Signs Someone's Had A Lot of Sex

It takes more than just an eggplant emoji to be well versed in sex. Here's some signs someone's had a lot of sex.

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If you've gone to high school in America, then you probably had at least one classmate who claimed that he had "gotten so laid," and that he was constantly having sex with every single girl he ever befriended. He had all the charm of McLovin', and often would talk about sex like it was the only thing he knew anything about. 

And, if you're like most other high school kids, you probably laughed at him because he was so obviously lying about it. The fact is that it's a classic trope, and it's a classic trope because it happens so often. 

The fact is that, physically, you can't tell who's a virgin and who isn't. Hymens can tear for a slew of different reason, and sometimes, they can remain intact even after a girl has had sex. Men don't even have a hymen, so the point is moot there. 

But, can you legitimately tell who's had a lot of sex, and who hasn't? Though there are no surefire ways to tell who's been with many people and who hasn't, there are some signs that do strongly suggest it. 

They're confident in bed, and might be a bit more gifted than usual.

If you remember breaking your virginity, then you already know where I'm going with this. There was probably a lot of insecurity and a lot of asking, "Am I doing this right?"

Virgins having sex also tend to fumble a lot, and require guidance. This is, of course, because they haven't actually done much of it or any of it before. Of course, there are some virgins who study anatomy and use guides to do foreplay right, but that's about as good as it gets. 

People who have a lot of sex tend to be way more confident in bed, and often will back up that confidence in terms of skill. Of course, there are people out there who bedded tons of partners, but still didn't learn much from all the experience. 

Even so, with both experienced men and women, the number one thing that gives away that they know what they're doing and their experience is the level of confidence they exude when getting down. 

To a point, experienced people almost seem brazen about sexuality. Do they whip off their clothes without a second thought and have no issue walking around naked? Yes, this probably isn't their first rodeo. 

Make no mistake about it, if they're able to show you a thing or two, and have a lot of confidence in bed, then they are probably pretty experienced. 

They aren't sex-negative.

Unless they're total hypocrites (and yes, some are), most people who have had a lot of sex will not shame others for doing the same. The reason why is because they know that sex hasn't changed them as a person - and that means that they also know having sex doesn't make someone a bad person. 

As a result, people who have a lot of sex tend to be more open about sex. They're okay with talking about kinks, edgeplay, or threesomes. They don't judge you for having however many partners you've had. Humans are supposed to have sex, so why would anyone feel bad about it? 

Of course, being sex-positive isn't something that is solely relegated to people who have a ton of sex. Generally, most people don't care about how much sex a partner has had in the past, or what kind of sex someone enjoys. There are many open-minded virgins, too. 

However, from what I've seen, the people who hate sex tend to be the ones who aren't getting any or can't handle the fact that they aren't getting as much as others. Either way, you probably shouldn't date a sex-negative person, simply because there's a strong correlation between sex-negativity and abuse. 

They don't see sex as a big deal.

A dead giveaway that someone is sexually insecure due to inexperience is how they react when they hear that someone has been sexually active, or how they react about sex in general. 

Someone who's experienced will not see having sex as such a big deal compared to the person who's only slept with two people. 

I want to point out that this is slightly different than being sex-negative. While both a sex newbie and a veteran may find sex to be a positive experience, the newbie will put a lot more emphasis on a sexual encounter than someone who has had hundreds of encounters throughout their life.

After a certain point, sex just becomes sex. It stops being totally tied to romance, and starts being just something you do. Experienced people tend to be able to differentiate between sex and love easier than those who aren't experienced.  

Overall, their views on both men and women seem to be very mature, even-keeled, and honest.

This should come as no surprise to anyone, but a way to tell if they've had a lot of sex is to gage their maturity. The people who get laid the most frequently are the ones who are mature about relationships, are approachable, honest, and generally attractive on both an emotional and physical level. 

Yes, looks have a role in who gets sex the most frequently, but looks isn't all that ends up mattering. The reason why popular people get laid is because they aren't putting people off with bad behavior, rudeness, or messed up remarks about the opposite sex. 

Generally speaking, the more attractive a person is on all levels, the more opportunities for sex will be presented to them... and the more likely it is that they will end up taking those opportunities. This isn't rocket science; it's nature, and that's just how it is. 

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