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Mother Steals the Groom!

Holly Halston steals the show on the wedding video.

Holly Halston is a hot two faced mom.

This has to be one of Brazzers first scenes which looked like a Hollywood movie as they had cast various people to play a family during a wedding celebration. It's plays almost like a comedy film with all your favourite stereotypes. Unfortunately, not everyone is credited so I can only identify the various porn actors and actresses in there. Basically Johnny Sins has recently been married and is sitting down with his new family to watch the wedding video. Unbeknownst to his new wife, it turns out that Johnny got 'jiggy' with his new mother-in-law Holly Halston while buddy Charles Dera filmed it!

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear...

Holly relaxes with her husband not knowing she was filmed drunk banging her son-in-law.

It's an absolutely crazy bongo flick for the guys at Brazzers and shows how creative they can be as a porn company. In the scene there's the bride, her mother Holly and father, her sister, her new husband Johnny Sins and his best friend Charles Dera. There's typical dynamics, the bride is quite naive and her mother (Holly) is quite patronising and fake. When they're watching the video, Holly is drunk telling the camera what number marriage she is on. The guy who plays her husband does a good job as the nice guy, defending his wife's behaviour. The bride's sister is a bit of a bitch and does some inappropriate gestures for the camera which causes the two of them to argue.

Ignorance is bliss.

Holly embraces her husband before embracing Johnny's cock!

The action kicks off when the video cuts from the wedding ceremony to the after party where Holly is picture on Charle's Dera's lap. It starts to kick off in the living room from that point where the bride has her head in her hands cringing at her mother's behaviour. What makes things worse is Johnny takes over from buddy Charles and starts smooching his mother-in-law and sucking on her tits.

Taking those vows...

The bride's sister makes blowjob gestures at the camera... Classy family.

Johnny's new father-in-law shoves him out of the living room as the bride and Holly try to calm them down. All that remains is a grinning Charles Dera and the bride's sister who seem to enjoy the remainder of the video. The film cuts to the action on the video now and Johnny is really going to work on Holly.

Dera ask?

Charles seems to like Holly as much as Johnny likes her.

Holly Halston has been in some pretty nasty scenes. She seems to come from some type of swinging type lifestyle. Her husband Troy Halston is in the business and they often perform together for the camera. This scene is a classic, Holly getting down and dirty sucking Johnnys cock before he puts her in the bullet position and slams away. Her enormous 36DDD tits look incredible and one can only imagine they feel incredible as well. 

Here's Johnny!

Johnny is worse for wear but sober enough to fuck his new mother-in-law.

The sex is classic I just wish they had got Holly fully naked as her body is incredible. The 44-year-old has a nice pelvic area and pussy; seemed like a waste not to get her naked. As she slurs, "Bro code, shmo-code" drunkenly one can only use the scene as a measuring stick to how good she'd be in the sack. The red dress compliments her body fantastically, but once the sex starts we want it off.

Bad Mamma Jamma!

Holly snarls drunkenly at the camera.

I was really enjoying this scene until they actually put "anal" into the mix. I'm not really a huge fan of it and was a bit curious to why it was require but it's in there. Personally I thought they put Holly in some good positions and all that was required really was full nudity. The whole cast does an excellent job with acting and the production values of the entire scene is awesome. If this is what they are doing in porn now imagine what they'll be doing in 10 years.

Deserving a Holly-day?

Holly Halston in Some Promotional Shots

I was a bit curious to who the other actors and actresses were in this scene as the ladies do look a bit glamorous. What might be worth doing is some type of follow up as I know this scene remained etched in my mind. Unfortunately it's been a few years since it was filmed and I haven't seen any sort of sequel which is a shame.

She must enjoy wedding cake...

Holly's shape is wonderful!

Although I'm not a fan on anal, I can't fault this scene, it's near perfect with it's acting, production values and sex. There are some talented people out there who maybe wasted in porn as the acting was class here. This scene should be widely available online as well as on Brazzers. I managed to pick it up on Whore Stepmom. It's well worth a look and I give it a solid 5 out of 5, get it watched and let it put you off ever getting married!

5 out of 5.

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Mother Steals the Groom!
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