Losing Control

Series 1

Awaking to turn naturally in my sleep I find myself restrained. Desperately pulling at all sides, I find my hands and feet splayed out before the bed, each one tied to a post, leaving my body in a vulnerable x. I am encased in darkness by a blindfold. While I use my remaining senses to locate Jase, I contemplate when in the night he bound me so stealthily that I did not awake.

"Jase?" I call out into the darkness, certain he isn't near.

I pull at the silk cuffs binding me and I don't budge an inch. Suddenly on my navel I feel a light tickle, traveling its way up to my breast. I can sense him closer by the enticing scent of the Clive Christian cologne he is wearing as he is now only inches away from me. He trails a feather tickler up and around my nipples following with the sharp tap of a leather crop. My nipples spring to action, growing hard and sending shivers through me from their base to the tips of my toes.

I feel the weight of the bed shift as Jase climbs in hovering the heat of his sex above me in a tease.

"Mmm." He growls lowering his head toward my wet throbbing lips, inhaling the scent of my need.

"You smell so good. I know you taste even sweeter inside. He uses his tongue to lick and flicker my clit to life. I arch my back in pleasure, shoving my sex to the heat of his tongue trying to control the effect of the sensations. My senses are overwhelmed, not knowing where he will awaken my body next.

He grips my hips holding me firmly in place, and though I am blinded I can almost feel the taunting grin certainly lingering in his eyes as he speaks. 

"You, aren't going anywhere Jade. You see, I know just how much you long to be toyed with, spanked, and teased, pushing you closer and closer to the edge until you can barely hold back the building ecstasy inside."

He strikes my nipples each three times in rapid succession, leaving me gasping aloud in both shock and pleasure. My full breasts tumble at the pressure of the blows. I fight back a moaning scream when I soon feel his teeth tightly bite and hold each nipple in place between them. His hand travels down to my wetness and stops on my clit. He toys and tugs on it finally stopping and applying full force pressure on it, slowly pleasuring it. I feel myself start to drip wetness, arching my back and struggling against the resistance of my cuffs. My center builds and a sudden nympho craving washes through me. I need him so bad I can feel him inside already.

"Fuck me!" I demand to him while he continues the pressure on my clit. Ignoring me he slips a finger deep inside me soaking it with my natural lubricant. He slides it out and moves up my body parting my lips to place the finger into my mouth.

"Taste your sweet excitement baby. Damn, I just love how you get so wet for me. You want me to fuck you, huh baby? Well, guess what, you don't tell ME when!" He spanks my clit now repeatedly with the crop pulsing sensations that force quivers through me. "I tell you when I will fuck you. I give it to you exactly how and IF you deserve it! I will choose when to make you scream my name and I will make sure you beg me for each and every orgasm that I force to devastate your body."

I shudder thinking of the heights I know only Jase can take me to. He leans up away from me and produces something very cold on my skin, a hard metal chain. I am imagining what he is doing next when I feel a strong pinch applied to each of my nipples.

"Ohhh Jase," I moan and stutter as the pinch flashes memories of Jase's bites and nips from so many countless pleasurable nights past. I feel the chain suddenly tug on both of my nipple clamps, as its cool metal continues traveling down my belly to my clit where a third clamp is tightened, causing it to swell with exposure.

I feel a mix of senses overwhelm me and my breath is lost with time. Everything stops and it is as though all has quieted before a storm and then I know.

I clench every part of my body knowing I'm seconds away from a tidal wave. I feel Jase on top of me. His heated body feverishly moving up and down planting kisses and bites in a trail around the y clamps and up to my mouth. We kiss, a fury of passionate tango dancing through our tongues. I'm overwhelmed with pleasure, fighting to hold it together.

While I am distracted in this moment I hear the sound I'm sure will seal my fate, a faint click and low humming buzz in the lower distance.

I release whimpers of anticipation knowing I need to start begging him now.

"Please Jase, baby can I cum?" I purr with my eyes in the back of my head.

He laughs, "You call that begging? C'mon be more convincing, Jade, show me how bad you really want it!"

"Ooooh.." Another whimper escapes me as I continue to try to hold back the storm. The buzz I heard I now feel on my engorged, clamped clit. He presses the massager firmly against it and turns it up to the max. Simultaneously he plunges himself deep into my quivery insides. I'm heated, wrapped around him tightly and I know this is all I can take.

"Jaaaaaaa-se, ple-ease please please..." I can't even finish before the waves devastatingly crash through me shaking my body as a whole underneath his continuing steady strides in and out of me. Then my entire body is still as a second eruption grows in a furied pleasure at the height of my crushing waves. I feel the overlapping trickles of erotic pain and orgasmic nirvana rising up, up, up again. He pulls at the chain and continues to force me to cum repeatedly and now I have lost all control. Once again Jase has taken me into an unexplored realm of erotic divinity. For these moments there is no time, no movement, no breath but his and mine.

Yiveah Divine
Yiveah Divine

I am a creative writer of multiple genres from erotica to horror and science fiction. My favorite writer and source of inspiration is Stephen King. I hope to titilate and excite with my words and hope any readers enjoy the work! 😊

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