Erotic in nature. Content that discusses erotic acts, films, art, or fantasies.

M Tayloran hour ago
Bound and Teased
You finish tying the last knot at my ankle, having already splayed me across the four corners of the bed, blindfolded me, and taken your time doing your work. My anticipation in these few minutes has ...
LP Steinbeck3 days ago
"Spank Me...Please" (Part One)
Leah knew he was dominant, because he had told her, but what did it mean? She remembered the first time in his arms, as he explored her body, feeling places on her no man had touched in months, and so...
Annika Devaki3 days ago
The Marker
“Ma'am you are going to have to wait until the marker is off the table before you take your money.” Willie the roulette table operator chastised me sufficiently and I snatched my hand back away from m...
Dolly Mae4 days ago
Three Way Was Thee Way!
It's only 6 AM and I am up sitting on my couch gazing out my window at the waves hitting the shore. I had just packed up my husband’s lunch and sent him on his way. See my husband and I have been marr...
Evelyn Rose4 days ago
Playing With Fire Pt. 2
Amber and Justin went outside to smoke and calm down. They talked for a bit while they sat on the porch of her four-bedroom rental home, but she knew if they went back in and got on that couch things ...
Sharlene Alba6 days ago
The number eleven used to be an omen of sorts to me. Until I met you. Now let me start at the beginning. Maybe then you'll understand why I'm thinking about exiting your life for good this time. On my...
Anne Noble6 days ago
I Needed Him
Sexual frustration can be horrendous, but it can also lead to the best orgasm you've had.
Robin J.7 days ago
Brittany's Secret (Part Flash Fiction, Part Movie Script)
After waking up on an old white couch, Brittany quickly noticed that her short black party dress was hiked up, and that there were no panties on underneath. She was confused, so she sat up on the couc...
Evelyn Rose8 days ago
Playing With Fire
He slid his calloused hand up her cheek 'til her ear was between his thumb and forefinger and he leaned in for a kiss. His intensity was like a blazing fire, so she matched it with hers. This was goin...
Dolly Mae9 days ago
The Magic of a Tongue Ring
It was a bright and summer warm day that led to a crisp dark night. My friends and I decided to go to our local skating rink; I mean hell, there’s not much more to do in our small town. The rink was b...
Brianna Price9 days ago
Forever Daring
Vana has always been one to try new things. She was daring in almost all that she did. From her nails and her hair to the lipstick that coated her lips. She dared life. But one particular interest she...
Ma Lev10 days ago
Playing Innocence (Part 1)
She likes to play innocent; like she has no experience. But she does. More than most. When she meets a new guy, she plays it cool. She flirts, shyly at first, but seemingly becomes better at it as the...
Kai Storm11 days ago
A TURN ON in Particular!
Does the subject matter sound weird to you? Are you unclear on the subject but have some curiosity, or are you fully committed to reading this blog because you understand exactly what I'm talking abou...
LP Steinbeck11 days ago
Diving: The Deepest Orgasm (Part Five)
In the time that had passed since Sherry last saw Charles, she had wondered if he was the mysterious man that had shown up the last time, blindfolding her, tantalizing her into submission for a sexual...
Kidd Bagheera16 days ago
My Fruit Loops!
So there I was laying in bed all lotioned up, looking and smelling good while enjoying a bowl of fruit loops. You came into the bedroom looking for something, noticing that I had some fruit loops. You...
Short and Quick
He knew he wanted me. I could see it in his eyes. His body was just right for me. He was 6 ft 3, lean, and muscular. His blue-green eyes were perfect, his full lips that you could kiss for hours, and ...
Roman Gabrielo18 days ago
Snapchat Amateur Review: Miss Cookie Girl
Looks can be deceiving, and that couldn't be more true than with Miss Cookie Girl, a sweet Swedish treat, and a sexy Snapchat amateur model. Miss Cookie Girl hails from a small town in the southern en...
Beautiful Mess18 days ago
Deep Oceans
I gathered up all my stuff and started heading out the door. I was going on a me vacation to somewhere around the beach. Somewhere beautiful, so I could unwind. "This summer has to be absolutely perfe...