Shy Encounter


Early evening on a Saturday night and there is a timid knock on the front door. It's the first time they will have met, although they have been talking for months and neither is sure exactly what to expect. He opens the door, she smiles shyly, still a little nervous, and he returns the smile confidently, reaching out to take her hand and gently pull her into the room. They make small talk as they walk in the house and towards the couch in the dimly lit living room. Music is softly playing in the background. He sits down, expecting her to sit next to him, but instead she walks up between his legs...

Running her hands from his shoulders down to his waist she kneels in front of him and gives him a little giggle. She can see he is enjoying it already. He mentioned once that he would enjoy it if she took control. As she slowly opens his jeans and slides out his member, his breath catches. Holding it in her hand,s she can feel the pulses as he is becoming aroused. She looks up at him, smiles, licks her lips and then slowly runs her tongue lightly across the head. She hears him sigh, she smiles, and with that encouragement she runs her tongue over the head again, slightly down the shaft and back up, over the head again then all the way down the shaft, and back up.

This time, when she reaches the head, she slowly closes her lips around the head, gently sucking on the head before opening her lips and running her tongue over the head once again. Down the shaft and back up, and this time, she takes more of his growing member into her mouth. Sliding it slowly inside, in and out, slowly each time taking more and more into her mouth, feeling him pulse as she sucks, and hearing him moan. Mmmm, that moan, it gets her excited and she finds her rhythm increasing just a bit, up and down, feeling him swell. He moans again and she pulls him out of her mouth, smiles at him, and runs her tongue down the length of his shaft. Slowly she starts to run her tongue over his balls, first one then the other, then sucking one gently into her mouth before moving to the other. He moans even more and she smiles, knowing he is enjoying it and knowing that she is getting excited as well. She slides her tongue back up the shaft only to tease the head once again before allowing his member back into her mouth.

This time she increases her rhythm as she slides him in and out of her mouth, sucking with a gentle pressure and listening to him moan. She knows she can't stop. She is enjoying this almost as much as he is. She can feel him throbbing and she can feel herself getting wet. She picks up the pace and continues to slide him in and out until he cries out. She closes her mouth tightly around him and sucks until he explodes into her mouth. She keeps a gentle sucking pressure until she is sure there is nothing left; she is not one to waste a drop of it. As she slides her mouth off him, she looks up. His eyes are closed and his head leaned back. She smiles. She knows he has enjoyed it. When he opens his eyes and looks at her, he smiles, pulls her up and into his lap, kisses her deeply, and says "My turn."


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Mell Ritz
Mell Ritz

Single mom of three teenagers, avid reader and writer, crafter, painter and more. I love to write and pouring my thoughts, feelings and emotions into my words is my own version of therapy.

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