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Alex Nord3 days ago
A Look into the Ace Life
As a kid I always thought I was broken. I hated looking at naked bodies, always averted my eyes in the locker rooms, looked away when nudity happened on the TV screen, couldn't stand the awkwardness a...
Mickey's Chronicals
“Mickey, I need to see you in my office this afternoon,” Ms. Chapman says, jarring me out of my daydream of me and her in some very compromising positions. All I could think about was what I had done ...
Victor Vaz4 days ago
Bisexuality and Me
A few days back I wanted to publish an article in which I express my views regarding the media, but that post in not publishable (maybe someday). In that post, my heterosexual side comes out, describi...
Danielle Banner6 days ago
Best Lesbian Porn Sites
Lesbian porn is one of the most popular genres of porn out there — for both performers and viewers. The problem with lesbian porn is that much of it isn't actually made for women to enjoy; it's made f...
K. Moritz11 days ago
5 Critically Acclaimed LGBTQ Books You've Got To Read
I love reading, and in particular, I love reading LGBT novels. Here are some critically acclaimed, highly-awarded and just generally amazing books to add to your reading list this autumn.
Most Popular Lesbian Dating Apps
Online dating, if you're looking for a female partner, is brutal. This is doubly true if you have female equipment down there, because 90% of the time, the only people who will approach you are guys a...
Lottie Campbell24 days ago
So, You Don't Experience Sexual Attraction?
As we know, with the end of our fleetingly short and carefree childhoods comes the new, challenging, and massively inconvenient age of puberty. Puberty brings up a whole host of challenges and changes...
Kyrie Morrighana month ago
Flesh and Wires
“The problem with the Naturals is that they’re soft. I don’t mean the filled-with-guts-and-liquid kind of soft. I mean that their emotions have no limits. They are ruled by their feelings.” Cassius li...
Gareth Johnsona month ago
Why I Love Nude Beaches
I used to be a bit of a prude. Probably it was just my insecurities dictating my perception of the world, but when I was growing up I would have been a bit weirded out by a nude beach. But now, I love...
LP Steinbecka month ago
Promise To Be Tender: Part Eleven
As we got to the door of Kris' bedroom for our last time together, Jenny and Kris both already had their shirts off to hang on the door hook, not even looking as they put them there, and wrapped their...
M Finnigan a month ago
I Would Love for You to Not
The first time I heard the word asexual it was an insult; someone who wouldn’t let a guy hit on them, someone who was a shut in. That was a few years before my best friend, while driving me from campu...
LP Steinbecka month ago
Promise To Be Tender: Part Seven
The three of us changed, and it happened that night Jenny and I loved on Kris. Personally, I think about how concerned Kris was about the tenderness between Jenny and me, and how that wasn't really ha...
LP Steinbeck2 months ago
Promise To Be Tender: Part Six
Only moments before, I thought it was the female emotional apocalypse, and I had been ready to take five, take twenty-five; NO; make it an indefinite amount of time away from THAT. But, I guess it's g...
Jason Hill2 months ago
Prospect Hill
1. UNQUITY ROAD August 23, 2016 AS UPON HER OWN axis the Earth knows She's rotating, so Tony Hill knew—even though he'd just finished writing his first novel only days before—his only friend in the wo...
Kaylee Chaffin2 months ago
What It's Like to be a Queen: Lady Boi
For a while now, I have wanted to do an interview with someone but I wasn’t able to decide on who. Who would want to take the time with an amateur writer like myself? I ignored that annoying voice in ...
Ossiana Tepfenhart2 months ago
Signs Your Partner May Be Asexual
At one point in my life, I have dated an asexual. For the sake of this article, we're going to call him Mack. Mack and I had met shortly after a breakup with my ex. I was feeling desperate for attenti...
Alex Smith2 months ago
The Bathroom Debate
Every couple of weeks you may come across an article or a headline about some trans person trying to use the bathroom and getting stopped for some ungodly reason. Maybe it's to protect people, which i...
Ossiana Tepfenhart2 months ago
What Is a Demisexual?
Today's sexual orientations aren't just stuck to homosexuality, bisexuality, or heterosexuality. As sexologists continue to study sexual attraction, it's becoming clear that sexuality is a spectrum an...