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My Secret Panty Sniffer

Who knew it would be my husband?

You would never imagine what I found out the other night? I actually caught my husband sniffing my dirty worn panties. Yes, I could not believe what I saw. He was in the bathroom taking a shower and after so long of being in the bathroom, I went to go check on him and there he was sitting on the edge of the tub with the crotch of my panties hugging his face.

I startled him to where he fell back inside the bathtub with my panties in his hand. Once I helped him out of the tub, I asked him to explain what he was doing? He just looked at me and stated that he was curious as to what they smelled like after I wear them all day.

I couldn’t get angry with him because I found it to be somewhat arousing. I didn’t let him know that, at first. I asked him how long he had been a panty sniffer while trying to keep a straight face. He just kept looking at me and stated that he just did it this one time, but I know that he had to be a veteran of it by the way he was sniffing them. He had done this before.

Then, he went into telling me how good they smelled. I told him that they smell like my vagina which he has been up close and personal with on almost a daily basis. He kind of laughed at the matter while I kept asking questions. I asked him if he liked smelling the crotch of my panties. He shook his head yes before holding his head down in shame.

I wanted to honestly know how long he had been sniffing my panties and wasn’t going to let up until he told me the truth. He kept his head down looking at the floor and when I looked down, his cock was getting hard just by the conversation. I knew it was arousing him and I wanted to see how far I could take him with it.

He just sat there, not wanting to talk to me about it, so I told him to sit there while I went into the other room. When I came back, I had the dirty clothes basket from the laundry room in my hand. I placed it full of clothing on the floor in front of him. I knelt by the basket and began digging through the dirty laundry pulling out all my dirty panties that haven’t been washed yet so they should be just ripe enough for him.

I handed him my black lace pair of panties and told him to smell them and then tell me what they smell like. He didn’t want to until I insisted that he did. He took those panties out of my hand and placed them up to his face taking a big whiff. Once he smelled them, he looked at me and stated that they had the faint smell of urine in them like I tinkled a little in them.

Then, I handed him my red see-through panties and told him to smell them. He took them and covered his face with them while I listened to him take large breaths from the crotch. I looked down and noticed that his cock was standing full mast and swollen. I knew it was arousing him and he probably wanted to have sex, but that was far from my mind right now.

I wanted to see just how aroused he would get from those dirty panties to where he couldn’t stand it anymore. One pair of panties after the other, I handed him, and he smelled deeply into the crotch of them. His cock was throbbing with each sniff and when he finished with the last pair, he looked at me and then to his cock. He reached down and grabbed it with his hand and then asked me if we could have sex to release his load before it made his testicles hurt.

I was totally aroused by his new fetish and expected to have sex with him, but there would be a twist with it. When we got on the bed and he began undressing me, he left my panties for last. Once he had them off and was ready to penetrate me, I told him that I wanted him to smell those panties while inside me. He looked at me strangely and then a small smile came across his face. He leaned down to where I could place those panties over his head where the crotch would be right on his nose. He wore those panties on his head while having sex with me and it was very interesting.

Not only did it make the intimacy more intense, both of our orgasms were very strong and exhilarating. We both came to orgasm shortly after beginning because of the teasing I had him doing in the bathroom, which made me excited to watch. I love my husband and I am glad he is now my panty sniffer.

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My Secret Panty Sniffer
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