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Sex in Shoes

In today's fast paced world, sex in shoes gets it done.

Variety is the spice of life. From Netflix to the bedroom, from original TV content to leaving shoes on during sex, we all want to try something new, and we want to try it now. A generation of instant gratification, has made leaving shoes on during sex part of a bucket list that includes the mile high club and threesomes. No man will ever complain if his lover wants to strip down, but if you're trying to spice things up, sometimes it's fun to leave an article or two on. Especially if that article or two includes stilettos, thigh high stockings, or a garter belt. 


Sometimes I want her right now. I don’t want to deal with buckles and laces and straps and buttons. In such a situation, it’s a good idea to only take off the necessary garments. There’s nothing like a quickie on top of a basement clothes dryer or on the kitchen counter. You have business to take care of. Time is of the essence!

It Makes Her Butt Look Good

You can’t tell me you don’t notice how high heels force a woman to walk with her butt sticking out. I don’t even have to elaborate, really. The title says it all. The right pair of heels will accentuate even the flattest of butts. Heels force her thighs to tighten in order to maintain balance. It’s like she’s walking around on her tip toes all the time. It turns her booty into a little shelf and it makes me want to do some dusting.

New Sensations

Sometimes, I’m not saying often, but sometimes a dude likes to feel patent leather digging into his back. In a tryst, it’s the little things we remember. Make a memory! The central nervous system is a complicated thing. In the heat of any sexual encounter, you will notice even the tiniest changes in sensation. Something as simple as feeling the smooth, slick, polished leather of her pumps sliding across your calf at that special moment can mean the difference between your average Saturday night sack session and unbridled frenzy. You can never know until you try it.

He Doesn’t Care About Your Feet

With some exceptions, I’d say most men would rate the foot as rather low on his priority list during the act of love. Want to make him appreciate that pedicure? Wear some open toed shoes while you rock him reverse cowgirl style. Fellas, if you notice things like how nice her shoes are and how pretty her toenails are, you score some easy points. I’m not saying you have to go all the way down the foot fetish rabbit hole (unless, of course, you want to), but you never know until you try. This leads me to the opposite end of the spectrum, which account for reason number six.

He’s Really Into Feet

He listens really intently when she talks about shoes. He keeps sucking on her big toe the second he hits the bed. And that time she caught him with that pile of used nylon disposable socks from the shoe store. Let’s just say he wasn’t collecting for the war effort. Give your little foot fetishist a treat and have sex in shoes, ladies. 

It’s Easier to Make Out

I’m a tall fellow. Sometimes leaning forward to make out with a girl is hard on my back. I can pick her up but that’s tiring and I need my energy to proverbially wax that ass. What’s a guy to do? Solve this ancient dilemma with some black platform boots. It works, I’ve done the research. Sex injuries are very common… and let’s face it, we all get older every day! Do you really want to explain to your boss that you can’t come into work because you sprained your back having sex with a short chick? Take precautions, leave the boots on.

Quick Getaway

You’re in the handicapped stall in the bathroom of your local Burger King. You just got done listening to Digital Underground’s biggest hits and now wish to get busy in said public convenience. Same goes for airplane bathrooms or your neighbor’s tool shed. You need to get in and get out as fast as possible. It’s like a James Bond movie, every second counts! You better be ready to run if someone walks in the room. Don’t get caught barefoot!

It Gets Her Into Character

Sometimes you want to dress as Xena, Warrior Princess and do it Greek style. I get it. You could rock some tennis shoes so I can pretend you are Serena Williams while I sing "Can I Be Your Tennis Ball," or those pointy elf shoes and play "I Dream of Genie." Have fun with it. Many experts agree that role playing can spice up your sex life. Some nice sexy shoes and an old Halloween costume… works every time. Guys, when you have her dolled up with some bad bitch shoes on, watch her personality change.

Leverage and Grip

It gives her just enough grip on the wall to get her leg to… yeah that’s the spot! Again, we come to the issue of height disparity, which sometimes requires clever use of positions and leverage to make your sexual encounter go smoothly. The Kama Sutra is full of positions and clever maneuvers to solve this problem. For those of us that aren’t yoga experts, maybe some shoe prints on the wall might be the answer. Grab that heel to help you swing that leg over your shoulder. It might change your life!

Just to Keep It Interesting

You don’t want to fall into a routine. If you’ve been hooking up with someone for a while, it can start to get a little procedural. You have to throw some changes to your process once in a while. Start small with keeping the shoes on. Move on to crazy hat day… and so on. Boredom is death to your sex life! Switch it up. Most couples will experience sexual boredom at some point in the relationship. It’s like cancer or rust on the chassis of your car. Boredom will eat away at all the affection you felt for each other. Don’t let that happen! In a Psychology Today article by Michael Bader, D.M.H., the author stresses the importance of physical contact in maintaining a relationship. Leaving her shoes on is a good way to start.

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