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Online Sex Dating: The Changes of Dating Culture in Recent Decades

There has been a great change in the dating arena, with more people dating and hooking up for just casual sex.

In previous years, dating was purely for marital purposes and almost led to romantic relationships. However, there has been a great change in the dating arena, with more people dating and hooking up for just casual sex. This can be attributed to things like technology and sexual emancipation where many people are moving away from the old-held myths about sex outside marriage.

Beliefs such as sex and relationships being synonymous have long been forgotten, where many are now interested in "No Strings Attached" types of relationships. Sex is a fun activity and any consenting adults should enjoy it as they wish without inhibitions.

Why the Changes?

The first reason behind these changes in dating is lifestyle changes. Life has generally changed in terms of how we view things to matters about morality. As witnessed, most of the old held-myths and taboos have been replaced with a living life once mentality (YOLO), hence living to experience all that is there in life. Relationships have also suffered a great deal, where people no longer care to have actual and real relationships, they just want friends with benefits.

Technology has also played a great role in bringing these changes as more and more people meet online. With these interactions, cultural exchanges and online relationships have been facilitated; with these, perspectives about relationships change, and more people are able to date online, as well as have casual sex either online or in person.

The other cause is the fact that the current generation has learnt to embrace their sexuality and do as they wish with it. This type of sexual emancipation has allowed many young people to experiment sexually and treat sex as a fun activity, as opposed to the earlier generation. This sexual freedom, coupled with technology, has favored the idea of online sex hookups and other avenues that promote sexual exploration.

Benefits of Online Sex Dating

As much as online sex dating sounds like a thing for millennials, it does have some tremendous benefits compared to the earlier form of dating, which was a tad too serious. This is because it makes use of all the technological advancements that are in place to make dating a blissful activity.

Online sex dating gives you the opportunity to meet and shag with a person you would have thought impossible in the earlier past. With this, comes the chance of making sexual encounters as adventurous as you can imagine, with all the possibility of making connections with as many people as you can.

The online dating also takes away the hustle of meeting and profiling your potential partner. All you have to do is go online and check out one from the various dating online platforms. From their short bio data you can be able to pick one of them, or even get matched with one from the dating site. This saves you time and other expenses of going around trying to meet a partner—not to forget the need to learn the right pickup lines to get you a partner.

Many online sex dating sites allow interactions of like-minded individuals. Fetishes, swingers, and other sexually differently oriented persons can meet on these sites to interact and hookup. This empowers everyone and encourages them to enjoy their sexuality as much as everyone else. The platforms are the best place to date for those who are viewed differently on matters sexual preferences.


The changes in the dating culture over the decades have largely been contributed by technology and lifestyle changes, among other factors. These have made dating a fun activity and allowed everyone to be in charge of their sexuality. With such advantages, online sex dating is a growing trend and this is evident from the ever-growing number of dating platforms online. Anyone, despite their age or sexual orientation, can find a match within minutes from signing up and creating an account with online dating sites.

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Online Sex Dating: The Changes of Dating Culture in Recent Decades
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