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Kristy Loxton7 months ago
Five Things to Consider Before Deciding to Have Your Baby Circumcised
If you are anything like my husband and I, you probably didn't give much thought to circumcision. Even the most well-meaning, holistic, granola-loving parents are usually convinced by years of cultura...
Linda Fitch7 months ago
Hookup Culture
Everyday, there seems to be new articles surfacing about Millennials and their tendency to destroy everything. From marriage to owning a home, this generation has ruined it. Another topic of interest ...
Katia Braun8 months ago
Confessions of a Self-Proclaimed Slut: Pt. 2
Take a moment and think about your high school sexual education class. What sort of sex ed was it? Was it medically accurate or based on abstinence? I grew up in the Bible Belt in a small town in the ...
David Elmers8 months ago
How Do I Know If She Will Be Into Sex on Our First Date?
It’s one of the weightiest questions that can crop up during any initial encounter. Males, driven as they are by their hormones, often begin wondering about that night’s sleeping arrangements from the...
Heather Wilkins8 months ago
No More Abstinence Education
Do you remember asking your parents about where babies come from? Did you ever hear your mom say that you came from her tummy? Did you ever watch cartoons or hear your parents talk about a stork that ...
Anon Anonymous8 months ago
Sexual Performance Anxiety in Women
It took me 5 years of being sexually active but just two months of being with a woman for the first time to realize that my sex life wasn't being controlled by me. I had let feelings of worry grip ont...
Katia Braun8 months ago
Confessions of a Self-Proclaimed Slut: Pt 1
Hi! I'm a slut. That first line is probably the last thing you would hear upon first meeting someone on the street. But, I'm not just anyone; I'm Katia Rose Braun, and I'm a slut. These are my confess...
Kai Storm8 months ago
Forced Celibacy
I was tickled pink with laughter when I found the photo I needed to start off this blog and even though the sign above is coming through with a whole lot of shade, I promise the following wordplay wil...
TC Brown8 months ago
I Am a Slut
I lost my virginity when I was 16 years old. He wasn't my boyfriend, I didn't love him, it wasn't a romantic, candlelight and rose petal experience; I was drunk, so was he, and it happened. At the tim...
Reaux Tinkleflower8 months ago
The Growth of Sexual Identity
I recently met with my high school senior English teacher to talk about writing, sex, and sexual identity. (Yes, I still talk to both my 11th and 12th grade English teachers and yes, we talk about sex...
Ria Baez8 months ago
A Virgin's Point of View
I'm growing up. The things that yesterday looked so far, now look (and are) right in front of me. Sophomore year is over, junior year is almost here, and next thing you know I'll be walking up to a st...
Dolly Mae8 months ago
The Struggles for Women With High Libido
By the title I am sure your thinking I am losing my mind, but I promise I am not! I am a young female with a very heightened libido and I mean probably 10 times more than my man. Having a heightened l...
Chloe Piers9 months ago
10 Myths About Losing Your Virginity as a Woman
We all hear many things about sex before our first time. Many of these things are dangerous myths and I'm here to debunk them!
Charlie McGnarly9 months ago
Stories from a Stripper
For much as you’re praised and ogled over, lusted for and professed love for, and gave presents to...It can mean absolutely nothing when you, yourself, feel like garbage inside. I see these women and ...
Micky Thinks9 months ago
I'm Addicted to Porn
I am addicted to porn. And I’m female. Does that shock you? For many it does. There’s a general misconception that porn addiction is exclusive to men, as if women are invulnerable to the habit. Consid...
Before explaining why we men like it, I'll cite Wikipedia: "Fellatio (also known as fellation, and in slang as blowjob, BJ, giving head, or sucking off) is an oral sex act involving the use of the mou...
Niki Bambi9 months ago
Watch the Porn, Bro
The angel and the devil on your shoulders will thank you.
Exploring Yourself
People often wonder about their sexual desires. They often wonder at what age should one prowl into their desires. I believe at the age of 16, everyone should understand the basic concept of sex. Now,...