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Betty Cain18 hours ago
You, Me, and My Sex Robot (Chapter 5)
"Don't stare at me, please. Look away," Sadie anticipated an embarrassing scenario before she put the clump of white sand into her mouth. Kimiora brought her own bowl of food, grabbed another plastic ...
Betty Cain20 hours ago
You, Me, and My Sex Robot (Chapter 3)
As soon as Alexander stepped in front of the entrance of Sadie's house, the blue door turned into a light orange and made a clicking sound. The man was momentarily startled by the taxi aircraft taking...
Dee Wolfea day ago
Hunter Pt. 6
My knee jiggles nervously as we sit at the diner. Dom’s alpha is on his way to meet me. And I’m possibly more nervous than I ever have been in my life. “Hey, Sweetheart, calm down. You’re gonna be fin...
The Slutty Little Mermaid Part 1
Hans Christian Anderson and Disney were wrong about me. Love wasn’t the reason I visited the sea witch. No, my story started on a day just like today. I had never been to the surface before, but I was...
Kai Storm3 days ago
In Need of a Woman's Touch!
Anything that's described as "therapeutic" should be dealt with in a serious manner; therefore, when discussing the subject, it should be treated with a level of sensitivity and support. While reading...
For the Love of a Demon Ep. 5
After being warned by Ciel to be more careful, and much quieter, while in London, Sebastian and Louisa try to get some alone time together on the roof of the London Residence. Unfortunately, they are ...
Niki Murray6 days ago
Purest Alabaster
The pines are tall, whispering high above us in the chilly night air. The moon had become our best friend, thousands of miles away from any civilization... You're shirtless, and I can't help but stare...
D. Lynn9 days ago
Fun on the Phone
You've called this line a dozen times before, but you've never gotten off the way that you wanted to. It was a basic "dating" phone line, but as you've been using it, you noticed that almost every guy...
Harrison Pt. 2
A guide on how to sleep with your college professor mini story part two
Vivian Heart13 days ago
Elevator Music
Pushing number four, I stood waiting as the elevator doors closed in front of me. Standing alone I softly hummed an old familiar song, stopping only when the elevator stopped to pick up another passen...
For the Love of a Demon Ep. 4
Our next adventure takes place after Louisa has revealed to Ciel that her father is still alive and she knows the location of the demon sword. It follows a tedious dinner with Elizabeth, at which Loui...
Monique Star14 days ago
Duke's Damp Dream
The little Thomas-like boy was walking under the wavy, color-changing sky. He was satisfied by the sky going through the colors beyond the rainbow, maybe even beyond reality, but the waves in the tran...
Kai Storm15 days ago
Just One Look & I Was Turned On!
A lot of the stories/blogs I tell you, and/or dress up for you to protect the innocent, yet naughty I felt always originated from people in far away places. Never in the past has anyone identified the...
Asrai Devin15 days ago
More Than Friends: Night Three
Previous Chapter: Night Two Sugar and Spice
Peyton Richards16 days ago
The Cam Girl
I studied the man through my computer screen. He was more attractive than my normal clients, with chocolate eyes and a tanned body that I would have loved to straddle. His face was set in a serious, a...
Kohler Wood is my psychology professor. He enjoys making people feel stupid and enjoys eating my pussy and fucking me silly on the side. I wonder if he can be my new fuck buddy for the year?
Chapter Three
The bar had left me in a bit of daze, I needed to do something to distract myself. The evening was a bit cool for the summer, but it was still high sixties. I walked out into the garage to start the b...