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Taylor Kelly14 hours ago
Why You Should Be Having Safe Sex
Let me start off by saying, this article is not trying to sway your views on when you should have sex, just that anytime you do have sex, make sure it is safe sex. Young adults should not being having...
Kiara King5 days ago
10 Mistakes You Should Never Make When Giving a Blowjob
Going down on someone, or someone going down on you, can be one of the most pleasurable and intimate of sexual acts... that is, if you do it right. In these days, with such a big stigma around talking...
Nessy Writes6 days ago
How to Have Sex in Public Part 2- Getting Wood in the Woods
Bonking in the great outdoors. Banging when people are nearby. Welcome to the second part of my little series that guides all you would-be "public invaders" through the ropes cordoning off the outside...
Kink Journals7 days ago
Do you seriously want to try something new? Or is it just a fantasy? Today we are going to debunk myths surrounding common (and not so common) fantasies. I’m not really going to talk about “vanilla” f...
Z D21 days ago
The Guide to Being an Adult Virgin
Hello! I'm assuming that you are reading this because A, you are a virgin or B, you are just nosy. I'm just kidding by the way, but regardless of what circumstances brought you here, I want to share s...
Lena Baileya month ago
Fake or Bad Sugar Daddies
So as I go through my journey as a sugar baby and as a friend to some babies, I will always learn more so I may write several posts about one topic. I wrote one post already to give you the basics abo...
Aaron Dennisa month ago
The Internet Has Ruined Sex for Everybody, and Here’s Why
Let’s begin with the basic understanding that most men are like five-year-olds with shiny, red fire trucks. They want girls to play with those fire trucks, but they’re constantly worried that girls ha...
Kink Journals2 months ago
Brought over from my old blog. I suppose you have all been wondering when I was going to write about swinging. I wanted to wait a little as this blog isn’t just about swinging, its about discovering y...
Heated Erotica2 months ago
Spice Up Your Love Life
At some point in every relationship we go through a dry patch, a part in our relationship where we feel like sex is lacking, no longer what it used to be or in straightforward terms, boring. Now here ...
Kink Journals2 months ago
Let's Talk About Sex Baby...
… Let's talk about you and me. Sorry, couldn’t help myself. So the latest news is that here in the UK, the supermarket Sainsbury’s are launching a range of vibrators. They are starting with a range of...
S A Miller2 months ago
Sexual Frustration in a Hook-Up Culture
As the saying goes, "variety is the spice of life," whilst that may be absolutely accurate when I am cooking my famous spaghetti Bolognese that has sprinkles of USA flavours in the form of oregano spi...
Chris Dee2 months ago
Sexting 101
We all know someone who not only sexts regularly, but who talks about it like it’s the easiest, most effortless thing in the world. Not everyone’s a natural when it comes to red hot sexts that really ...
Heated Erotica2 months ago
The Difference Between BDSM and Abuse
Let's talk about the biggest difference between BDSM and abuse. BDSM is often confused with abuse all the time, by people who do not truly understand what BDSM actually is. What is the biggest factor ...
Heated Erotica3 months ago
Sex Toys, Masturbation, and Him
When it comes to sex alone, sex toys most often are the only answer. Most single women these days own some sort of sex toys. Then they meet someone and start a relationship, and their sex toys are hid...
Elayne Douglas 4 months ago
Fantasies and Your Relationship
Fantasies can be a really sexy way to spice things up in your relationship if things are going a little sour. It’s a way for you to know what your partner wants, maybe something they wouldn’t say befo...
Daisy Rowley4 months ago
A 7-Step Beginner's Guide to Visiting Swingers Club
Here’s some simple advice to make your trip more enjoyable and comfortable.
Lena Bailey4 months ago
Salt Daddies and Fakes
In the world of sugar, there are several names or terms for fake daddies or wannabes. I'm here to clear up any confusion or questions. I will be using the term Splenda or salt a lot but some of this c...
Lena Bailey4 months ago
My BDSM Horror Story Update
I want to start this post off by saying that I am not making any of this up to get attention. I'm doing this so that people will feel like they aren't alone. I want people to be aware that this happen...