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Safe sex is the first step to enjoyable sex. Advice on improving your sexual health to improve your sex life.

Amelia Grant4 months ago
Ten Good Reasons to Do It More Often
The topic of sex is inexhaustible. Every year, scientists fill up this area of human knowledge with new amazing data. Sex is an amazing phenomenon that can not only bring pleasure but also cure variou...
Amelia Grant6 months ago
6 Reasons You're Not Having Sex
This is a problem since having sex regularly is good for your health. It not only helps partners stay close, but can also satisfy all sorts of physical and emotional intimacy needs. Most people say th...
Chris Dee6 months ago
5 Sizzling Sex Positions
Good health and a quality sex life really do go hand in hand. Take care of yourself from a health standpoint and you’ll definitely reap the benefits in the bedroom sooner or later. You don’t have to s...
Lady Parts6 months ago
Sex Talk Chastity
Why is it that in a sexually progressive society that encompasses all genders and sexual orientations that just discussing the nature and methodology of sex is still seen as something that is quite ta...
Paige Kostyniuk6 months ago
Sexercise to a Thinner You
The whole losing weight thing is not the easiest thing to accomplish and it's hard to do. Especially when you have to work so hard at it and put in so many hours and most of the time it's really not t...
Anony mous6 months ago
Sex and Consent
The extensive debate around sex and consent pique my complete interest. We naturally have heard of compelling stories and carefully followed the published news uniquely related to rape allegations, wh...
Hillary 6 months ago
Therapy for the Aging Population
Why does no one speak about healthy sexual activity post-child rearing? Are we unconsciously still a society that views sex as a means for reproduction or are we a culture that is sex positive for ple...
LeAnn Murch6 months ago
We all know how open I am about sex and how I love to tell stories about my countless sexual encounters. Sex is amazing, there's no denying that, but it's my vice and it has been since I lost my V car...
Ethereal Empress7 months ago
Sexual Soul-Ties
A sexual soul-tie is when 2 individuals come together and get sexually intimate. After the sexual act, both individuals may leave with heavy spiritual negative burdens, that will in turn end with a ne...
Rachel LeCrap7 months ago
5 Minute Love Story
You probably know who I'm talking about. That guy you saw today at the red-light. Or the one you ALWAYS bump into at the gas station in the morning. Yeah. We all know that guy. The Love Story game has...
Kait Bates 7 months ago
How Much Is Too Much Masturbation?
Those who know me by now know that I talk about the heavy subjects not many would like to talk about. For me though, this is exactly the type of article my nasty mind loves to read. Some TMI moments a...
Matthew Evans7 months ago
Uncontrollable Persistent Sexual Arousal Syndrome
Persistent Sexual Arousal Syndrome (PSAS), is a real medical condition that primarily affects women. PSAS can probably be compared to priapism in men. Priapism is an erection lasting for more than fou...
Ashley Peterson7 months ago
Intimacy and Mental Illness
We live in a hyper-sexualized society, but we seldom talk about the reality of sex, and even less about the reality of sexual problems. If depression doesn't sap any sexual desire you have then the me...
Vicki C7 months ago
New Year's Resolution for Kinky Fun
It's a new year and many people are making resolutions, heading back to the gym and changing up their diets. There are a lot of more serious commitments made around this time of year: career goals, im...
Camille Hale8 months ago
Herpes Simplex Virus 1
Aw yes, the herp. Those pesky, painful blisters you get on your lip every once in a while, is a form of herpes called, Herpes Simplex Virus 1. I, along with most of America, have HSV-1. You're probabl...
Holly Paine8 months ago
Let's Talk About Sex, Baby
Being Sex Positive
Amber Sutherland8 months ago
Sexual Expectations
From as far back as I can remember I was told how I should act, what I should wear, what was expected of me, what I needed to provide, and how I should make things right when they go wrong. The pleasu...