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Elayne Douglas 17 days ago
Fantasies and Your Relationship
Fantasies can be a really sexy way to spice things up in your relationship if things are going a little sour. It’s a way for you to know what your partner wants, maybe something they wouldn’t say befo...
Daisy Rowley22 days ago
A 7-Step Beginner's Guide to Visiting Swingers Club
Here’s some simple advice to make your trip more enjoyable and comfortable.
Lena Bailey22 days ago
Salt Daddies and Fakes
In the world of sugar, there are several names or terms for fake daddies or wannabes. I'm here to clear up any confusion or questions. I will be using the term Splenda or salt a lot but some of this c...
Lena Bailey24 days ago
My BDSM Horror Story Update
I want to start this post off by saying that I am not making any of this up to get attention. I'm doing this so that people will feel like they aren't alone. I want people to be aware that this happen...
sancia holdena month ago
The Dos and Don'ts of Sex with Your Ex
If your reading this, you're probably doing so because you're looking for a place to register the current shame you're feeling if you've just fucked your ex, or at least thought about it. It's a situa...
Ellowen Opheliaa month ago
5 Things to Know Before Trying Anal *Must Read*
Trying new things in this world can seem pretty intimidating when it comes down to all the people that might judge you. With sex, it's pretty different though, because unless you're into exhibition, t...
Joseline Burnsa month ago
Sex & Pregnancy
Sex during pregnancy can be a freeing experience for the couple involved. It may be the first time in years that you have not been concerned about either getting pregnant or not becoming pregnant! Sex...
Patty McDanielsa month ago
Water Based Lube vs Oil vs Silicone Personal Lubricants for Sex
Lubricants have become rather popular amongst adults who wish to have some excitement in their sexual activities. Although there are several sex toys available in the market, lubricants have gained im...
Bethany Ashlyn2 months ago
What Women Want You to Know About Sex
There is a topic many people are uncomfortable talking about with their partners. While almost all of us have had sex, we get choked up when asked to start a conversation about what happens underneath...
Bethany Ashlyn3 months ago
Let's Have a Conversation About Sex
I've been somewhat of a hypocrite in a few of my articles about sex. To go into more detail, I've spoken about how communication is critical in the bedroom without practicing what I preach. While I do...
Mardoll Gatsby3 months ago
Tipping a Sex Worker Is Huge and This Is Why You Should Do It
When I first came on-board in the sex industry, I had no clue that I wasn't going to be paid hourly. At the time, I was hurting for money when I first got in and heard through the grapevine that you c...
Alice's Secrets3 months ago
A Single Girl's Guide to Sex Toys
Are you finding yourself newly single? Or perhaps you have been single for a while and you’re wondering what the buzz is about (mind the pun). If you’re a newbie to sex toys, it can all seem a little ...
Lizzie Boudoir3 months ago
11 Mutual Masturbation Sex Positions You Will Both Love
Mutual masturbation is the safest sex you can have, but it doesn’t have to be used for that reason alone. For one, there are a plethora of health benefits from masturbation. Another reason is that it ...
Johnny Garcia 3 months ago
Spice Up Your Sex Life with a Spreadsheet?
A good friend asked me, confidentially, some of the sex acts I performed with my ex-wife. I started listing them and she was taken aback by the number of scenarios we had performed. “Boy, you’ve had l...
Autumn Ellesmere4 months ago
Sex, You're Doing It Wrong
Now, I haven't established myself much yet in the grand scheme of things, but if there is one thing that I have learned in this world; it's that there is good sex, and there is bad sex. I hate to brea...
Ace Hessy4 months ago
How to Be Sexy (You Have to Read This!)
I'm sure you guys clicked on this article thinking that you can transform into a sex-god overnight. However, this takes patience and PRACTICE. To kick this off... how do you define "sexy?" It can vary...
Acasia Tucker4 months ago
How to Feel Sexy
Somehow, I got it into my head and soul in the past few years that I am not sexy or sexually desirable. The other day I started thinking about this and realizing that if I do not consider myself sexy ...
Bethany Ashlyn4 months ago
A Beginner's Guide to Anal Sex
There is a lot of misguided information when it comes to anal sex these days. All over the internet, you hear that it is not safe, painful, and can cause health damages when you get older. While these...