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Sharing Shower with Stepmom

Lena Paul's sex tape goes wrong.

Lena Paul decides to make a sex tape for her husband.

MOFOs produce some decent porn scenes and are kind of at the stage Brazzers were a few years ago. The scenarios are becoming more creative, and they even throw in some extra actors to make the fantasy feel more real. I don't consistently watch their scenes, but the ones I have watched are OK—nothing special. I picked up this one from Whorestepmom, starring natural beauty Lena Paul. I've watched her previously in a scene where she played a private investigator who had sex with her subject. The Florida cutie is bubbly, but knows how to get slutty once the sex starts as we see in this scene. She plays a wife filming a kinky sex tape for her husband who likes to show his work buddies. At the beginning of the scene she's being doing stuff in the kitchen and decides to strip down to her smalls, putting her apron back on. The naked woman with an apron is the type of thing us guys fantasize about and it works here. She's pouting for the camera and talking to the audience of the tape, thinking her husband is in the shower. Little does she know it's her beef cake stepson who is a bit curious who's talking to themselves in the bathroom. He realises that it's his stepmom and I think he doesn't want her to know it's him using his parents' bathroom so muffles his voice.

Some secrets need to be kept...

Lena creeps into the bathroom to surprise her husband.

Unfortunately, Lena's male co-star isn't credited, but he's convincing as the rogue stepson. Lena talks sexily to her stepson. Thinking it's her husband, she tells him that she's making a tape to show all his buddies on his business trip. She seductively strips for the camera and then tries to get in the shower. The stepson stops her and she thinks that her husband is playing hard to get so she masturbates him while he showers. The stepson kind of panics, but is enjoying the treatment at the same time. It's not long before Lena's pussy is through the shower curtain and her stepson in pounding her doggy style.

Lena gets a rude awakening though when her husband calls her from downstairs. Confused, she opens the shower curtain and starts whispering profanity at her stepson. With few other options, she jumps into the shower to hide from her man. In the meantime he acts like a bit of a pig towards her, telling Lena not to break the camera filming her stupid sex tape. This is topped off with, "make sure that roast is done for tonight as well."

That's the last thing Lena needs to here and gets him to start pounding her again in the shower. As he's doing this, she starts flipping off her husband behind his back on the camera. Once her husband leaves she drags his son to the bedroom and shows how excited she is by sucking his cock.

Big Surprise

It's not who you think is behind that curtain, love...

This is where it starts to go downhill for me; they change from a full shot to a POV shot of the stepson. While Lena's dirty talk is good (stating what a dirty, cheating wife she is), it ruins that perfect scenario of where they were shagging in the shower. The two converse as Lena is astonished by the size of her stepson's cock; she's planning to make a regular habit of their escapade. Lena gloats that he must have fantasized about her in the past while she was making him and his dad breakfast. The stepson plays coy and plays this down in an attempt to get Lena hot. Lena perches for a reverse cowgirl position that isn't too bad. It gives us a nice look at her butt. The best part though is when the stepson has Lena bent over in the doggy position again, this time on all fours looking at the camera. There's definitely a mutual attraction as Lena keeps rolling her eyes back as she orgasms on the bed. It's decent stuff, but I'm not sure why they didn't just shoot it in the bathroom at a long shot?

The production values are good with the inclusion of Lena's husband to make the scene more tangible—yet, I just felt it was poorly shot and not very well planned. There were some wasted opportunities with the shower part and the POV angle was a bit dumb for me, too. Lena is good though, both acting and performing as is her stepson.

I give this three out of five, as it is a little bit average and there is better out there.

3 out of 5

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Sharing Shower with Stepmom
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