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Safe sex is the first step to enjoyable sex. Advice on improving your sexual health to improve your sex life.

Dolly Mae7 months ago
The Struggles for Women With High Libido
By the title I am sure your thinking I am losing my mind, but I promise I am not! I am a young female with a very heightened libido and I mean probably 10 times more than my man. Having a heightened l...
Chloe Piers7 months ago
10 Myths About Losing Your Virginity as a Woman
We all hear many things about sex before our first time. Many of these things are dangerous myths and I'm here to debunk them!
Charlie McGnarly7 months ago
Stories from a Stripper
For much as you’re praised and ogled over, lusted for and professed love for, and gave presents to...It can mean absolutely nothing when you, yourself, feel like garbage inside. I see these women and ...
Micky Thinks7 months ago
I'm Addicted to Porn
I am addicted to porn. And I’m female. Does that shock you? For many it does. There’s a general misconception that porn addiction is exclusive to men, as if women are invulnerable to the habit. Consid...
Before explaining why we men like it, I'll cite Wikipedia: "Fellatio (also known as fellation, and in slang as blowjob, BJ, giving head, or sucking off) is an oral sex act involving the use of the mou...
Niki Bambi7 months ago
Watch the Porn, Bro
The angel and the devil on your shoulders will thank you.
Exploring Yourself
People often wonder about their sexual desires. They often wonder at what age should one prowl into their desires. I believe at the age of 16, everyone should understand the basic concept of sex. Now,...
Brian Adam8 months ago
What Do "Wet Dreams in Men" Mean ?
Wet dreams that are more formally referred to as nocturnal emissions entail occurrence of a sudden orgasm, particularly while sleeping. This refers to either ejaculation, in the case of a male, or the...
Amy Johnson8 months ago
I Wish the Slut Phase Was Just a Phase
As you're beginning to read this, you're preparing yourself for some sexual stories, and getting ready to please yourself to them. Well, my friends zip those pants back up and get ready for something ...
Vicki C8 months ago
Best Exercise for Your Sex Life
Staying fit and healthy is important at all stages in life for everyone. We read about diet and exercise all the time, from paleo and ketogenic ways of eating to weight training, yoga, HIIT (high impa...
Anna Greenflower8 months ago
Things She's Thinking When You're Going Down on Her
Receiving mind-blowing cunnilingus is almost every woman's dream. Whether it be a relationship or just a hookup, getting oral is an ultimate act of pleasure. What many don't know, however, is that the...
Samantha Bentley8 months ago
How to Be More Sex Positive
As a former adult actress, I am more than familiar with sex. I am also familiar with those that deem sex as some sort of demonisation of the body and mind. When thinking about sex and all the wonderfu...
Ayyona Hatcher9 months ago
His Big O!
Alright, so I'm sure we are caught up on Gabrielle Union-Wade's comments on sexuality and sexual activity, particularly analingus (or eating butt). Of course, she's received some flack for it, but hon...
Lizzie Boudoir9 months ago
Best Positions for Pregnancy Sex
Pregnancy sex is not easy. It can be hard to deal with body changes and hormone fluctuations. In fact, you might not even be attracted to your partner during this time. This happens for the same reaso...
Best Positions for Anal Sex
Anal sex is not for everyone, but it's definitely one of those few sex acts that everyone should try at least once. It's also a sex act that requires a lot of building up and a little bit of research ...
Lena Bailey9 months ago
Play Buddies and FWB
I really want to continue doing posts on how to do certain dynamics or teach you about certain dynamics. This one will be really simple and might be enlightening to some of you. So let's jump in, shal...
Jescina Miller9 months ago
Mental Health & Sex
Mental health and sex... How do these two coexist with one another? Is there a sex drive when you have mental health problems? Can you get back the sex drive? Or does it VANISH FOREVER? POOF! I have h...
Lizzie Boudoir9 months ago
Best Sex Positions You Need to Know If You Want to Have Sex in a Public Bathroom
Having sex in a public bathroom is wild, raunchy, and crazy. That's why it's hot and why so many people out there have done it. If you want to have sex in a public bathroom, you need to be aware that ...