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Naughty Blogger

Jayden James makes the news for other reasons than her porn...

Jayden will give you a workout you'd never forget.

While you'd be forgiven for labelling a girl or woman as just a pornstar, you have to realise that business alone can give you a platform. I've written articles about the likes of Katsuni using the pornstar platform to actually get cast in a mainstream martial arts flick. Many stars follow suit as the lucrative money that can be made through sex on film can be well invested. While the likes of James Deen and Jenna Jameson chase mainstream stardom on film, others can take a more subtle approach. The age of the internet has brought many stars to the attention of the public who were initially denied a platform; people such as singers like Lana Del Rey or Youtubers like Logan Paul. While pornstar Jayden James isn't quite at that level yet, her blog has set a few tongues wagging on the internet.

Sexy and I Know It

Certainly wouldn't mind Jayden licking the tip.

I've watched quite a bit of her porn and she's really entertaining for the most part. Jayden comes across like a girl next door and isn't the slightest bit squeamish about the types of scenes she does. I've seen her in quite a few 'double teamed' scenes for the likes of Bang Bros as well as other companies. The 32-year-old has done quite a few quality scenes for Naughty America where some of my favourite scenes are. One which particularly comes to mind is for the site 'I Have A Wife.'

Jayden plays a personal trainer and health guru to Alec Knight's wife. Alec and Jayden butt heads as Jayden is clearing out the couple's fridge of all the unhealthy snacks. Alec is disgruntled and the two get into an argument about why he should be paying her. It comes to Alec's attention that Jayden has a particular fetish for married men. Jayden is looking really attractive in this scene anyway in a glamorous dress with short skirt.

Two Reasons to like Jayden

Jayden James looks really glamorous 90% of the time.

While her scenes are particularly naughty and usually of a high quality, it's her blog bringing her notoriety. Based on her website; the blog gives a detailed look into her life in the porn industry. Controversially, it's also aired a lot of 'dirty laundry' which goes on behind the scenes at various porn production companies. She exposed 'The Erotic Network' for underpaying and overworking hired talent which shows she doesn't fear repercussions. Jayden also detailed how mega company 'Vivid' expected talent to shoot content that they were not paid for. It looks like Jayden James was telling the truth though as an enemy of hers in Derek Hay (owner of LA Direct Models) backed up both stories. So at least greedy companies are being exposed because such a blog exists.

A star is born...

Wouldn't mind getting sweaty with Jayden one bit!

None of her controversial comments have stopped Jayden's star from rising though as she's negotiated a deal for some toys to be released using her name. It's not just her blog which is causing a stir though as she's been linked romantically with the likes of UFC Fighter Chuck Liddell. James was quick to 'rubbish' comments that the pair were intimately involved. She pointed out the fact that they had mutual friends at a party they were both hanging out at. It wasn't the first or last star Jayden James was rumoured to be involved with as she was linked with NFL quarterback Donovan McNabb after the two met in Vegas. A website that leaked the story later had to publish an apology for sharing it.

Would you take me home to meet your parents?

Jayden is nice on the eye but naughty on film.

You can understand why any celebrity would want to be involved with Jayden James as she displays how good at sex, she really is on film. I remember watching another scene with her and Bill Bailey for Naughty America. It was sexy stuff from the Californian who has a terrific backside on her which she shakes well on camera. I've watched many of her scenes at if you're look for a site to try. Jayden looks even better as a redhead although she still looks good as a brunette too. It's good to see someone brave enough to expose corruption in the porn industry as well.

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