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Plastic Love


In the hands of beauty, may you find music in love.

Late night at a casino in Tokyo, Japan: 1984

Among the crowd, people dance, gamble, drink, eat, and chatter. The sound of a specific song plays around the building, giving an ambiance to the setting. Typically, to a song like this, couples get together and dance, have fun and have a drunken make-out session. But, despite all the chaos and buzzing of small talk, one girl sits alone in a booth against the wall, farther away than anyone else in that room. She watched as people made their ways in and out of the building or to the bar to order food or drinks; she didn't mind being so lonesome, she quite enjoyed being observant.
Her 'alone time' only lasted for a bit before her eyes laid upon another specific figure; a woman around her age -maybe in her late 20's- she wore a dark fitted dress, her stark black hair was curled to the maximum and tucked back with the help of an over-sized pink ribbon tied into a large bow on the top of her head. She was beautiful, to say the least.

As she got to a close enough distance to where she could be heard, she reached out her hand for the other lady to shake. "Hi, I'm Emeterio," she spoke smoothly with a smile planted on her face, "You seemed a bit lonely over here by yourself. Can I buy you a drink?"

"Hi," she took the woman's hand, smiling back at her rather nervously, "Xia- my name." She stood to give a formal greeting before sitting back down, inviting Emeterio to join her. "I don't feel too bothered being alone."

Xia chuckled quietly as she saw the surprised look on the girl's face. "Really, is that so?" Emeterio hummed, studying her features and mannerisms. She only received a nod in reply. The shy girl could easily be read as bashful and quiet, obviously. 

While they sat, chatting with each other, a waitress came over with two glasses filled with white wine, one for each girl. Xia was the first to pick up her glass and take a sip. "Where are you from?"

"I'm from the Caribbean, my mom is from Greece, and my dad is Trinidadian." Emeterio drank after speaking as a queue that she was done.

A short silence fell over the two of them, but it wasn't awkward or uncomfortable. It was more of an allowance for time to think of what to say next. After a moment, Xia spoke out softly, "My parents are both Chinese, but I was born here in Japan." An 'ooh' of interest came from the other's lips. "If you don't mind me asking, how old are you?"

"AH, me? I'm a decent 28 years-old," she bumped her eyebrows upward in a playful manner. "What about you, my sweet Xia?"

Those words made the both freeze. Xia feeling flustered, as well as Emeterio, but for slightly different reasons. One having realized that it was a bit over the top for her to have said what she did, but to her, it felt natural in a way, and the other completely baffled by the complimentary word 'sweet. Neither of them complained, though they did trade small eye contact and smiles. 

"I'm 23." Xia moved her hand halfway across the table, in which the older did the same and their hands came together almost innately.

They stayed like that for a while, quiet, yet observant of one another. To them, it felt as if it was years, until the oldest stood, keeping a hold of the younger's hand as she swiftly led the way to the busy dance floor.

"Wait," she laughed as she was tugged away from her seat, towards a sea of people, "I can't dance!"

"Don't be shy, buttercup. I'm sure you're an amazing dancer." Emeterio turned her head to look over her shoulder at the girl behind her, winking in her direction, her teeth biting down into her lower lip gently.

A few grumbles and giggles later, they had found themselves lost in the crowd, dancing and drinking, having a great time with the upbeat music blaring out all around from large speakers. Time went by fast in that moment, but would soon slow down as the atmosphere calmed down; Plastic Love, Maria Takeuchi's new release had begun to play. The dance floor cleared out by a small fraction, the girls somewhere in the center. Xia took the initiation to bring herself a bit closer to the taller, older woman in front of her, bringing her hands up to rest on her shoulders, her own hips soon to be occupied by a pair of hands that brought them even closer. She found herself looking into the eyes of what she thought to be love. A shiver came up her spine, as did the hands that were just placed upon her hips. Emeterio's face came closer inch by inch, so slowly it was like it wasn't moving at all. In time, their lips met and butterflies danced in Xia's stomach as she closed her eyes, as did Emeterio's. All the chatter and clinking of shot glasses, and sounds of slot machines died down in this moment, as the kiss went on, only coming to an end when Xia pulled away, face feeling like it was set ablaze. The feeling was brushed off, she adjusted her gaze back on the face of the figure that stood over her by a few inches. She wanted to speak, just to be cut off by another kiss, this one slower and filled with more passion, rather than curiosity. 

The night ended, the two females walking side by side to a nearby 24-hour restaurant. They talked alone in the empty diner, getting to know each other more and asking questions of simple things. Xia smiled as she took a sip of her cola, "What's your number?"

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Plastic Love
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