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Meeting Her (Vol 2)

Water Signs

Nothing like a little water laced on the lining of a lovely, lovely. The fact that she was a few years above me dictated the possibilities of partnering with me. 

Shakespeare said many things, but the only one I ever remember is "Never marry a woman older than you." He then died and left her his second best bed. With this, I don't know what he wished to have said but much into it I've read. 

Nothing wrong, nor will there ever be, with a lady in her years getting on, the beauty of maturity can be quite a delight and incite all types of fantasies. Maturing and maturity, ironically, don't always occur simultaneously, but that's a predicament for now I won't pick apart to endlessly. 

What I'm on about is that water sign with the fine behind, and point six percent jew and all the things that her and I, are and aren't allowed to do. Marrying on the no no, over that already I did go, Shakespeare said so, so off it is off the table, though a few may be one or two options were apt to be able.

Her eyes and her mannerisms instigate an instant magnetism. This magic might be struck in many, but how I would navigate it might bring brilliant banter in plenty, the kind that couldn't be conjured by just any. 

I have a few reservations of what may or may not be her inner inclinations. Might it be, she likes not another who could similarly ignite such citations on various situations. What I mean by this is some find those too similar too familiar, and thus pick apart their heart to deem if they are or if they aren't. 

This conclusion perhaps too mean, and a method I only practice. For those who are said similar to me, I poke to see where their lack is. I certainly don't like those who think they are like me, so perhaps I'm merely in the midst of projecting myself onto she.

So may it be that, that's what be, she would then not be like me and would feel free to indulge our brilliant banter and bask in it's intuitiveness that would eventually lead to us being naked saying, "Should we really be doing this?" 

The thought would only cross our minds for the unique friendship we might be risking over what our genitals insist on insisting. Our foresight to our potential situation should be commended, whether we should or shouldn't, shouldn't be decided by what the outside would have had recommended. 

Tales prevail of the failure of situations that entail what with her and I have been tailored. Common outcomes, common for the outcomes are common, despite this though it's up to us to know if ourselves we'd be robbing. 

Mental and physical attraction put into action won't always assimilate what our inner minds would dictate. So if we did try, only to find that it wasn't great, that would leave our friendship in which state? 

Could we consummate without the risk and simply say what it is, is? It's a gamble I'd gamble that gracefully we'd handle. Besides, I only theorize to know I've told myself no lies. Not everything is so simply magic. So, I prepare myself just in case for the tragic. 

What's really bound to be found in those round cheeks and half Latina butt cheeks, is weeks and weeks of freaks and geeks. Yes, freaking when we're not speaking, and geeking when we're not freaking. Her mind and her behavior is what makes me crave her. Her quirks, her smirks, her eye rolls, and head jerks, it all works, working wonders while I'm awake or in slumber, it's only bonus to bonus that her body breaks into the double numbers. She is indeed a rare soul compared to all souls as a whole, and so for sometime she's been this one kind of goal.

I've invited her for a stroll the day after next. Of course, I didn't overwhelm her with how my intrigue is quite complex, and though the thought is nice I don't intend for it to end in hot sex. 

Again, not off completely it is off the table, but I am more intrigued to see if within her and me lies something stable. Some time in the sunshine and nice weather will let me know whether we would make one another better or if out of my fantasies factory I should let her. 

Though, I approach no circumstance without a suspicious stance and specific intent, the true purpose of this stroll she need not know of what it's meant. A trot along the Spanish coast and dinner at a farm to table dinner will give me lots of time to define her, trace out her tendencies and know what they would or wouldn't make of me. 

I size up all those who seize my desires dreams for I need to burn clean. I've seen enough rough and unnecessary scenes come from lying to yourself about the one. 

I'm not dumb but my heart sure would like it if I was. 

I always listen to its yearnings, but won't throw myself to it's burnings, if it will have my inner wheels off balanced in their sharp turnings. 

Perhaps, I word this whole inner world war in a way that's too complicated. If she's not the one, then some of your mind is sedated. That's as simply simple as I dare get. Forget not, that some haven't got full range of their function, so in this round love to them is a potluck luncheon.

I've paid my dues at that stage, so the stage this life is a lavish four course dinning, clear and concise intertwining, effortless and void of stress and mess, the best of the best. So pardon me, it's the potential partner for me I choose to secretly obsess, observe and test. 

I'm not looking for one of the rest. 

I confess, as well I understand the hell such behavior could be for someone with different "strengths," not a road to them that'd be readily recommended. Sometimes, for some kinds, love is better blind, and this type not to be conclusively despised, for, for some such a set up is a step up from their otherwise unwise worth while lives. 

I paint you this picture to pick apart and poke around in, maybe yourself you will find you are found in. 

Perhaps my behavior a way your heart'd never have happen, perhaps what's best for me makes you take to laughing. Whatever you find it's fine, I know what I've chose and what I can't help but adhere too. I've spent a lot of time studying my rear-view.

Content in my mind state, I spent my time obsessing about our designed date. 

The hours slipped into the past and I smoked my cigarettes up until two from the last. I passed out around four in the morning, then awoke abruptly at 11 past 10. Triple one! Today was going to be fun, I was meeting her around three and happier I couldn't be. 

I sifted through my suitcase to find a super stellar kit, some K Slims wrapped my legs with a super killer fit, well worn and perfectly faded with a better pair of jeans I've yet to be mated.

Grabbed the turquoise floral button up, pressed it up, the covered three quarters of it up with my trusty purple pimp coat. Bare toed, slipped into some silk lined purple loafers, I headed out to the store frequented frequently by many smokers. 

Some Amphora for the pipe, some Marlboro Reds and some Lucky Strikes to have something on hand that only required a quick light. 

Hopped in the nearest bar for some water & gin and some jotting on the pad with the pen. I passed the approaching hours with some potent lines from the mind, then polished off the gin so I'd be there within time.

As my driver crested the coast line I held a clear mind, all my mental due diligence had been delegated. 

I saw her sexy silhouette as it stood there where it waited. I was about to embark on the eagerly anticipated. 

I hope she hadn't been there long, punctuality and I never really get along. 

She must have been wearing a thong! Her sundress caressed her booty without interference or adherence to the kind of stitching that would indicate an undergarment with some extra weight. 

Her eyes whispered silent delight as I entered her sight.

I'm sure mine did too. 

She said, "Hi. How are you?" 

"I'm excited to see you!" 

She smiled and said, "No shit!"

I wanted to grab her right there by the hips and give her my tip, she slipped the cigarette I had just lit into her lips, so I opted to pack a pipe and we walked along alone in the sunlight.

We smoked and joked, she had read one of the books I had wrote, I had seen some of her work on the big screen. 

She teased me for being a writer who was so poorly read. I can recite more Earl Stevens than Stephen King, and I welcomed the backlash that it did bring. 

I mimicked some of her more unknown characters in the form of comebacks and we couldn't help but both laugh. 

We shared tales of our past and the hurdles we had to prevail past. 

Dinner didn't make our conversation skip a beat, we carried on so long our food wasn't fit to eat, we apologized to the waiter, tipped him healthily then got a slice of pizza from a place down the street.

As I placed my paper plate in the trash she smacked me on the ass, said "Pardon me being crass, but I want to find out what our sex would be like or I'll die of curiosity all night." 

I gave two Marlboro Reds a light....I might die of it too. I handed her a burning red and said, "Let's not do it on a bed."

We went down to the dock to see if we could find a boat that was unlocked. 

We struck luck and it wasn't long after that we finished our first fuck. 

We came at the same time and she read my mind, turned around and I took her from behind. 

The third time she took the top and you better believe that boat fucking rocked. We went for a fourth for good measure. 

Our intercourse was of course fluent pleasure, no hiccups, no slip ups or slip outs. We climaxed away any of my doubts from the other day. 

On our fifth time we knew we were risking it, we finished up, cleaned each other up, kissed a bit then dipped out the bitch.

Best believe some cigs were lit! 

We took to each others tongues after our initial puffs, it was safe to say with no dismay we've yet to have enough. 

We walked back to the chalet I had rented for my vacation and if I told you all the details you'd have to be too patient. 

We had each other until the sun came up, the number of times would make you mad. 

I drove her to the airport so she'd make it back to LA for a reading she had, had. 

Two days later she sent me an email with a ticket and simply said;

"You know where you need to cum stick it." 

I had never been to LA but I knew they had a lot to skate... Looks like I just got myself a second date.

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Meeting Her (Vol 2)
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