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Chris Dee5 months ago
Must-Try Vibrator Styles That Belong in Every Woman’s Toy Chest
Every woman has to start her personal journey toward sexual self-empowerment somewhere, and a vibrator is as good a place as any. Not all vibrators are created equally, though, so you may not want to ...
George Swagger6 months ago
Top Sex Accessories That Can Help Reignite Your Relationship
Sex is a beautiful experience that couples should always enjoy. It allows you to explore your partner while giving and receiving pleasure. In the first few months of a relationship, the sexual attract...
M. Tomasch6 months ago
My wife is a transgender woman. With the use of estrogen supplements and injections, she has developed natural breasts and retains the figure of a cis gender woman. She has not gotten bottom surgery, ...
George Swagger6 months ago
Sex Toys Every Couple Should Own
There’s this popular misconception going around that sex toys are a solo-only type of toy. The reality is far from that, as just about any couple can improve their time spent together in the bedroom b...
George Swagger6 months ago
What's the Fuss About Male Sex Toys?
Love them or hate them, sex toys are here to stay. Considering that they've been around for centuries, you'd think we'd be used to them by now. Yet surprisingly enough, the topic remains one which mos...
Chris Dee6 months ago
Expert Lifehacks for Buying, Using, and Enjoying Your Next Sex Toy
Whether you’re currently window shopping for your very first toy or simply looking to kick your existing intimate life up a notch or two, adding a new addition to your private toy stash can be pretty ...
Brandi Payne7 months ago
One Intense Orgasm
Everyone has different experiences, but my marriage is so full of different experiences and trials. I have a very kinky husband who will try almost anything even after being so cautious of what I will...
Lizzie Boudoir7 months ago
Perfect Sex Toys for Newbies Who Like to Experiment
The truth is, whether you admit it or not, everyone loves sex. It's an innate human need that serves not only for the purpose of reproduction, but also for pleasure. Scientifically speaking, a good se...
Alice's Secrets8 months ago
Will Sex Robots Ruin Your Relationship?
You come home from a long day at work, looking forward to a long hot bath and time alone with your significant other. As you open the front door, you hear noises. Sex noises. Someone is clearly having...
Victoria Lim9 months ago
Online vs. In-Person: How to Choose the Best Sex Toy
Incorporating sex toys into your life is a great way of spicing things up in the bedroom. However, many people struggle to find the best course of action when it comes to buying these products, and on...
Laura Bruns9 months ago
The Perfect Sex Toy
Going to a sex shop can be scary. It's hard to know which shops are quality and which are a little... back-alley. Then once you do work up the courage to finally walk into one, the options can be tota...
Steph KCa year ago
He Said Don't Move (Part 1)
It all starts on Friday morning's when my husband is getting ready for work. He will wake up and immediately roll over in bed and start to pull my pajama pants off and then he grabs my panties with hi...
Ellowen Opheliaa year ago
Top Ten Weirdest Sex Toys (Must Read)
Every now and then people want to spice up their sex lives. The quick in and out of passionate intimacy can become increasingly boring. So why not try new and exciting things! New things can come in m...
Nathaniel Cornsa year ago
A Guide to the Perfect Vibrator
The world of vibrators can be intimidating—whether you’re a young person starting out or someone about to buy their tenth vibrator. Don’t worry! This simple guide can help you pick the right vibrator ...
Lena Baileya year ago
Anal Play and Anal Sex
So before I start this post, I should say before you engage in any play or sex (anal or otherwise), you have to have consent and use protection. Also, this post is not intended to convince you to do t...
Nancy D2 years ago
Things to Get Your Lover for Valentine's Day
Don't know what to your get your boyfriend or girlfriend for Valentine's Day? Well don't worry, because I'm here to help! Here is a collection of things that could be given to a woman or a man. I trie...
James Fangs2 years ago
A Beginner’s Guide to Using a Cock Ring
Looking for a better sex toy to enhance your sex experience? Cock rings are one of the best sex toys for guys today and they can all agree that they’ve never experienced better or hotter orgasms than ...
Tom Chapman2 years ago
Winter Is Cumming: You Can Buy Jon Snow's Penis With This 'Game Of Thrones' Sex Toy
Whether you prefer it in your Old Town or your Flea Bottom, there is no denying that HBO's Game of Thrones appeals to randy romancers who want something more than Christian Grey banging you over a des...