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Sexy Vegans Part 3

An evening meal turns into something unexpected.

Her mind wild with thoughts, Rachel took a breath as she saw Richard step into the bedroom; here she was, totally exposed, no turning back from this now.

(Continued from Sexy Vegans Part 2)

Richard stepped onto the first step; immediately it creaked in a way that he felt sure they must have heard. He was positive they wanted him to watch. He had certainly heard Rachel say it loud and clear, but what if he was wrong? This could be a disaster. His hand on the rail he moved to the next stair; if this one creaked he would give up. Keeping his feet on either edge worked—silence as his feet sunk into the rich beige carpet.

“It’s just the house babe, don’t worry,” said Simon reassuringly, not wanting to stop. He was so turned on that they could have been doing it on stage, he didn’t care; and anyway, he didn’t think he was going to last long, and by the way he was rubbing Rachel, neither would she.

Richard reached the top stair, he could now hear them. “this is so wrong” he thought, “these are my friends, but they definitely said they wished I was watching, but I need to go slowly”. The bedroom was a metre away, but damn, one more creak!

Simon was now well and truly in the rhythm, his hard cock pumping fast and deep in her dripping pussy. Rachel heard the creak again, but there was no stopping Simon.

“I heard it again babe,” she whispered as quietly as possible in Simon’s ear

“I can’t stop Rach, I don’t care, let him watch, let him join in, I am so horny now, close your legs tighter I’m slipping out.

Rachel closed her legs around his cock, the feeling of being filled increased; she knew he was going to cum soon. “What if Richard was watching?” she thought, a thought that just increased her passion. If Simon was OK with it then so was she, she trusted her man, and Richard was such an amazing friend; what harm was there in his watching? None of them had voiced any moral opposition to the story, and they all agreed they would have watched.

Richard reached the door. His heart must be audible, he thought. He edged his head to the corner of the door and peered into the dimly lit room.

Their bed faced the door square on; Rachel had never really liked this. She had told Simon it was bad Feng Shui and that it would allow bad energy to enter the room. Simon had not mocked her, but he was less insistent as this was the only way the bed would fit.

Either way, the energy that now stood at the door was neither good nor bad, it was simply passionate and filled with erotic tension.

Richard peered into the room, his eyes quickly adjusting. Simon and Rachel were laying with their feet towards him. He struggled initially to make out just what was happening, but it became apparent almost immediately that Rachel was laying on top of Simon, her back on his chest, her legs outside his, but her thighs together. Simon had his arms around Rachel, cupping her breasts, and was gently thrusting in and out, though with Rachel’s legs closed he had to imagine what was happening, which was not too difficult. His already hard cock stiffened further, his hand gripped it strongly.

Rachel had heard the creak at the door, but the smell of Richard's Chanel aftershave had reached her before he even appeared. She leaned her head to one side and whispered to Simon, “Richard is at the door.”

Simon had neither smelt the cologne, nor heard the creaks; the feel of his cock tightly gripped by Rachel’s wet pussy had distracted him completely. Neither was he alarmed by what Rachel had said. He recalled Richard telling him how he and Jennifer had once had a bed share with one of Jen's girlfriends and just how amazing it had been. The thought of this chance happening had not freaked him out, though he wondered how he would respond if it happened with another guy. His confession earlier had belied the fact that he had always fantasised about the day he watched the guy the woods, and how he had, deep down, wanted to go and join the guy and offer him a helping hand.

“Don’t worry, let him watch, it was us who turned him on.”

Rachel turned back, aware that Richard was now at the door. Was she embarrassed? No, not really, she was surprised at her reaction, but was glad Simon was cool with it. They had on odd occasions talked about things like this, Simon telling her stories as they made love; though she had never actively pursued anything like this, whenever Simon had told the stories where he was the “other” man licking her clitoris, or slipping his cock in her, she had orgasmed and gushed at the same time.

She had been laying with her head by Simon's chin, resting in his shoulder, but now she dared to look up, her heart beating fast as she slowly lifted her head to peer into the darkness. The doorway was directly past the end of her feet, about 3 metres beyond the end of the bed. She could see a shape, but the light was dim as the small fairy lights above their bed only served to create a silhouette, lifting her head a little more, she could make out the silhouette of Richard, stood tall, his slim sinewy body filling the light. He had one hand on the door frame, the other hand was down in front of him.

Richard heard a whisper, but too quiet to make out what was said. He held onto the door frame with his left hand; his right hand responded to the scene before him, a totally erotic scene of Rachel laying on Simon, her breasts in his strong hands, the shape of her nipples erect between his fingers. Her thighs were clasped together, but he could see the perfect v shape where her thighs came together; Simons movements made it obvious he was inside her. His hand continued to stroke his cock, he felt he could explode at any moment. He had never planned for this, not in his wildest fantasies. He slipped off his pants, pushing them behind him with his right foot.

Not since the night he had got home and found Jen and her friend, Samantha, dressed in night wear and drinking wine, had he been so excited. That had been the most erotic experience in his life, but this felt equal, if not more intense; these were his best friends. He thought how he did not want to spoil that friendship. He thought he should leave and go back downstairs, but maybe a few more seconds watching and then he would. He saw Rachel begin to lift her head, should he go, he was so turned on, Rachel looked at him, staring at him in the doorway. Maybe he should go.

Rachel could see clearly now as her eyes continued to adjust to the light. Richard was stood there, looking a touch apprehensive, but certainly excited. She could now make out his body in full and could see him slowly stroking his cock. The swollen head disappearing and the remerging in his fist, she could see the wetness on the end glistening in the light, he really was excited. He looked like he was about to leave.

Simon had shifted his head to the side a little, he needed to check what was happening. Richard was there, and it seemed he was pretty turned on, but who wouldn’t be? he thought. Richard moved his hand from the doorway, his body turning ever so slightly in a motion that looked like he was ready to leave. Simon thought he was probably nervous, so he decided to make it clear what he was thinking. Moving his hands from Rachel’s perfect breasts, he laid them on the inside of her knees and slowly pulled her legs open, an invitation to whatever lay ahead.

Rachel felt Simon move his position, she felt him uncup her breasts, leaving them exposed to Richard at the door. She was OK with this; after all, “it was just going topless” she thought, nervously. What surprised her, maybe shocked her, was feeling his hands slip down her waist, over her hips, slide down her thighs and grasp the inside of her knees, and then.

Richard felt it was time to leave; this was after all, eroticism enough to fill his mind so he could finish downstairs. Maybe he had misread the signs. Rachel did look a little surprised to see him, and he had no idea how Simon felt. His hand slowed its action and he let his left-hand slip from the door frame, this was the time to retreat he convinced himself. Just as he was turning, albeit slowly, reluctantly he saw Simon move his hands from Rachel, her breasts spilling from his hands. Her beautiful breasts shimmered in the half light, her nipples erect and pronounced. He lingered for a moment longer as Simon slid his hands down her body, settling on her knees, his hands reaching round to the inside of her legs.

Rachel felt the force on her legs as Simon slowly, but forcibly pulled her knees apart. Her head swam with the moment, the exposure, this openness to a friend who stood watching. She could offer no resistance, she felt powerless, driven by the desire of the moment as her legs opened like the wings of a butterfly, revealing that most intimate of places.

Richard gazed without moving, transfixed as Simon opened Rachel up to his full view. There was enough light to see all that lay in front of him, and the sight of what lay before him took him to levels of ecstasy that he never thought he would feel again. The sight of a beautiful woman, so open, so free, was something he had longed for, but never expected; it was all he could do to remain standing. His gentle move away from the bedroom now turned into a gentle move over the threshold of the door, just one step.

Simon leaned back, sure that the invitation to Richard would be clearly understood, as he lay back he felt at ease as he saw Richard take a step forward.

Her mind wild with thoughts, Rachel took a breath as she saw Richard step into the bedroom. Here she was, totally exposed, no turning back from this now, yet the reality in her thinking was that if she said no, these men would stop immediately; she felt safe, but she also felt she wanted to explore this once in a lifetime moment.

(Story continues in Sexy Vegans Part 4)

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