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Love Your Lingerie

Anyone can be sexy.

The first piece of lingerie I ever owned was from Walmart. I bought it for $10. Just a simple black lace chemise. I wanted to wear something sexy for my boyfriend. We lived 10 hours away, so I wanted to surprise him. The reaction I got was insane. He went absolutely nuts over this tiny washcloth sized piece of lace that barely covered me. So I went back to Walmart and got another...and another...and another. 

Then, I started to work in a lingerie store. I was suddenly surrounded by body suits, chemises, teddies, you name it. Everything in the front room was made out of lace, velvet, leather, and sequins. I worked in an environment that was meant to be sexy. 

Yet, day in and day out, I had people coming to me who were terrified of the lingerie. They were so scared of tiny pieces of fabric because they feared they were too fat. They were nervous about their bellies. Scared of stretch marks. Crippled by cellulite. Women of all ages and sizes were coming to me, scared out of their minds. 

I'm a big girl. I always have been and always will be. I've got a chest that can suffocate a football team and an ass that claims two zip codes. I know what it's like to struggle to try on clothes. That's my every day life. Even my personal testimonials with lingerie and positive comments can't convince these women of how beautiful they look.

One of the most rewarding things about wearing lingerie is the aspect of vulnerability. It's very rewarding to put yourself out on a limb and to have someone applaud your appearance. It can be scary to wear next to nothing in front of your significant other. It can be scary to wear something that shows your tummy, rolls, acne, and everything else. But all of that fear washes away when your loved one holds you tight and says you look stunning.

A lot of women tell me, "I wish I could wear lingerie!" I follow up and ask why they can't. They say they're too fat, their chest is too small, they just wouldn't look good, and a million other reasons. Honestly, everyone has a body that's good enough to wear lingerie. It doesn't matter what size you are, what gender you are, or what your past experiences are. If you want to wear lingerie, then do it. Even if you just want to try it on, you won't be hurting anyone! Wearing lingerie is incredibly empowering and can make anyone feel sexy. 

The perfect piece is out there. Whether it's a gown, a corset, a body suit, or thigh high stockings, you will find your perfect fit. Something that makes your own jaw drop. There are things for every comfort level. Pieces that cover your full body to pieces that only cover the nipples. Things that are tight and things that are flowy. Things that are sheer and things that are opaque. You don't have to wear lingerie to please anyone but yourself. Personal happiness is a high priority. If you don't feel comfortable, you won't be happy or sexy. 

Don't be afraid to try something on. Go to your local sex shop or intimates boutique and try on a handful of different styles. Don't worry about the size; different lingerie companies size their lingerie different ways. For example: Dreamgirl, Baci, and Seven to Midnight all tend to run small! So if you normally wear a medium, you might need a large or even an extra large. However, Curve, Coquette, and Rene Rofe tend to run true to size. So if you typically wear a 1X, you can probably still wear a 1X in these brands. You'll be surprised by what looks good, and what looks amazing. But you won't know how anything looks until you try it on.

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Love Your Lingerie
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