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Late Night Dance

It all started with one erotic dance...

We saw each other from the other end of the ballroom. The air electric in heat and wild dancing. This was my first night out to learn how to salsa dance and my heart beat fast, not from learning a new art, but for seeing our eyes lock so intensely.

I danced with many women that night learning new techniques, but the moment we held each other, the beat of the music ebbed and flowed with our bodies. The pulsing of the music made my cock throb. My eyes pierce into hers. Our hands entwined... She bites her lips starting to feel my happiness below my belt against her soft red silky dress. Her hair, long and wavy, complemented her feminine curvy body. I felt my masculine power rise and I spun her and dipped her in dance.

She held my hand and locked eyes with me even as the music had ended. I grabbed her hand and we swung around out back. The air was fresh and vibrant, and I pinned her to the wall groaning and moaning as she let out a ecstatic gasp. The night had just begun for us.

We went to a hotel with red velvet curtains and I took off my jacket...prepared for anything she wanted. She smiled and took off her clothes, standing in front of me, giggling. I came over to her and lifted her into my arms and kissed her neck and down her body. She was beautiful.

We started slow then went faster. I pushed my cock into her and let her ride me as she swung her hair back and let out screams. Comfortable and happy. I grabbed her with one arm and bent her over. Tugging her hair back and her arms. As she was unable to move. She screamed in delight again. I put my cock in her pussy and went slow and deep, then my thumb in her ass. She moaned deeply. She needed it, and so did I. The dancing built is up like a fury of fire, and now we could let it smoulder and burn in romantic sex.

She loved getting pounded and she loved having her ass filled as well. She was a dream... We yelled and screamed and moaned for hours. Cumming over and over and over, the fire never dying out.

I lifted her legs over my broad shoulders and licked her yummy clit and in and around her ass. I let her toss and turn in orgasm, but made sure I had a tight hold on her. She was not going anywhere. She moved her legs around my neck and locked me in as well. My desire released, her passion exposed. I licked every area...and couldn’t get enough.

After hours of throwing, licking, moaning, and screaming in orgasm, I held her against my chest.

She was a woman of depth and knew what she wanted, I loved it. My heart beat fast as she kissed my chest. I kissed her forehead, and held her into me.

Next time we went salsa dancing together, we showed everyone our lust and devouring nature. Man and woman sensually alive. Every dance move anticipated the ravishing for later on. Every thrust a reminder of the first night we had together...and all the others soon to be.

My hips move into hers, my cock enlarging and throbbing. Her breasts into my mid section. My hand on her lower back. Tugging her into me. The world wipes away.

The next time you dance...release your flame within, the one aching to get out. To feel...let out your inner fire...

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Late Night Dance
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