat down quietly to listen. It was moaning and grunting, that was certain. Of course, this being a washroom... but the more I listened I could hear two distinct moans, one female and one male. 

I was both curious and disgusted, this WAS a female washroom after all. Finishing I went to the sink to wash my hands. While there I looked toward the last stall in the mirror's reflection. 

Obviously, they had picked up the pace because the grunts were louder and I could hear as well as see the door bulging with every bang against it. My eyes were riveted, my mind kept telling me to go, but I just couldn't I was frozen to the spot. I never considered myself a voyeur before, but I was insanely curious, almost to the point of standing on the toilet of the stall next to them so I could peek over. 

Whoa! Where had THAT thought come from? 

I silently scolded myself but still, the overwhelming curiosity was there, which, in a way, shocked me.

A sudden bang brought me back to the now as the latch on the washroom door holding the two lovers suddenly let go. The door banged into wall and stuck half way upon closing. 

I now had a perfect view of the actions going on, and I knew I wasn't going to be leaving anytime soon. I could see a very nice male ass pumping slowly, then faster and with each forward thrust I could hear the woman gasp. 

Without thinking I took a couple steps forward so I could see better. The couple, completely oblivious to their surroundings didn't even notice I was there, or that the door was no longer concealing them. 

From this vantage point, I could see his cock as he pulled it out and slide it back in... in... into her ass! My god, I was stunned, disgusted and envious all at the same time. Yet did I move, did I leave them in privacy? No. I couldn't take my eyes off of them, nor could I deny the sensations in the pit of my stomach or the sudden feeling of wetness in my crotch.

At first, I restrained myself from reaching down and sliding my hand inside my now-moist panties. What if someone else walked in...? What would I say..? Then I couldn't control it any longer, the need for my own release was too strong, mixed with the moans and gasps and the view of his enormous cock sliding in and out... how could I not? 

I looked around quickly to make sure no one had come in unnoticed, seeing no one I took yet another step closer to the two lovers. Leaning my side against the door of the stall beside them I proceeded to reach down and push the sodden crotch of my panties aside so I could get at my now swollen clit. 

Just as I touched the tip of my fingernail to my engorged nub, I heard them both grunt and saw the man start pumping harder and faster, indicating to me that they were both near orgasm. I mashed my two fingers against my clit, and started moving it in fast circles, tossing my head back as that familiar warm feeling began to spread out from my middle to the very tips of my toes. 

I closed my eyes, just listening to the grunts and moans and whimpers, moving my hips in rhythm to the sound of his thrusts. As their noises began to intensify, I knew it wouldn't be long before they both screamed out their orgasms. I should stop and leave now, before they see me. Too late, however, a deep low growl from the man told me he was cumming. I opened my eyes to watch as he pumped the woman's ass full of his cum, moaning at the thought of how hot his cream would feel inside my own ass. Closing my eyes as I felt the beginnings of my own orgasm building, moving my fingers in ever widening circles on my clit.

I wasn't aware that I'd been seen until I felt a hand cover my own and hot breath against my neck. My eyes snapped open and I was looking into the most amazing green eyes I had ever seen. I let out a small gasp, as the owner of those incredible eyes put a finger to my mouth, shushing me. 

A hand took mine and lead me into the stall the two lovers had just christened. I was being pushed up against the wall, I felt hands all over my body. I looked down to see that enormous cock amazingly still erect and I moaned, closing my eyes as I felt a finger being inserted into my dripping wet pussy. 

Feeling my blouse being unbuttoned and my bra unhooked, I didn't move, couldn't think, too far gone to care. Then I felt a hot tongue circling my erect nipple and I gasped again. A mouth came up to kiss mine and a tongue slid into my mouth, still I did not open my eyes, feeling my body responding to the touches, the probing. 

Part of my mind screaming that I should stop this, that I should run out of here and not look back, that this shouldn't be happening. That part of my mind was silenced as I felt the finger that had been invading my snatch replaced with something bigger, harder. I groaned as I felt my pussy lips being spread as something penetrated me. Sliding deep inside me, I began to move my hips in sync with his prodding cock.

Feeling hands all over my body, fingers on my clit, fingers pinching my nipples. I was in ecstasy, yet I still did not open my eyes. My breath coming in gasps, that familiar warm feeling intensifying, I knew I was close.

Lips seeking mine again, this time I kissed back deeply, moaning into---I opened my eyes finally---HER mouth!! I was kissing the woman! My first instinct was to pull back, this was something I had never done before. 

But as the pressure on my clit increased, I no longer cared I was so close to the edge, I slid my tongue deep into her mouth and heard her moan. His thrusts became faster, harder, sliding deeper. I could hear moaning and groaning and even low whimpers, and it took a moment to realize that it was me making these noises of desire. 

I felt a hand slip around my hips, fingers probing for the entrance to my behind, circling it. I moaned softly to let the owner of the finger know it was ok, I wanted it. As I felt a finger being inserted into my anal opening, I felt my pussy muscles contract, heard him groan as they clenched on his cock. Heard the word 'relax' whispered into my ear, and I tried to comply. Closing my eyes again, I felt a tongue being traced down my neck, over my swollen nipple, over my tummy. Felt the tip of a tongue flick my engorged clit, I groaned in compliance, in complete relaxation and the finger rimming my ass was shoved in deep.

I was beyond thought, beyond caring about anything. Feeling the finger probe deep inside my ass, the cock sliding in and out of my pussy, the lips tugging my clit, the fingers pinching and pulling on my nipples. It was more than I could bear, I moaned that I was cumming and felt the pressure of it all increase. 

I felt darkness closing in as wave after wave after delicious wave rolled over me. I was grunting and moaning and writhing like a wild thing as the most powerful, most mind-blowing orgasm I had ever experienced took control of me. I felt a splash of hot wetness inside my spasming pussy, which only succeeded in intensifying the feeling. 

The finger in my ass was ramming in and out, in and out. My breathing was in gasps, I couldn't stop moaning and grunting as the pressure slowly decreased in frequency. My breathing slowing down as well. I still kept my eyes closed feeling the finger withdraw, the cock be extracted, the lips move away from my clit the hands from my nipples. 

My eyes still closed, I slumped down to sit on the toilet, my shaky legs unable to hold me up. Putting my head in my hands I concentrated on slowing down my breathing, I heard the door to the stall close, heard footsteps retreating, noise as the main door opened then muffled noise as it shut.

I opened my eyes, looked down at my disheveled clothing, seeing something beside my foot I picked it up. It was my panties, when they got taken off I had no idea, I quickly pulled them on, buttoned my blouse, tucked it back in. I opened the door to the stall and proceeded to the mirror, for all of what just happened I didn't look too bad. I looked closer and noticed marks on my neck, opening my blouse some I also saw marks on the crests of my breasts. 

A mixture of feelings welled up within me, disbelief, shame, embarrassment; countered by satisfaction, enjoyment and delight. I sighed, washing my hands and giving my hair one last tousle, I left the ladies room.

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